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  1. This is what I said the very moment it was known that The FA had folded (on Monday).
  2. Total shades of 1990. Let's hope though that they don't do the same as they did in 1990 and somehow sneak out of the group and stink the knockouts on the way to the final.
  3. How did you get to the Ultra HD stream on BBC iPlayer? I remember there was one for Euro 2020 but (admittedly I didn't exactly go looking for it) I didn't see one when I launched it on the web.
  4. Might as well be, haven't seen England's 5th goal yet EDIT: NOW I do 🤦🏾‍♂️
  5. Not 2 mins delay, usually 30 seconds max in my experience.
  6. Is anyone else's BBC iPlayer stream 2 fucking mins behind the live action? Two whole minutes?!
  7. This is stupid. If I was captain I would have just taken the yellow card, then dared the ref to give me another one during the game, just to see if the ref wants to see all the furore blow up in his face.
  8. Piers Morgan was slagging off the BBC about this yesterday. Fucking idiot.
  9. FIFA - if you can't beat them with whataboutism rants and threats of fines to any team wearing an armband, divide and conquer by hypocritically launching your own set of armbands with promises to look favourably on teams wearing these. Like I said, fuck FIFA.
  10. Infantino is such a joke, with so much whataboutism in that 💩rant I'm actually wondering if he's finally lost the plot.
  11. OK I get it now, kind of a "spin-off". EDIT: also after watching a bit of that video, i can see why the FIA moved from GT to ACC as their official eSports partner game.
  12. Oh I get both of you, it's two distinct games, and ACC is the sequel. It's interesting though, I thought the popular alternative was Forza (whichever is the latest).
  13. I've been watching vids of this game cos it keeps on coming up in my feed, usually people with actual real dashboard setups driving amongst real-world traffic, and leaving me wondering if it was real or not. I've looked at comparison sites between this and Gran Turismo, and the genera gist seems to be that this is more realistic than that game. Correct? It's an old game now, right? Is it still worth getting?
  14. Point Blank! I still have all three games! And two Guncons! I just need a CRT... and a new house so that I have space for it 😞
  15. *spit!* fuck this tournament. Personally I don't care who wins, cos it'll always have an asterisk beside the name for me.
  16. Note - one more gameweek then no games till December 26th, because of some filthy no-mark event held in some tiny country that doesn't even play the sport that's been showcased.
  17. LOL I've only been playing very occasionally for a while now, probably around 8 years. I even went back to GTA 5 on the PS3 a few months ago and the save game said "last played November 2013". Interesting. Maybe that's the way to go, and if I like a game I buy it. LOL I just remember switching to Need For Speed and I had so much fun.
  18. Yeah I think you can only get the expansion pack from Nintendo only, I can't see it anywhere. Which means he has two choices: Either get a sub then add the expansion pack from Nintendo direct, or forget about the N64 classics and just buy the Mario Kart extra pack thing separately (at least it'll be permanent).
  19. For anyone who is playing this this weekend - you're not, it's thoroughly broken. Nintendo has taken servers offline in order to investigate the issue, but you can't even play it offline regardless. More here.
  20. If it's like Rivals, Hot Pursuit or any previous Burnout games then I'm all for it. If it's like the usual NFS night-time dark edition, then forget about it.
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