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  1. Is that annoying American kid talking out of the side of his face? Yes he is! What a twat!
  2. It's an US Super NES official pad connected to a GBA. At least you'll be able to play Street Fighter properly on it.
  3. Super Monkey Ball, utter classic! Mario Kart Double Dash! classic too!
  4. It would be interesting, that's for sure.
  5. The worst thing is being 3-0 up and watching your team get stuffed in the 2nd half and all the subs and changing tactics doesn't save your day.
  6. Well exactly, we could go on all day about how this console did this and which console didn't have that. But if we were talking about sales, then we all know which was the more popular console, in ALL territories. But the fact is, I'd be more than worried with what Nintendo are supposedly planning. They've been pretty off the ball since the N64 days, compared to Sony and Microsoft, although Microsoft have had it difficult with their first console, they did do one good thing, the Xbox Live! thing was brilliant. I'm sure you'd buy Nintendo regardless, but lets hope it doesn't turn into another GameCube, cos that isn't exactly blessed with a whole load of killer games.
  7. Well, the N64 didn't have Gran Turismo for a start (or any realistic racing game that can compare)... or Tekken (or any beat-em-up that can compare, oh but the Saturn did)... or Final Fantasy (oh yeah Square took their series away from Nintendo because Nintendo insisted on using carts). No matter how you look at it, the N64 was a failure. Pure and simple. The Super NES did far far better than the N64 could ever hope to do.
  8. MS isn't that shitty? How about it failing in Japan because they were too American? Developers assisting them? How did SEGA help them? It was the other way round, MS was helping SEGA! Playstation revolutionised gaming, and dragged it kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Nintendo were stuck in the past with their old cartridges and by the time they switched to discs, it was too late. MS has been playing catch-up since the launch of the Xbox, but Xbox 360 will definitely see them competing with Sony at a more level footing.
  9. So far, Nintendo have said that and received no attention. So looks like you're wrong there. When Nintendo actually produce something and not go on just to try deflect attention from everyone else, then we'll see.
  10. This current gen has been around for years already. Think about it, it's always been roughly 5 years between consoles so the next gen is just an evolution that's gone on for decades. The fact is the technology is here so why not embrace it?
  11. That's the one drawback of the Xbox 360. Give it a few years and HD might be coming thick and fast. And while they are stuck with a plain DVD, Sony will be stuffing lots of content onto Blu-Ray DVD. Still, it might not happen that way... but at least it's there.
  12. The first one, cos you can't trust the tosser who says "the gameplay is better than ours", he could be lying out of his teeth. The fact is these enhancements are there, no developer needs to use them, they are free to understate their game if they so choose. But if a developer wants to be able to immerse their target audience in 3D graphics and sound, then so what?
  13. From what I heard, they will try to update the graphics like they did on Super Mario All-Stars, so Super NES and NES games (probably Nintendo ones) will look "updated", although 3D games such as the ones on the N64 will just look sharper.
  14. Pity the Xbox 360 only plays DVDs then or should I say
  15. I think we're missing the point here. No one from the console industry has said you need to spend $1500 for the next gen console. You just need to spend the price of the new console, simple. For those who want to have the very best experience, there is the option, whereas there isn't now.
  16. No one has said you need a new TV. In fact, the next gen consoles will allow you to use a wider range of TVs with it, from crappy ones with an RF lead to the top-of-the-range HDTV ones, with in-game options tailored to the TV you have. This is perfect cos HDTV is better, fact, but that won't stop you from using it on your normal TV. So you really need to get your facts right and read the statements properly before you suddenly judge that you need this and that to play games.
  17. Maxwell is a complete plonker. Pity he's not up for eviction, but then again, he's in a house full of muppets.
  18. I read that BBC thing too. And it was spot on, most parents are complete idiots who actually go out and BUY 18 games, even though they wouldn't buy an 18 film. And it's all to do with the perception that games are for kids. Idiots. Maybe if they actually paid attention to what their children are playing, little Johnny wouldn't be turning into a sadist by the time he is 13.
  19. Smoothy

    Tekken 5

    That wouldn't be hard. Tekken 4 was a disappointment, especially coming after Tekken Tag.
  20. Smoothy

    Tekken 5

    Play.com is advertising Tekken 5 as being out now. Worth ordering it now (considering I won't get it till next week) or just waiting till Fri?
  21. I'm personally going to wait a while. No point in getting HDTV till the consoles are actually out.
  22. I don't see how it can be a problem. As you may have noticed, broadband speeds have been getting faster and faster as time goes on. Nowadays the norm is 1Mbps, with some 4Mbps and 8Mbps being offered. If it was a problem, then PCs would be stuffed seeing as they and the applications that are on it evolve far more quickly than any console.
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