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  1. After seeing Jodie go into the diary room and go on about how Chantelle should've helped her to get back in the group on today's show, I don't think she'll be saved at all. We're not disputing that the others were a bit cruel (they were), we're saying that Jodie is an idiot and it's not surprising everyone acts the way they do, especially when she 1. stirs it up 2. thinks she's the most important person there 3. WILL NOT LISTEN TO ANY KIND OF ADVICE, even when it comes from Rula Lenska and it's sound advice. Just shutup Jodie and listen!
  2. *checks bag* Unfortunately, that pig-ugly Saskia bitch is prominent on the front.
  3. And good-looking tits they were too!
  4. Yes. She's proved to be self-absorbed and full of herself and her obsession with Jordan. Hell, Jordan is probably laughing her head off now knowing that Jodie so obviously looks up to her, despite slagging her off at any opportunity she gets. Jodie simply doesn't listen at all and can dish it but can't take it. Yeah, some of the others are pretty bad but that doesn't mean that she is suddenly a saint. Get rid of her on Fri. It'd be a laugh seeing her blub and try to get the sympathy vote upon coming out.
  5. Well whether she's done more or less bitching in the house is immaterial. The fact is that she's been whining and going on about herself and how hard she's had it from day 1, when she doesn't have a clue how hard it really is. She's a primma-donna twat who think she's it. Oh yeah, the others are idiots too, Michael Barrymoore really is self-absorbed, George Galloway is what we all thought of him, big-headed, Pete Burns has problems clearly, etc. but Jodie Marsh tops the lot with her being all these things at once and more. She can dish it, but she can't take it, which proves to me that she was always a bitch, just like the Jodie Marsh we have all heard about before.
  6. Well there's nothing anyone can do about that, due to the fact that we can't have cameras on one person 24 hours a day. Then again... (Sky Sports)
  7. He must have, didn't you lot see the pic clipped onto his lapel during the programme? Clearly his "boyfriend". You obviously missed her whining on about herself all the time and herself and herself and Jordan and herself and Jordan. She clearly can't take criticism. That said, the others overstepped the mark today (well, yesterday, seeing as it's recorded), but she is still a drama queen. She has serious problems and should realise that slagging everyone off (including Jordan) to make a name for yourself ensures that everyone thinks you're a bitch.
  8. More than a legend... he's the WINNAR! You heard it here first.
  9. I'd slap her HARD after the last few days. I couldn't care less about her grades, you can't learn manners from classes. She has none and needs a slap to wake her from her obsession with Jordan.
  10. Well noone else in the country does, cos they aren't in close proximity to the French coast.
  11. Anglia TV? Which parts? Cos I'm on the very edge of SE London, SE25 (South Norwood), place next to it is Croydon, Surrey, and I don't get no Anglia TV, even manually scanning over all the UHF channels. That said, the weirdest thing I remember was back in Bradford (when I was at Uni) when a housemate could pick up Sky News on her video. Seriously!
  12. So I take it that's a no? I was reading Wikipedia (something on when they were going to introduce Channel 5 and needed to retune TVs), which prompted the question.
  13. You missed his intro then, a big pic of him in a dress, which I don't think was his wedding dress.
  14. Was just wondering if anyone here on the South coast of England gets any French channels as well as BBC, ITV, etc.
  15. And while he got kudos for it, he's still a complete arrogant tosser.
  16. You mean "ROD LICKING A BIT OF KANDYFLOSS Sweet Pie Shocker"
  17. ITV have been shite for years now, especially since they killed off the region branding a few years ago (apart from a select few franchises who refuse to be bought by ITV1 (a result of the Granada/Carlton merger). It's basically Chav TV, not ITV.
  18. I have to say the "quote" thing on the page afterwards was just as revealing too.
  19. Still, can't be as bad as the unreleased version
  20. It will basically mean that the quality of videos we get in the shops will be much closer to the master than before. That's the basic jist of it. Yep, simply by grabbing the master again and reencoding it at a higher bitrate and resolution. Remember, DVDs are compressed, Blu-Rays will be compressed too, but the codecs will be much better than crappy old MPEG-2, and they'll have more space to play with too. In fact, it gives the studios another good excuse to dust off those masters again and make more money off old films that have already been whored several times.
  21. Yeah, I'm expecting a several-page dossier on everything there is to know about Chantelle... tomorrow.
  22. No, F4 is rubbish. Well, I should rephrase that. Poor. It's not really bad but it certainitely is disappointing. I didn't like it much, not really the pomp and brass of the usual Marvel films (Spiderman especially), not even as good as Daredevil.
  23. It's 3 weeks (23 days to be exact), NOT3 months. So count yourself fortunate. And as for you Jodie Marsh fans out there, taken in by that shite show she appeared on, she's still a twat.
  24. HAHAHAHAHA don't be silly. She's a complete twat who started on fellow "celebs" in order to make a name for herself. If I ever saw her I'd slap her silly, the ugly cow.
  25. Oh, just reread your post, I thought you were suggesting it for the packaging. Well, as a part of an existing website, actually could be a good idea.
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