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  1. Oh God yes, you're talking about the beach scene, right? I saw this and thought this was unseen footage from T2. Wikipedia suggests it was filmed in a similar way to the redone scene in T5 i.e. used a stunt man with a similar build to Arnold, then replaced his face with a computer-generated imagery that was fed imagery data from the first two films. The film is great though, surprised that it bombed, but I think it might have been that people were sick of the Terminator franchise by that point.
  2. I'm really genuinely surprised no one has mentioned Benny Hill... EDIT: Also (and I think this is more criminal) why are they showing stuff in stretched 16:9-o-vision? 🤦🏾‍♂️
  3. Smoothy

    SNES Mini

    Yes, Normal IS Champion Edition. I'm surprised that after 30 odd years @gizmo1990 didn't know that! Chun Li's fireball was a new move introduced in Turbo. Yeah I actually got it ages ago on the Switch but amazingly I haven't got round to playing it. I've been playing Super Mario 3D World (absolutely an amazing game as well).
  4. Smoothy

    SNES Mini

    To be fair it IS on the Switch. And I'll be honest again - I haven't played it yet. I have played New Super Mario Bros Wii though (I've got it, in fact).
  5. Smoothy

    SNES Mini

    For me I prefer SMW, because I think it's more fluid. However, I think there's way more stuff in SMB3. Both games are the pinnacle of platform games anyway, and nothing has topped either since.
  6. OMFG this thread and the man Langdell is STILL going on! 🤣
  7. Smoothy

    SNES Mini

    Re moves in Turbo - yeah on that pad it was really strict inputs, compared to these days (although funnily enough on paper some moves are easier than arcade e.g. Zangief's spinning lariat/clothesline was all three punches in the arcade whereas on the Super NES it's two). You would have been young then also, with supple fingers, seriously! Now with the benefit of playing so many sf games that seem to lighten up on the strictness, it does seem like a killer... cos it was a killer (to do those moves) on those pads. Also, it dosesn't help that the faster Turbo speeds (4 starts and over) tightens the strictness of the inputs. Chun Li in Turbo was a half circle forward (from back to forward) and punch IIRC. From Super onwards they changed it to a charge move - back 2 secs then forward and punch. Re Super NES Mini - I still have my Super NES Mini, but it doesn't really get any playtime because I have a Switch with a sub so all the Super NES games I want to play are on there. I even have Super NES pads for the Switch too. EDIT: Re Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World - someone a few pages back mentioned that they thought that the former was better than the latter. It doesn't surprise me that they would think that, SMB3 is almost perfection and totally worthy of all the hype.
  8. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    Are we replacing the entire squad apart from Son and Kane, finally? 😄
  9. It's also yet another template top, cos Barcelona have the same design but with different colours (in a kit that doesn't seem to be either their home, away or 3rd, but one called "Strike" - see here and here😞
  10. Yeah, was the same with the Spurs watercolour shirt last season. Premier League rules, apparently.
  11. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    Yeah the media reports that they were "collapsing", but I reckon it's bollocks. Maybe on your knees with exhaustion like anyone would be after running, but hardly "collapsing".
  12. Yeah, ref's watch beeped. So of course they undermined the entire £million tech by referring it to VAR anyway 🤦🏾‍♂️ That said, they were like that in the last Women's World Cup too.
  13. @Commander Jameson - 22/23 season is live! Can you create a new thread, please?
  14. You can now add two-factor authentication to your Premier League account (the Premier League account is what you use to log into Fantasy Premier League). Just go to the Account Security page and enable two-factor authentication - you can use your favourite OTP app to scan the barcode or enter the secret key in. You may find that you have to log in and change your password first though.
  15. The double-air-fireball-throwing no-dizzy Akuma has been there since Super Street Fighter II Turbo, that's what has since been called Shin Akuma (he wasn't named in the game itself, while the name Akuma came out later on). You could play as him with a code in the same game too, but with no double-air-fireball throwing ability- this version of character is what has since been called just "Akuma". To me you were playing "Shin Akuma" the other times too. EDIT: Watch 13:50 onwards
  16. When you go against Akuma that IS Shin Akuma, I'm sure?
  17. Oh yeah I know about those (I was even going to mention that), but in general it's the ultimate version.
  18. Totally this. It's the ultimate version of Street Fighter II IMO (not just the best version of Super Turbo), and even Ultra SFII doesn't come close. I love my copy on the PlayStation 2 and part of the reason why I want this is cos my PS2 is in its box ATM.
  19. Pity. I have Sonic Mega Collection and (separately) Sonic CD on the PlayStation 3. I would have liked to have got this on the PlayStation 4 (especially for the widescreen redrawn sprites feature), but not in this flawed state and not as a download.
  20. Does anyone have a list of the issues? The only main ones I can see are: Sonic 3 MJ music was swapped out, new version isn't amazing Sonic 3 and Knuckles can't be played separately unlike all the other earlier collections No physical release Confusing DLC options
  21. Yeah I'm annoyed too. I saw the Amazon entry stating something like "no stock" which was weird. Now it's live but for US imports only. Yeah, Hyper SFII is amazing, I already have the PS2 version. Playing that online would be great. Nearest I can get is getting the SF 30th Anniversary game and playing Super Turbo online there.
  22. So out tomorrow. Looks to me that there's a physical release in the US but none in the UK, is that correct?
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