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  1. Any thoughts on Screencheat? It’s a little over £2 at the moment.
  2. Fuck! This is amazing! Had given up hope it would ever be released. All we need now is the original Nidhogg and it’ll be my perfect local multiplayer console.
  3. From The Lesser Key of Solomon: “Caim, a great president of hell ruling over thirty legions of demons. He gives men the understanding of the voices of birds, bullocks, dogs and other creatures, and gives true answers concerning things to come.” Might end up as a screenprint.
  4. It doesn’t do the best job of explaining its very simple mechanics, but I played a lot of Super Chariot in co-op over Christmas and really enjoyed it. You’ll have the hang of it in 30 minutes at most. It does seem to be fairly lengthy though, which might not be what you’re after. I think after 3 hours of play we’d done about 15%.
  5. A poster design for a film festival I hosted for some friends, and some concept art for a horror comic I will eventually draw. Both done in Procreate.
  6. 1. The Favourite 2. Burning 3. Booksmart 4. Eighth Grade 5. Bait 6. Can You Ever Forgive Me? 7. High Life 8. Border 9. Monos 10. Midsommar
  7. Downwell’s well worth £1.34 and you can play it in tate mode handheld.
  8. God Told Me To and Street Trash. The latter is especially fucking scuzzy.
  9. I really liked Straight Time but Theresa Russell’s character infuriated me. There’s nothing to her, and no attempt to explain why she’d fall for Hoffman and then stick with him as the situation escalated. That was the only bum note for me though. M. Emmet Walsh and Kathy Bates also deserve a mention for being excellent in fairly small roles.
  10. Seconded, thank you mechamonkey for mentioning Heave Ho in your local multiplayer recommendations. Had some friends over this weekend for board and video games and we spent the most time on this by far, swapping in and out when someone’s nerves were too frayed or fingers were too tired. We had a good few hours of hysterical laughter and good natured teasing and weren’t even halfway through. Buy it because I want DLC and a sequel.
  11. Phase IV High Life World on a Wire A Boy and His Dog
  12. 1. The Favourite 2. Burning 3. Booksmart 4. Eighth Grade 5. Bait 6. Can You Ever Forgive Me? 7. High Life 8. Border 9. Midsommar 10. One Cut of the Dead Hale County This Morning, This Evening In Fabric
  13. Amongst other things I’d like to record live into Loopy, so it needs to happen on the fly really.
  14. What do I need to record into an iPad, via lightning or headphone jack? I know I could get something like the Line 6 Sonic port but I assume that’s a bit fancier than necessary.
  15. You live in Lewes! I need to visit The Depot. My nearest cinema is a Cineworld built inside a multistory car park, which is as aesthetically pleasing as it sounds. It shows a decent selection of films though, I saw Killing of a Sacred Deer and The Florida Project there, for example. For anything else I can usually go to the Duke of Yorks. It’s owned by Picturehouse (who are owned by Cineworld) but they regularly do one off screenings of interesting or cult films and take part in various film festivals. The oldest cinema in continuous use in Britain, apparently.
  16. King of Tokyo Love Letter Escape The Dark Castle Dobble Cockroach Poker/Royale
  17. I’m new to iOS gaming. Any recommendations for particularly good turn based/tactical games? I notice there’s a Tomb Raider/Deus Ex/Hitman GO bundle for £4.99.
  18. Hi Goose, if you have Amazon Prime video could you please give us your thoughts on Beyond the Seventh Door. Thanks.
  19. Here's a good two player game thread: I bought Patchwork and Jaipur based on recommendations in that thread and really enjoy them both. Splendor and Biblios both play up to four but I think they work best as two player games. Splendor has a decent app too. You can play all of those within half an hour/forty five minutes. Onitama and Hive will probably be my next two player purchases, both are quite highly regarded and come rllmuk recommended iirc.
  20. Didn't receive any board games for Christmas but I bought Fungi for my housemate - He owns a piece of woodland and forages for mushrooms and enjoys card games so it seemed a good fit. Catan: Cities and Knights for my gf (who introduced me to the hobby) - Catan was her first proper board game, she's competed in the tournament at the UKBG expo in the past, and I knew C&K was her favourite expansion. Codenames: Duet for my dad and stepmother - They love word games and aren't particularly competitive. and King of Tokyo for my ten year old nieces - They don't really play board games and I'm trying to get them into them. They fucking LOVE it.
  21. I got some nice stuff for Christmas: Monograph is beautiful (obviously) and ENORMOUS, which I wasn't expecting. Looking forward to re-reading all of my Chris Ware books once I've worked my way through it, some time in 2021.
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