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  1. I thought Bastion was mediocre and I never played Transistor so I came to this with similar doubts and I’m really enjoying it. I might have to turn the voice volume to 0 though because the main character’s rubbish English accent is setting my teeth on edge.
  2. There was definitely a 50s nostalgia moment in the late 70s/early 80s, at least in the US. Maybe jump started by Grease? BTTF and Dirty Dancing as Who mentioned plus Stand By Me, Streets of Fire and The Monster Squad, remakes of classic 50s sci fi and horror movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Cat People, The Thing, The Blob, Invaders from Mars and The Fly (and a renewed fear of nuclear holocaust). Happy Days ran until 1984. There was a revival of interest in rockabilly music and offshoots like psychobilly, The Misfits and The Cramps’ aesthetic was taken from 50s B horror f
  3. A small one but it makes me laugh whenever I think of it (quite often actually)
  4. First attempt and it's horrible Rage Against the Machine & MC Hammer - Touch This The Name https://rave.dj/2dvWaFl3Nfsdzw
  5. If any of the minds behind R6 Siege and the AC multiplayer modes are involved then I’m interested. The latter was brilliant (AC Brotherhood’s at least) and not enough people played it.
  6. Not great at this but I like it. I’m megadrivetoo#2100, add me if you like.
  7. Can the Capcom game either be Powerstone Collection OR Ultra SFIV with all costume DLC included.
  8. Normal splatfest lets you play with friends, Pro doesn’t. So if you’re solo queuing Pro might be better, to avoid being rolled by organised squads (squids).
  9. I bought this off the back of the demo and will be playing it a lot, add me before the Splatfest! (Team Mayo) SW-2460-6130-4840 Haven't got my head around chunks/tickets/sea snails yet. Will it be cheaper to scrub my splatfest tee in the week leading up to the 'fest?
  10. Thank you both! I was James in the fox mask. Enjoy the tip!
  11. I had to run out of the house for ten minutes and docked my switch, bad timing on my part! I’m guessing it messed everything up, sorry!
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