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  1. ‘Nam Nightmares Deathdream (1974) Combat Shock (1984) Jacob’s Ladder (1990) Three Vietnam veterans bring the horror home with them. The Sad Vampires of 90s New York Nadja (1994) Habit (1995) The Addiction (1995) Sad vampires, in 90s New York.
  2. Warren Oates’ Road Movie Madness Two-Lane Blacktop (1971) Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974) Race with the Devil (1975) Wherein our titular hero pits himself against satanic cultists, cartel assassins and a taciturn Beach Boy on crazy capers both north and south of the border!
  3. I watched this on Christmas Eve and it was an absolute hoot. Like a feature length Darkplace Christmas special.
  4. Signed up to crunchyroll to watch Diamond is Unbreakable. I loved Okuyasu and Rohan, and… Stardust Crusaders still the best, on to Golden Wind.
  5. Have barely listened to anything new this year, stuck with comfortable and familiar.
  6. Recently finished Stardust Crusaders and waiting for Netflix to get the rest. SC was obviously better than the first two arcs but I did find myself missing the horror (and body horror) of the early episodes, there was some genuinely horrific stuff mixed in with the silliness and I enjoyed those tonal shifts. No date yet for diamond is unbreakable on Netflix UK right?
  7. Question about transformations: My mystic has a new head and right arm and I stopped their transformation there as a new left arm would mean they couldn’t wield their wand/staff (which seems silly as they still would have had five fingers). I’m not sure if you need a staff to be able to interfuse though, or if the ability is innate for mystics? The only info I could find online was that you need one in order to apply stunt damage to your interfusion attacks.
  8. Do you think there will be a malevolent ancient AI that talks like Niles from Frasier
  9. No Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror?! Worthless.
  10. 1. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 6. Space Invaders Infinity Gene 8. Parasol Stars 9. Saturn Bomberman
  11. I reckon Bimini and Tayce will do better off the back of this series than Lawrence will, looking forward to seeing what they do next. But yeah Bimini wuz robbed!
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