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  1. My Samsung TV came with a wired composite adapter - for phono component (audio L, audio R and video) to some sort of 3.5mm jack. A bit like this: Worked fine when I used it for my PS2, although I forgot to set the display input as "Game Mode" so there definitely seemed to be lag when playing Dancing STage Euromix. Or maybe it's cos I was awful. Nope, it was definitely the lack of "Game Mode".
  2. Any chance of posting the full text here? Paywall.
  3. Hmmm... sounds like it, thought it was a Channel 4 programme.
  4. There was a programme on Channel 4 in the 90s, where a woman won a court case to be allowed to play for a top-level team. She did, it worked out well to begin with, then went sour after all the abuse she got from all sides, and she ultimately retired. The programme finished with a girl doing keepy-uppy for the entirety of the credits. Anyone remember the name?
  5. How does this partnership work? I was imagining that the past partnership was a proper 50%/50% split with regards to strategy for engine, whereas merely supplying a team is pretty much "here you go you make it work". Or am I wrong?
  6. Does anyone else get notifications from the official app on Android? Despite me setting the usual I get nothing
  7. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    THE CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS! 0-2 to Spurs so far - Kane and Lucas #COYS Oh, 1-2 now.
  8. I'm certain that Spurs' kits are discounted a lot more than this when it's mid-late spring - probably only on the club site though. You've made the mistake of looking at Sports Direct - they're £39.99 on ProSport right now
  9. I think so. Prices should be the same as Spurs' kit so I think it's £65 for the standard version and £90 for the "stadium somethingorother" posh version.
  10. Spurs' third kit confirmed:
  11. Yeah it is. I think the refs are allowed to refer to VAR for less reasons than the ones they were allowed to in the World Cup
  12. tl;dr - Arse-enal cheated
  13. I heard that the current owner wants the decision (to throw Bury out of the league) overturned. Maybe that is why? I also heard that a factor that went into the decision to throw them out of the league was the fact that they had postponed 5 games (which would have been 6 if they gave them another extension) that would have been very difficult to get rearranged dates for. Also, this is interesting - an Q+A on Bury's future. EDIT: Was the prospective buyer Gustavo Ferreira?
  14. Oh? Who are these prospective buyers? Why would they want to buy a club with no league football, though?
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