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  1. Funny thing about this game is that I've got it and had it since Xmas but I haven't got round to playing it. But it seems like the game of my dreams! I really must get round to "playing" it. Am I correct in that I have to have created a course, then complete it before I can upload it? Who can play the course, just Super Mario Maker 2 players, or anyone?
  2. I've just read this. Am a bit confused, cos the music I remember was none of these versions. This is the only version of the intro I encountered. where did this come from if those above were the originals?
  3. I didn't buy it You fool 🤦🏾‍♂️ I didn't buy it.
  4. I have to say that none of those games mentioned entice me one bit. It must be me, I'm burnt out. In general I don't like FPS games (although I did like Counter Strike, Half Life, Wolfenstein) so as it seems that the console is full of them doesn't bode well for me. I bought every single GT game up to 5 Prologues, I even got some limited edition versions (I had a BMW one that apparently was used in BMW showrooms IIRC). I just got burnt out and refused to buy GT5 and Sport, I had way more fun with the Need for Speed games (up to Rivals) so I dunno if I really want to go back. Did they fix the lack of crashing/deformation of cars, and the drone CPU cars in GT7?
  5. I created some of those CDZone and DVDZone discs, between 2000 and whenever they were sold to Future. Trufax.
  6. I've had my PS5 for a month and... I'm going to be controversial and say that PS5 has no games. There isn't one game that I want to buy. Not one. Well, not strictly true - there's Street Fighter 6 but that's next year and judging by the videos I'd rather go back to Street Fighter II. Where's the Need For Speed games? FIFA... 💤 Gran Turismo... 💤 Maybe I'm getting old, but this is the first generation where I don't have a list of games to get. Unbelievable. Change my mind.
  7. New Super Cup incoming - to expand to include American teams. Super Cup is fine as it is though. Why don't UEFA just create a new "Finalissima" for club teams?
  8. I saw a leak of the home kit months ago. Is that officially our new kit? Why couldn't they just give us the women's kit (which is easily the best kit - mens or womens - for years)?
  9. Here are the answers, answers! In short, Gameweek 7 still exists - every single person will get 0 points, and if you made transfers that cost you points already, then too late it still costs you points. Only two chips can be cancelled, but all of them will be reinstated the following week. Wildcards will just roll over into next week (implying you can't cancel them).
  10. So now that it's confirmed that this Gameweek is postponed, how will that work in this context? If Gameweek 7 has no games, does it still exist? Should I still make my picks, or should I hold back in anticipation of 2 free transfers in Gameweek 8? Or will Gameweek 8 be postponed too (for the funeral)? Questions, questions!
  11. I still shudder at him actually getting hired by Spurs. Him with his suit and pieces of paper with lots of technical stuff on it. He also looked like one of the players himself, not like a gaffer. Pffft, quickly postponed it because they'll be without a new manager soon, more like.
  12. I totally agree with the "darker tone" commment, especially when held up against the sequel. And the 0"cartoons in the second" comment - YES!
  13. 🤬🤬🤬 Put in Haaland. Captained him. I check the team after the deadline and Jesus is fucking captain. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
  14. Oh yeah, all those years have conflated both scenes together in my mind. This scene is what I'm referring to But that restaurant scene is hilarious too though LOL
  15. Re Beverly Hills Cop and Beverly Hills Cop II - the problem with the latter is that it's a sequel, so they take the best bits of the original, amplify it, comedy those amplified parts and call it done. My dad used to love watching this and I did too, and I think the TV networks did because this used to come on all the time, but I rewatched the former a few times and it's a far superior film - it's slower but everything is more serious, deliberate and to me funnier because of it. Example: when Axel deliberately goes to the hotel to face the suspect and blatantly in front of all his associates pretends he's a former partner letting him know about an STD he may have caught from him, so the suspect ups the ante and just gets his goons to throw him out... through the window. Much funnier when it's played entirely serious. Those two detectives in the first one were much better as the serious foes of Axel Foley, in the second they are used so much as comic relief it's amazing how they appear when you go back to the first one. The sequel was good, don't get me wrong, but the first one was definitely a better film IMO.
  16. I'm sure I have an England top with numbers on the front.
  17. Ah the PS3. Probably my 2nd most favourite console after the Super NES. I have two - the first one was the original launch model in the UK, so it has backwards compatibility (yes, partly provided by software). The thing is this one after a few years did the dreaded red-light-of-death thing, thankfully a friend I used to work with asked me to send it to him where he revived it and got the game out too. His advice was to purchase a new PS3 and transfer everything onto it via ethernet. So I got a PS3 slim (no backwards compatibility) and transferred everything over. That's the one that's still connected up to my TV. I recently got a PS5 and contemplated removing the PS3 altogether, because I needed the space. Instead, I've got it standing up on the floor by the TV stand, although not connected to the TV because I need a better HDMI switch. I still have an issue with using the internet though, the network cable is in the PS5 and I have run out of ports on the BT Smart Hub 2 router (I'm not sure about using the wifi because it only does 802.11g and if I have it on it'll slow down the wifi for everything connecting to the router). The funny thing is that because the PS4's games and peripherals work on the PS5, I'm contemplating removing the PS4 from my TV stand, but keeping the PS3. I really can't get rid of the PS3 cos there are some golden games on it, inlcuding Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Sonic CD, and Daytona USA.
  18. I FINALLY HAVE A PS5! 😄 It offered to copy everything from my PS4 (I declined). I've been playing around with it and it does seem slick, it'll even let me control the PS4 if it was on and linked (I haven't tried it yet). Supposedly I can play PS4 games with the Dual Sense, or pair Dual Shock 4s to it. Some of the Media apps are PS4 versions (e.g. Disney+), apparently, and some of the games are PS4 versions but can be freely bought and played on PS5. This has me thinking, what's stopping me from actually copying everything over from the PS4, then boxing up the PS4 and just playing all my PS4 games (download and disc) on the PS5? Is there any reason why I should keep the PS4 around? Oh here's one - the PS4 camera isn't compatible (although it actually is albeit with a free adapter if you can prove to Sony that you bought the PSVR unit). Anything else?
  19. I found the article, it's on BBC News actually.
  20. I'll be honest - I've often wondered (and not in a "leery" kind of way") whether these sports women wear proper sports bras? How do they get those sourced? Do they protect them from things like falls? I think there was one article in The Guardian about someone who invented the sports bra or something, quite interesting.
  21. Yeah. In fact I think to me it seemed like Terminator 2 and 3 (the good parts of T3).
  22. Yeah, although didn't Marvel produce it and Universal distribute it (The Incredible Hulk)? Yeah I knew that much.
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