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  1. I'm surprised, I would've thought that in Dublin they would've been doing the pre-order thing, collect at midnight too. Ah well.

    I was in Galway a few weeks ago, went to GAME, there weren't doing pre-order (I don't think).

  2. A bit of both. I was told yesterday by GAME that it's pre-order only and any that they have left they'll send back to Sony (idiots), also if you pre-order you have to pick them up at midnight. HMV said they've stopped pre-ordering but if they have any, they'll sell at the till. So I was panicking a bit... till I realised Argos will have them definitely (no pre-ordering or Ring-&-Reserve allowed on PSP).

    So my plan was to pop into HMV and GAME on the way, if they didn't have any, I'd go to Argos (who open at 10am).

    Went into HMV Picadilly Circus and they had 3 behind the counter. Bloke said that they got them in just that moment (which was around 10am). Probably bullshit but at least I have it.

  3. Game titles in Japan tends to be better than the equivalent in the US or Europe. For example, "Winning Eleven" or "Perfect Eleven" to me sounds more imaginative than "Pro Evolution" or "International Superstar Soccer".

  4. Smoothy in another rubbish post shocker!

    DangerM in another bollocks post shocker! :lol:


    Thought you lot might want to see how stupid this person was... but all I get is abuse! :D;) *boohoo* *sniff*

  5. Read this post from http://forums.gamespace.net.au/showthread.php?t=4822

    Dumbest CSeR Ever + >iC< removed from GS 5v5 Ladder #2


    We all know that cheating is the darkness that's plagued multiplayer gaming since the time that online gaming became popular. Cheating, using hacks or haxoring, as it is commonly referred to, continues to scourge our online fun and will most likely continue to do so. Within Gamespace we've gone to great lengths to ensure that hackers are prevented from participating in our gaming community, ruining everyones entertainment for their self misguided sense of achievement and narcissistic tendencies.

    As a gaming network we've made our zero tolerance policy perfectly clear from the onset and we will continue to enforce this to the best of our abilities. Occasionally a gem comes across our ever vigilant look out for hackers that serves to illuminate our cave dwelling existence with such brazen display of stupidity that even we find ourselves gasping in amazement.

    To let you all in on the joke one of our GS CSS5v5 Ladder #2 Teams [PCP] PCPERFORMANCE challenged another called Infernal Chaos. Infernal Chaos or >iC< as they like to be referred to, happily accepted with the match scheduled for 09:30 Mon 04 Jul 2005 on server When the time came >iC< turned up in full colours on the designated server, guns blazing, tags strutting and egos flaring, basically the usual gamers demeanor before any war. However unfortunately for them and in small part to the other side, PCP failed to show up leaving our enthusiastic >iC< team feeling lost and dejected. So to pass the time these guys run around the server and did some training. After fifteen or so minutes the team left the server, being assured an easy no-show victory.

    Shortly thereafter >iC< CutLoose, both the captain and the clan leader in his infinite wisdom reported the match as a dispute instead of merely reporting it as a win, which is the norm under such circumstances. Thus through the unnecessary dispute process the match came to the attention of GS Admins. In addition to add more credibility to their unnecessary dispute >iC< CutLoose decided to include a screenshots from the game that would in his mind, prove beyond all doubt that >iC< were the only team on the server at the time of booking. And rightly so it did just that and more.... In his continuing search for enlightenment and the good of L337 >iC< CutLoose forgot or probably just failed to notice due to always having this on that the same screenshots he submitted to Gamespace incriminated himself as a haxor. If you look at the image it quite clearly proves that he was using WH (wall hacks) while playing on a GS server.

    This can be seen quite clearly when he was spectating >iC< Wogboy Polat whom we are quite sure was the only >iC< without any hacks due to a post we retrieved from server logs saying "21:37:33: ">iC< Wogboy Polat<3>" say "GUYS IM WARNING YOU ALL NOW, DO NOT HACK"

    As it stands and thanks to their assistance >iC< have now been removed from the Gamespace 5v5 Ladder #2 with their leader, >iC< CutLoose permanently banned from the Gamespace Steam Server Network.

    The incriminating and profoundly dumb screenshots can be seen here - http://league.gamespace.net.au//image.php?id=13472 while the extract of the whole conversation as team has also been posted for public display here - http://network.gamespace.net.au/logs/L0704050.log

    Team Captain: cutloose

    Clan Name: Infernal Chaos

    Clan Tag: >iC<

    Verdict: Guilty of hacking



    Network Manager


  6. *points to PGR3*

    Au contraire.

    Yeah but they could wait a bit and upgrade the specs of the console, in order to make sure that it's here for the long haul. It won't be good if the console's lifespan drops off early just cos certain aspects of it is underpowered.

  7. I would wager that the decision to include DVD seems sensible at this point, but maybe in about 5 years towards the end of the console's lifetime, it may come back to haunt them. Fair enough they will probably introduce an HD-DVD add-on later on, but add-ons are never popular at the best of times (remember the SEGA-CD?) so it might be in their best interests to include HD-DVD from the start (and delay the console as end of 2005 is far too early for a console launch in any case).

  8. The silly thing is that Tekken 4 was technically better than 3. I liked the sloping floors and walls you can back onto, but on the whole it just seemed nowhere good enough. I prefer Tekken Tag, cos the tag element was class, but will probably end up getting Tekken 5 at some point.

  9. Carton is better. Ages ago used to get bottled milk but we'd never drink it all before it went off so got them from supermarket instead.

  10. Seeing as a PSP is a handheld, then no you are not supposed to be playing it in a plane on take-off and landing (like the Gameboy). No exception. If this rule is still in place in 20 years, then whatever handheld is out there, be it some holographic one or whatever, will be subject to the same rules.

  11. Ps1 didnt have sm64 or any platformer that could come close,

    it lacked any simulation that could rival pilotwings,

    or something that could be similar to goldeneye.

    Well exactly, we could go on all day about how this console did this and which console didn't have that. But if we were talking about sales, then we all know which was the more popular console, in ALL territories.

    But the fact is, I'd be more than worried with what Nintendo are supposedly planning. They've been pretty off the ball since the N64 days, compared to Sony and Microsoft, although Microsoft have had it difficult with their first console, they did do one good thing, the Xbox Live! thing was brilliant. I'm sure you'd buy Nintendo regardless, but lets hope it doesn't turn into another GameCube, cos that isn't exactly blessed with a whole load of killer games.

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