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  1. It did feel like Sister Sister was stitched up, I think Tayce and Bimini ‘deserved’ to be lip syncing. What a relief when Ru picked Sister and I knew my two faves were staying in!


    ’Photosynthesister sister’ was a good gag tho

  2. spacer.png




    In the folklore of  Cambridgeshire, the Shug Monkey is a creature which reportedly haunted Slough Hill Lane (a street that leads from the village of West Wratting to nearby Balsham). It was believed to be a supernatural ghost or demon.


    Local Police Constable A. Taylor, who heard the stories of the creature in his youth, described it as: "a cross between a big rough-coated dog and a monkey with big shining eyes. Sometimes it would shuffle along on its hind legs and at other times it would whiz past on all fours." He also stated that after dark local children at that time avoided its haunt on Slough Hill, which was then an overgrown and little-used lane.


  3. 2 hours ago, Jolly said:

    I feel like I can't ignore the word of mouth on this for much longer but I thought Bastion was awful and haven't played anything of theirs since, so that's putting me off a fair old bit. Are there any real simalarities?


    Supergiant games do have a certain shared visual style I think so I'm finding my issues with their debut a little difficult to shake. 

    I thought Bastion was mediocre and I never played Transistor so I came to this with similar doubts and I’m really enjoying it. I might have to turn the voice volume to 0 though because the main character’s rubbish English accent is setting my teeth on edge. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Alex W. said:

    I think I’ve solved the last of the riddles at the Deku tree, but...


      Reveal hidden contents

    I can’t seem to get my horse to the top of the tree to put its hoof in place. I thought I might be able to cover it in octo balloons or something but nope.



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