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  1. If I'd been in that room, I'd have punched Pete repeatedly till BB security dragged me off him So has Preston been dumped by his girlfriend? Source?
  2. Pete proves that he was always a wanker.
  3. Celeb BB pwned Galloway and Preston! Last night was utterly brilliant, seeing them come out all smug before "HotRod" told them that they heard everything. Galloway wasn't so smug then.
  4. God Jodie is vile. Faria was OK up till the whole "racist" thing. She dropped herself in it there. Pity... still, she really wasn't as interesting as the rest. We'll never get to see her flirting with the "HotRod" anymore...
  5. Who cares anyway? Of course Jodie would get messages of support, she's not demonstrating nothing new there, after all, they are her friends and family. Now she never posted texts that went the other way, did she? GinzaUK hit the nail on the head there. Anyway, Dennis is still wanting to show his "Hotrod" to Faria. God knows why though...
  6. You're lucky... but it won't be long before Granada/Carlton/ITV/whatever buys you out too.
  7. Now she's doing the podium task herself. And somehow thinks that her and Chantelle is more famous than the rest. Now can you see how stupidly petty she is? She's so repelling. Damn right.
  8. She's on Channel 4 at the mo. Going on about how much of a "victim" she is. She really is a twat.
  9. Yeah, telling the world that it's OK to go around shagging anything that moves, as long as you get yourself tested. Wot a deluded slapper
  10. Where was that found? Typical Jodie (if she indeed type all that). She's such a plonker.
  11. First sentence - I don't, Jodie is too anal to get any kind of support with the way she acted in the house (see all my posts earlier in this thread). Second sentence - friendship? Surely Jodie should offer first seeing as it is her who started the whole thing (and continued it by mentioning her in the house more than once). Jordan has got better things to do than go anywhere near Jodie... like look after her two kids and her husband. The onus is on Jodie to make amends.
  12. Very good link, first few paras were spot on. However, Barrymore did take it too far with him constantly starting on Jodie. So I'm with Adverse_Camber on this one.
  13. Well I for one am glad the bitch is out. it was car crash TV watching her provoke everyone in her own little non-surprising way. Now we can all bitch about Barrymoore and get him voted out, wahey!
  14. Oh here we go... tears (for fears).
  15. Jodie out. Phew! Good riddance to bad rubbish!
  16. Hmmmm... OK... Jodie is an idiot, but Barrymoore has a screw loose. He's just as bad, especially after that not-so-little outburst.
  17. Well dunno about the rest but for me I am judging her by how she acts in the house (which in my opinion is utterly objectionable). The mere fact that she is known for that outside the house just confirms it.
  18. Precisely. She's a mass of contradictions, who before 2005 said that she would never go into the BB house herself. So what did she do? Uncle Nasty, she is a "glamour" model, who gets her tits out for Maxim, Nuts, Loaded, etc. She became famous when she slagged off Jordan and proclaimed herself Jordan's replacement. You can see how that went down with the general public.
  19. True, very true, however, she did act annoying from the very beginning, before there was any argument, which is why me & a few others dislike her.
  20. You're on the money there, Delargey. And you too Adverse_camber (in your last post, that is).
  21. That's virtually guaranteed. She's so hated ATM, it'd make sense for her to sell her story and make some money out of it just to get her face back in the news and to show us her side of the story. Yes, she is that predictable.
  22. Adverse_camber, we'll have to agree to disagree. I enjoyed the discussion though. ZOK, yeah you're right. He's definitely an attention seeker. In fact, most of them are to a point, but Barrymoore is bad.
  23. Great, so if making one tiny "mistake" causes Jodie to get in a twist then I'm glad I'm not her friend. Jodie can defend herself, she shouldn't need others to.
  24. Damn website caused me to double-post
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