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  1. No Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror?! Worthless.
  2. 1. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 6. Space Invaders Infinity Gene 8. Parasol Stars 9. Saturn Bomberman
  3. Tout obscure perhaps. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  4. I reckon Bimini and Tayce will do better off the back of this series than Lawrence will, looking forward to seeing what they do next. But yeah Bimini wuz robbed!
  5. It did feel like Sister Sister was stitched up, I think Tayce and Bimini ‘deserved’ to be lip syncing. What a relief when Ru picked Sister and I knew my two faves were staying in! ’Photosynthesister sister’ was a good gag tho
  6. I’m in love with Tayce but I’d be happy if Bimini won it too. Only remaining queen I don’t like is Sister Sister I think, go home next please.
  7. I want a new Electroplankton, if that counts. Would be perfect for the eshop and it could make use of gyro controls as well as the touch screen. Maybe some daft Labo integration too.
  8. Over the Garden Wall was wonderful and I've never read Redwall, so I'm in for McHale.
  9. sorting through my life drawing folder in Procreate. Have really missed this during lockdown(s).
  10. Also want to recommend The Silent Partner, one of my favourite discoveries of last year. Plummer’s one of the all time great screen psychos.
  11. You could try Laika’s stuff if you haven’t already (Paranorman, Missing Link, Boxtrolls etc.)
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