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  1. Can the Capcom game either be Powerstone Collection OR Ultra SFIV with all costume DLC included.
  2. Normal splatfest lets you play with friends, Pro doesn’t. So if you’re solo queuing Pro might be better, to avoid being rolled by organised squads (squids).
  3. I bought this off the back of the demo and will be playing it a lot, add me before the Splatfest! (Team Mayo) SW-2460-6130-4840 Haven't got my head around chunks/tickets/sea snails yet. Will it be cheaper to scrub my splatfest tee in the week leading up to the 'fest?
  4. Thank you both! I was James in the fox mask. Enjoy the tip!
  5. I had to run out of the house for ten minutes and docked my switch, bad timing on my part! I’m guessing it messed everything up, sorry!
  6. Dang! Well I’ll leave my gate open now for an hour while I potter (James on Roke) otherwise this evening maybe?
  7. I’m working on something kind of similar at the moment, nicking some of their ideas. (Also, can you customise the market stalls with your own designs?!)
  8. @michael please can I get in on this action? Thanks, a fellow Michael edit: I do have a few inventories worth of turnips though. Not sure what the etiquette is here but I’d be happy to sell one lot so as not to take up space on the island, and try and shift the rest another time.
  9. Can you post bells? I’ll get your tip to you @boodles, I owe you 200k
  10. Under £5: Crypt of the NecroDancer Downwell Tumblestone Under £10: Big Tournament Golf (thanks for recommending this @merrychan) Don’t Starve Lumines Remastered Under £10 local multiplayer games you should get if you’re into that sort of thing: Windjammers Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Heave Ho Hidden in Plain Sight
  11. My afternoon price is 201, which is higher than this morning. That doesn’t seem to match any of the graphs above. Do I wait?
  12. I missed yesterday’s turnip bonanza. Will all discussion of prices go in the other thread from now on?
  13. I put a sleep mask on too, and Stale Cupcakes on the stereo.
  14. Also in search of cupboards and counters here.
  15. Windjammers is fucking sick. Bought it an hour ago and it’s an instant local multiplayer classic in my household. It’s 60% off in the sale, check it out.
  16. Any decent turnip prices this afternoon? I’m on 63
  17. I’ve got the fortune teller set for you, can’t post it though as I don’t think we’ve visited each other.
  18. Didn’t know it came in different colours! Purple/pink, sort of. And I have a film projector but forgot, have updated my post. Just got an espresso machine from Jamie but a mini fridge and green kettle would be great, thank you.
  19. Forum name: Michael J Glocks Friend code: 2460-6130-4840 Switch username: pols voice AC Name: James AC Island: Roke Wanted 1: Any and all kitchen stuff, except: revolving spice rack, dinnerware, knife block, stovetop coffee pot Wanted 2: Retro tech, except: Pro tape recorder, portable record player, plasma ball, film projector Wanted 3: Anything spooky/occult, including clothing, except: Fortune telling set, mage’s robe, skeleton Duplicate fossils for trade: Ankylo skull, Ankylo tail, Anomalocaris, deinony torso, Diplo chest, mammoth skull x2, megacero skull, parasaur tail, T. rex skull x2
  20. This has online lobbies yes? I’m crud but I’m up for some rllmuk bouts.
  21. PSA: I know we’re all excited to explore each other’s islands, but running through flowers will destroy them. Just don’t do it!
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