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  1. Free? It's a load of bollocks seeing as they 1. paste stupid ads over your website 2. stop you from FTPing to the webspace 3. numerous other stupid stuff I could mention. Suffice to say it was easier to buy my own domain and webspace.
  2. Eight actually, seeing as I actually started it in March 1997. Besides, it's still a long time ago, I haven't worked on that site for ages. Damn Geocities. Yep, definitely EIGHT LOL some of the stuff Uni people get up to, eh?!?!
  3. That was 10 years ago u fool, when I was back in Uni!
  4. Sorry to interject but... isn't this all going a bit off-topic?
  5. Well seeing as the arm only covers the very bottom of a few words of the bottom of the paragraph, I recommend you scroll it up so that text you're reading is in the middle of the page! Job done. It's clearly deliberate, so it's not "fucked" in the sense that the browser is incorrectly rendering it. Whether it's bad design though...
  6. It isn't. It's the same in IE, Dave's piccy is fixed in one place. The only problem I can see is that in IE, you don't get a vertical scrollbar till you scroll the whole thing to the right (stupid IE), while you get a vertical scrollbar all the time in Firefox.
  7. Yes it was against a blue screen and yes we were told the question to say and the "thanks GamesMaster" bit at the end. I asked him something on Donkey Kong Country, some hidden cavern filled with bananas on the 1st level I think.
  8. Oh and one more thing... I was in GamesMaster, it was the Consoletation Zone on Season 4 That is all.
  9. Oh, I was also in Computer and Video Games too. Me in CVG
  10. I was on Games World and won 'The Eliminator' Lost at Cash Dash on 'Beat The Elite', still hurts now
  11. Personally I think TOCA 2 is fine. Framerate has never been it's strong point even back in the days of PSone but it plays pretty realistic.
  12. Well ask your bro, cos I believe most scanners also come with an OCR application (usually a Lite version). Or download ReadIris Pro 10 trial.
  13. That's the point of OCR, you don't have to type it out.
  14. Dead pixels is a problem related to LCDs in general, but I wouldn't worry about a few dead pixels, unless they were blatantly clustered together and clearly visible.
  15. OCR = Optical Character Recognition. If you use an OCR app, the scanner will actually READ the words and put it into a text file (or a Word file), and will probably scan the pics and place it in the right places in the Word file too.
  16. Any chance of scanning it using OCR? Will make for a (far) smaller Word file and easier to read instead of a big JPEG.
  17. I'm surprised, I would've thought that in Dublin they would've been doing the pre-order thing, collect at midnight too. Ah well. I was in Galway a few weeks ago, went to GAME, there weren't doing pre-order (I don't think).
  18. A bit of both. I was told yesterday by GAME that it's pre-order only and any that they have left they'll send back to Sony (idiots), also if you pre-order you have to pick them up at midnight. HMV said they've stopped pre-ordering but if they have any, they'll sell at the till. So I was panicking a bit... till I realised Argos will have them definitely (no pre-ordering or Ring-&-Reserve allowed on PSP). So my plan was to pop into HMV and GAME on the way, if they didn't have any, I'd go to Argos (who open at 10am). Went into HMV Picadilly Circus and they had 3 behind the counter. Bloke said that they got them in just that moment (which was around 10am). Probably bullshit but at least I have it.
  19. Smoothy

    All In A Name

    Game titles in Japan tends to be better than the equivalent in the US or Europe. For example, "Winning Eleven" or "Perfect Eleven" to me sounds more imaginative than "Pro Evolution" or "International Superstar Soccer".
  20. O really? I was actually looking forward to seeing a Street Fighter on the PSP (even though I have most of them on various formats).
  21. Smoothy


    DangerM in another bollocks post shocker! Whatever. Thought you lot might want to see how stupid this person was... but all I get is abuse! *boohoo* *sniff*
  22. Smoothy


    Read this post from http://forums.gamespace.net.au/showthread.php?t=4822 Idiot!
  23. It's Maxwell and Science up for nomination. I really really really hope Maxwell goes. I'll be soooo happy if he does, I might go and buy the last 3 BB DVDs if he does!
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