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  1. Credits - I prefer it like Netflix - credits are interrupted by the next one in the series unless you press a button. This is a bit weird, it plays the entire credits before bringing up the static screen with the next episode highlighted.
  2. Forget that it bombed upon original cinema release, The Rocketeer is classic and a brilliant film.
  3. Great. Athletico can give us Trippier back. And Mourinho can GTFO and Poch can come back
  4. App is fine on Samsung TV. Menus slightly choppy on my Sky Q 1TB box.
  5. Oh yeah, there's also lots of European matches on UEFA.tv. LOTS of classic matches.
  6. That Spurs kit I mentioned in the first post? Here's a more real leak of it. It's still pants.
  7. Try FIFA's iconic World Cup matches - they have entire matches on there. One match from every World Cup from 1982. As an aside, tell me when you watch 2010 - Uruguay v Ghana - what did you think? You'll know what I'm on about when you've watched it - you have to watch every single minute of it to know why football can sometimes be the most glorious and shittiest spectacle at the same time. England's YouTube channel has a playlist of full matches... well only one though, and that's actually a scheduled broadcast (tonight at 2000) of England v Italy from Le Tounoi de France. Slightly on the dodgy side, this site has a list of recent-ish iconic games, from Champions League to World Cup to women's World Cup, La Liga, Premier League.
  8. Just signed up, paying monthly. I'll review and see what Sky are doing middle of next week before my trial ends, and cancel if they have a deal that includes my current sub (probably not but still...). If not, I'll keep it going for a month and review again.
  9. I have this on Blu-ray - really looking forward to seeing it when I get time.
  10. I may download it today, saw it in the download store yesterday. Thinking of signing up for a month, until Sky come up with their access deals and switch if it's better (well, included in Ultimate On Demand, which is what I'm hoping for)
  11. Anyone with Sky Q read this - basically if you are looking to add Disney+ to your existing sub, you'll have to wait till April.
  12. It should be - I didn't even update, it wasn't there when I checked around 7-ish but it was an hour later (in the Apps section).
  13. Yeah, it's there now. Looks like there is no integration with Sky's existing packages (like Ultimate On Demand which includes Netflix), all you can do is pay Disney direct or pay Sky for it (like Spotify). No special deal or package. App is also available on Android and Samsung TVs (checked half an hour ago).
  14. Ah dammit. That's the holy grail for me, I want to be able to play the full game wherever. Sounds like I could do with Touch though?
  15. Free to play, yes. Football Manager 2020, Football Manager Touch and Football Manager Mobile - can they all use the same save game? What I'd like to be able to do is to play FM2020 on my laptop, and when I go to bed continue on Mobile... or maybe Touch, then continue on the latter when I commute into work (when commuting is an option again #coronavirus) and then continue when I get home. Possible?
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