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  1. 10 hours ago, Gabe said:



    Sorry, but as an outsider, where on earth does that sense of entitlement come from for you to say the bolded?


    Cos if we are supposedly challenging for the title, title-chasing teams shouldn't be losing or drawing games such as these, and we lose too many of these games.


    10 hours ago, Gabe said:

    As a club you have a board that has never really committed to investment required to push on, always to do 'just enough' (which we all know means CL qualification). I get it - to take it up to the next level costs a lot of money (now) but nowhere near as much had it been done 3/4/5 years ago. Conte may well not be a great fit for the club, but whenever I've dipped into this thread (which is very infrequently, to be fair) I always see people pining for Pochettino to come back - a man who couldn't even win the French title in his first season with the easy mode for that league (insert winky emoji here).


    What would he even be coming back to, anyway? Kane & Son have wasted their best years, the squad needs depth and, if we take Conte at his word, an attitude adjustment - but it will keep coming back to 'Will this board commit to (probably) at least £100-£150m to get in quality first XI players?' Until that changes, I don't know what anybody really expects regardless of who is in the hot-seat.

    I agree with you.

  2. I'm just surprised it wasn't Mourinho, he's used to doing this sort of thing just before he exits.  Spurs needed this though, we can make excuses many times but the fact is that we should be beating bottom-of-the-league Southampton every single fucking time by 5 or more.  We've been here time and time and time and time and time again, shitty club draws or beats Spurs.  


    BlahblahConte'spartlyatfaultexcusesexcusesexcuses - who gives a shit?  We've had 20 years of managers who are supposedly "partly at fault".  Or maybe once a fucking gain the real rot is at the top - the ones who pick these fucking managers then proceeds to squeeze them time and time and time and time again?


    It's a miracle we're fucking 4th, to be honest.  Utter miracle.  Cos the team are piss poor.


  3. Maybe I should have Googled.  This is Spurs' third kit, apparently:



    It's "Taupe Haze" coloured, with "Diffused Taupe" and "Black", and not bad lighting.

  4. Amazingly there hasn't been a leak of next year's Spurs kit yet, otherwise I would have :D


    33 minutes ago, Naysonymous said:

    ...but I love the unified identity of the Premier League when all the clubs have the same font. It was a bit of a cluster fuck in the 90s where every manufacturer used their own. 

    Note that they do still use the manufacturer's own when playing in any other competition, though.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks that Pochettino coming back isn't exactly the "panacea" that is believed?  I mean what has exactly changed since he left?  What is stopping Levy from low-balling him on his wages, giving him even less motification?  What's stopping Levy from continuing to pretend to invest in the team while actually trying to push players that the manager isn't completely convinced by?  Just remember, just because he gets signed doesn't necessarily mean that the team will suddenly get good, there are players still there who played awful and got us 5th in that Champions League final season, and then subsequently stunk up the beginning of the following season.

  6. Novak's at it again. He's applying for an exemption to the US rules that requires you to have been vaccinated and show proof before you enter (source).

  7. On 16/02/2023 at 09:27, meatbin said:

    I reckon the Poch deal is done. There has been lots of shots of him in London on social media recently.  Conte clearly isn't staying beyond this season.


    I said similar to a friend and he said that Poch (still) lives in London, so not really a coincidence?

  8. I heard over the weekend that Christian Bale may be coming back as Batman, and that supposedly they're editing The Flash right now to downplay Keaton's Batman at the end but imply Bale's Batman might be back.


    God knows if that is true but I saw two articles that said the above.

  9. 40 minutes ago, cassidy said:

    Once the flash movie is done then we are apparently into Gunn's DCU and The Batman is an elseworld story and not part of the main DCU. 



    So where does Shazam! Fury of the Gods fit in?  Cos that's still under the old DCEU, right?

  10. This looks AMAZING!


    But I'm confused, mainly because of the fucking state of the DCEU.  So if Ben Affleck's Batman (well, Bruce Wayne at least) is in this, at the same time as Michael Keaton's Batman, where does Robert Pattison's "The Batman" fit in?

    Pity about Ezra, cos for me he's really charismatic throughout all the films.

  11. It's a shame.  I enjoyed seeing him delete his Gooner posts as soon as he joined, but it's a shame he went out with barely a whimper.  Still... once a Gooner... 😉

  12. 7 hours ago, redbloodcell said:

    Expect it'll still happen tbf, seems to be a disagreement over the minutiae of the structure. 

    Apparently it's all sorted now, he's coming over for a medical tomorrow. 

  13. Porro deal off.  Apparently Sporting changed the terms at the last second.  Spurs could add another million to meet the release clause to force the transfer, but they'll have to pay the entire amount in one go if that happened.

  14. Just wanted to say that I got Super Mario Maker 2 a while ago but only got round to playing it.  This game is AMAZING - just the story player mode comes across as genius.  It's weird playing the levels from the different games, e.g. it feels like playing Super Mario World with unreleased levels.

  15. 2 hours ago, Skull Commander said:

    Yup, that's how I feel too. Worst of all it just doesn't feel like Street Fighter to me so far. I've come from SF4 which I enjoyed immensely, and only had limited time on SF5 (due to it being PlayStation only). I don't know if this makes a difference but I can't help but feel this is very fighting game by focus group.


    I really hope my feelings warm on full release as Street Fighter is one of my favourite game series of all time, but I just don't feel this is the Street Fighter I know and love. 

    Agreed. Too much like SF eSports and not enough like SF old skool.

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