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  1. They could at least go through Spurs' shortlist, it was extensive
  2. Eddie Howe? Don't the new owners have ambition?
  3. Steve Bruce has left Newcastle.
  4. Sorry, missed this. So when does club football fit into all this? How does he expect Kane (let's say) to play club football AND also qualifiers in a two-month period? What will happen if a country's start striker gets injured for a month, let's say, will they miss half the qualifiers and the team's club football (around 4-ish games, if a game a week)? Or is he proposing 2 months of no club football - when will Kane (let's say) get any rest? Is the qualifiers going to be in the seasonal club-football break?
  5. Wilder's already complaining about the gloves being used. In short, he's accepted Fury's "horse-hair-lined" gloves and decided to go back to his Everlast MX gloves, which he implies have a similar thin amount of lining.
  6. Ah right, no you're talking about an entirely separate entity. Fantasy Premier League has never used the word "hub" to describe anything of theirs. Coincidentally there was a security incident which led to an announcement from Fantasy Premier League on 29th September (a week ago), but that was merely accounts that miscreants had worked out the login to, not an actual hack.
  7. Are you referring to the so-called "hack" of the Fantasy Premier League site? It wasn't hacked, turns out that it's just the usual "password reuse" issue - certain individuals who guessed the username and password correctly logged into accounts and deleted the teams. The organisers put back the teams. Same advice as always - don't reuse passwords, don't log in via unofficial apps, etc.
  8. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    And again the real person at fault for all of this is obviously Levy. This team needs a major rebuild, and this has been apparent for years now.
  9. Reminds me, must dust off my near 30-year old Super NES console and see if it still works...
  10. Agreed. I think FIFA have overlooked one fairly obvious thing - country teams don't play together regularly. They try to compare to the Champions League (which is yearly) but that involves (European but...) club teams who play nearly every single week for 38-42 weeks. Country teams play once a month together if that, but they want to have a World Cup every 2 years? So how will that work then? How will you fit in suitable qualifiers? Or are you going to get round that by doubling the size of the World Cup, diluting the competition further and making it even harder for anyone to host it?
  11. "GamesMaster reboot confirmed at E4", apparently.
  12. Oh yeah, yeah I probably agree with you - I mean I don't have figures but I'm sure years ago there was a worry that releasing it on home formats (streaming, disc, etc.) too early may dent it but I haven't heard anything that would suggest that it does significantly these days, in fact the film studios seem to be massively in favour of it, right? Although cinema chains are pissed off, and some actors are not happy, understandably.
  13. Well, apart from some cinema chains complaining to the point of telling Universal where to get off, Scarlett Johnson is specifically taking Disney to court because her cut from the Black Widow film only takes into account a cinema release.
  14. 3rd series was every weekday 6pm (IIRC). Monday was "The Eliminator 1", Tuesday and Thursday I can't remember but one of them was "Barry's Joypad" - that show that he did with David Walliams (yes the David Walliams), Wednesday was "The Eliminator 2" (which I did), and Friday was "Beat The Elite" where the winners of The Eliminator 1 and 2 played each other at Cash Dash at the beginning of the show and the winner gets to play against the Videators. OK, first stage was "Sudden Death" to pair it down from 8 to 4 - I got paired with another boy and had to win to progress. Second round was Turbo Toons - essentially like any other top-down racing game: Third round was Earthworm Jim 2 warp (wormhole) stage: Final game was my game - Super Street Fighter II, but not on the Super NES - on the Megadrive: And then we filmed Friday's show on the same day - I played Monday's champion at "Cash Dash" - this is actually the second take. I'm sure we got the highest combined amount of coins in the series ever (twice): And then there was GamesMaster - my sister is the 3rd kid while I was the 5th kid:
  15. I applied via a Q&A entry in I think Mean Machines... or Nintendo Magazine System, one of the two. I had to go to a random place in London to audition, which meant play two games against a bloke who turned out was the bloke who was The Violet Blade. The first one was TMNT: Tournament Fighters, which cos I was a massive Street Fighter II player at the time was plain sailing and pretty much creamed him at it even though it was the first time playing it. I then played FIFA I think on the Super NES and wasn't as good. Got called up to be a contestant in series 3. Got to practice the games back stage. First game I played on screen was the bonus stage of Sonic 2 - I never had a Megadrive BUT because I played Sonic 2 loads with my girlfriend at the time I beat the person I was paired with. Next was Turbo Toons, fairly easy. Earthworm Jim 2 warp zone stage was relatively easy (I think I actually had the game on Super NES at the time). Last game was Super Street Fighter II (my game!)... on the Megadrive . Had to choose between Deejay or T Hawk and despite in practice being real good with T Hawk I chose Deejay. I think we we're using 6 button pads but some weird Super Nes clone with buttons on the shoulders - I remember thinking I'll change the buttons when filming starts but decided against it at the last sec cos I thought I'd be used to it having played on default Super NES setup when forgetting to change on that. Narrowly won 2-1 despite having no life left in my life bar in majority of last round - boy I played was very salty! Got the jacket (and yes I STILL have it!). We then filmed the Friday show - got to meet Mr Mathers The Megabyte Millionaire (series 1 grand finalist) - he was actually really nice. Anyway, Friday show started with me playing the other winner from the same week on Cash Dash (grab the most amount of coins in 60 seconds). We both tied with some insanely high score (60something) so we had to refilm it - this time 10 secs from time we were tied but he managed to trap me causing him to grab more coins for the rest of the round. Was totally gutted. Funny thing though was the bloke I played against was the brother of a friend of my school friend - he recognised him instantly when he watched it so I met him again when we all went to MegaWorld in Croydon (a massive SEGA arcade) - played him on Daytoba USA and thrashed him in front of everyone as "revenge" After filming (a few weeks maybe) I got called up and asked if I'd like to film a piece for GamesMaster so I went with my sister. We both ended up filming a bit for the tips section. No Patrick Moore though. I have YouTube vids of it all if you want to see. EDIT: Oh yeah your questions. Cos I didn't beat the week's other champion I didn't get to go against the Videators. Was really gutted cos I wanted to go against The Violet Blade (who I trounced at TMNT in the "auditions") Bob was alright, although when the week's other champion and I tied on Cash Dash he seemed a bit irritated, understandable cos we had to refilm it. The blob game? Nope.
  16. I was on both Yep, on GamesMaster as one of the kids asking GamesMaster for a tip. And on Games World as a contestant. I'm sure some of you on here know this already? Or not?
  17. Exactly - it's the Italian league, not exactly peak football, that's part of the reason why I think 12.5 is high. EDIT: If I was going to make a comparison with the Premier League, I'd say that in the last two (three - COYS) seasons we've had more Premier League teams in the final 4 of the Champions League than Serie A teams, and England are ranked higher in the UEFA Coefficient stats and have been since 2017.
  18. Too high I reckon. I'm not expecting him to be priced 8.0 but 12.5 (same as Salah and 0.2 over Kane) seems excessive for someone who hasn't played in the Premier League for over a decade and is 36.
  19. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    Top of the league for the next two weeks at least. That other team on the other hand...
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