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  1. Spurs being Spurs as usual in their last home game.


    That said, we weren't the only London team to cock it up spectacularly today...

  2. On 17/04/2023 at 14:56, Mike1812 said:

    I'm starting to realise how much I've missed Nintendo games. The Wii was my last console. 


    On 22/04/2023 at 16:50, Vorgot said:


    I was Nintendo from the SNES but had to sell my Wii U early and finances meant I had to hold off on a Switch until late 2020, and I realised the same as you. Just so good and so fun. I use it so much more than my PS5

    Yeah I had a Super NES, and my sister had a NES.  Got a Gameboy in 1992.  Missed out (deliberately) on an N64, got a Gamecube then a Wii.  Missed out on Wii U but have a Switch.  Those Mario games are AMAZING!  Unfortunately I don't have time to finish them in a day like I used to :D  EDIT: Caveat - admittedly it was Super Mario World that I finished in a day... and Super Mario Land 2.  The others I finished in two weeks - the other NES and Super NES Mario games that is.

  3. Look, yeah there are parts you could drive a tank through, and the way the end was so neatly tied up even though just before it they all seemed to be totally fucked, but on the whole this was great, in fact in my opinion it should have been a film instead.




    Q you little fucker

    and also:


    If you are even a slight fan you cannot say that you didn't almost shed a tear at the thought of the gang being killed/blown up/whatever at that point which they all looked like they were fucked... reminds me of Toy Story 3, actually.


  4. On 19/04/2023 at 19:13, BoggyB said:

    I love how crap the UMDs are too. They're the sort of thing that could only exist in the mid 2000s, a strange middle ground before solid state memory was cheap enough for the bigger games. They tank battery life and they're fragile but I like the sound of the disc spinning away in a hand held console and the snapping shut of the disc tray with a slight click. Console noises are one of those weird, unimportant "features" that draws me to original hardware instead of emulation for reasons I don't fully understand. It's part of the personality of it I suppose.


    I draw the line at buying films on UMD though, that was too crap an idea to support even for retro novelty value.

    I liked the UMDs though, similar to MiniDiscs.  I think the problem was that Sony probably wanted something similar to MiniDiscs, which seemed a good idea at the time (like regular optical discs but smaller), but they didn't have long in the market before alternative formats came out to trounce it.  There was no foresight, basically.  in the case of the MiniDisc, they were great in that short period where they were clearly better than cassettes and CDs, but then mini HDDs (iPod, etc.) killed it stone dead.  With UMDs, they could probably have used SDcards or similar tech (even using their own MemoryStick format would have been better).

    I sort of agree with you on the films.  I've got a few.  It's just the films, not even any extras, and just seems a bit weird when 1. they were as expensive or more than DVDs, and 2. it was pretty easy to rip a DVD and copy the files onto the MemoryStick card - this was more "portable" than carrying a load of film discs.

  5. I don't think Pochettino is the answer either, I mean what's changed since he left?  To come back he's going to ask for more money (his wages) AND also he'd want more investment in the squad (and we all know Levy).  There wouldn't be any point in coming back otherwise.

    From what I hear, it's not just Paratici that is anti Poch, so it's not even guaranteed that he's even welcome back at Spurs as the head coach regardless of Paratici's employment or not.

  6. I remember getting a Fast 10 trailer.  Fast 10... before a kids movie?!  To be fair it was clearly a kinda sanitised trailer... although still amazed they actually could do so!  Also got a Transformers Beast Wars (or whatever it's called) trailer too.

  7. On 11/04/2023 at 11:16, Ivanho said:

    We all went to see this yesterday and all really enjoyed it.  Pretty much every screen at the Odeon was showing this during the day and the cinema was rammed (wind/rain storms probably helped).  Not sure why the critics have mostly turned their collective noses up at this (Bradshaw saying it's as disappointing as the Bob Hoskins live action version is bollocks) but everybody in the screening was having a great time.


    Plus, it gave me a reason to wear this, much to the delight of my kids :lol: (I also wore it for a bit while driving, with the Mario Kart title screen music on, because why not)




    Your daughter 😂

  8. I want to know why The Queen has gone after Starfleet when we're supposed to be in a slightiy-altered timeline (ala Back To The Future) with Jurati-Queen being less assimilatory?


    Or will episode 10 reveal all (like her face this time)?


    Or will they simply retcon series 2 out of existence, and using original Alice Krige's voice is as big an indicator as we got?

  9. 15 hours ago, carlospie said:

    Yeh my kids wanted that but I drew the line


    It was odeon de luxe in Leeds we went to which from posts in here appears to be the most expensive cinema!

    Odeon here too!  Last film I saw was Star Wars Episode 7... seriously.  Prices have gone up LOL


    Went to go see this.  Utter, utter genius.  The critics haven't a clue.  This is not only influenced by pretty much every Super Mario game out there (even the credits was hurried up by the "hurry up" Mario music!), but I swear there's elements of the original Super Mario Bros movie in here (albeit done better).  Also, I may be dreaming, but were those Dragon Punches from Street Fighter II (and not generic uppercuts) in there?  Animation is amazing, I think they've almost got to the point that everything looks "real" now, like maybe past ridiculously smooth clay animation real - examples such as the stitchwork of Mario's cup, the way Princess Peach's eyes move millimetres left and right while staring (like a real eye), the way the sun lights up the room and faces, the water, there's loads more.


    Also: clearly going to be a sequel because:


    1. There's no Koopa kids, and he failed to marry Princess Peach, so... 🤔
    2. End credits: Yoshi (although he travelled through a level with Yoshis earlier but...)


    On 06/04/2023 at 07:47, carlospie said:

    It cost us £82 for four at our cinema. Crazy times.


    I asked if you got a blu ray of the film included in the price 🤣🤣

    Cost me £52.50 for 2 adults and 3 kids.  And then £34.77 for the food.  It would have been more if the kids hadn't relented on taking the Question Mark popcorn containers - they were £9 each!


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