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  1. Amp & pedalboard required. I’ve got a drum kit if anyone needs.
  2. Gonna need that skeleton at some point, even if it’s just to pick it up so I can add it to my catalogue (didn’t know that was a thing, pretty useful!)
  3. I’ve posted you the coffee pot and dinnerware. Will drop off the spice rack soon!
  4. @Lyrical Donut Swap you a revolving spice rack for the cartoonist’s set? Edit I have a stove top coffee pot too, and a dinnerware set
  5. I would like one of these! I’m after any music making stuff. Today I have a revolving spice rack (ooh) and an unfinished jigsaw puzzle (ahh) @Rob Rule did you want Japanese themed items? I have a go board, zen cushion, tea room wall and paper screen wall.
  6. Although I’m not exactly sure how the post works in this. I can only send stuff to friends I’ve visited or who have visited me, is that right?
  7. Add me and I’ll see if I can get one in the post to you 2460-6130-4840
  8. Thank you! I just got a (shiny red) drum set, do you need one?
  9. Just grabbed a bidet from a balloon if you need one.
  10. You can change the colour of the switch joycons to grey with a customisation kit. Would be cool if they added the other colour schemes too.
  11. Thank you! How much do I owe? Also, anyone know if stuff you buy in other people’s stores will appear in your own nook catalogue for future purchase?
  12. Sent you a BFF request, I’m James from Roke.
  13. Movie projector please! I’ve got...an incense burner...and cat grass(?)
  14. I’m away cooking dinner but Roke is open to visitors. Dodo code 9M77B Bring cherries! Take oranges! But please wash your hands.
  15. Top tip: I’ve caught four citrus longhorn beetles this evening, all from the same tree stump. Try chopping a tree down and see if it attracts them.
  16. I can’t see sigs on mobile so add me! SW-2460-6130-4840 I’m pols_voice List in the first post maybe?
  17. My N30 Pro 2 arrived today and it works perfectly. Thanks @deKay!
  18. The switch is the only console I own, so this could be a good option. Gutted that my pro controller won’t work. EDIT although I just found this reddit thread and now don’t know what to think
  19. Could anyone recommend a decent and ideally not particularly expensive Bluetooth controller I can use with iOS? Will only be using it for Apple Arcade on iPad. Even better if it’s not a hideous early 2000s Mad Catz monstrosity.
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