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  1. 58 minutes ago, MagicalDrop said:


    Any chance of backordering one for me if this is already taken?


    Jetman from Winslow


    Have hit my order limit for the catalogue today but will try and remember tomorrow!


    46 minutes ago, skittles said:

    Can send you an amp tomorrow. What's your name and town?


    Got one from Mike, thank you! Will keep an eye out for bathroom stuff if you’re still looking. 

  2. 57 minutes ago, Nequests said:

    My place is selling reel-to-reel tape recorders today. If any other nerds want one, let me know. 



    I would like one of these! I’m after any music making stuff.


    Today I have a revolving spice rack (ooh) and an unfinished jigsaw puzzle (ahh)


    @Rob Rule did you want Japanese themed items? I have a go board, zen cushion, tea room wall and paper screen wall.

  3. 56 minutes ago, skittles said:

    Thanks for the bath, urinal and toilet roll chaps (a rare find). Bathroom taking shape nicely! If anyone comes across anything else bathroom related. Please let me know ! Perfect timing for the new room tomorrow. Great session today.



    Just grabbed a bidet from a balloon if you need one.

  4. 6 minutes ago, CovisGod said:

    I’ve got both the normal and the AC one, I can order extra AC ones if anyone wants one?


    Also got Royal Crowns if anyone is flush yet, these become the currency later in game because you can carry more than you can in cash




    Would love an AC switch!

  5. 47 minutes ago, deKay said:

    8bitdo N30 Pro.


    The switch is the only console I own, so this could be a good option. Gutted that my pro controller won’t work. :angry:


    EDIT although I just found this reddit thread and now don’t know what to think



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