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  1. Euro 2008? Nah, Euro '88 was miles better. Van Basten Ruud Gullit The Netherlands team
  2. Is this a special alcoholic drink you're going to start with before the game?
  3. I remember it working really well in Russia 2018, so we've already had a good example of how to use VAR properly. I also vaguely remember it being used in a totally rubbish way in the last Women's World Cup, so that was a good example of how not to use VAR.
  4. UEFA has said "no more". Spoilsports.
  5. You see, the issue I have with that explanation is that it'd make Spurs (I mean ENIC) look really really unprofessional. Then again, maybe that's exactly what ENIC are.
  6. Did you not watch Russia 2018? So many great group games.
  7. From what I've read ICDs don't stop anyone from participating in sports these days, but as ryodi intimated, I think Italy have a law (or laws) that outright bans people with ICDs or similar from competing in competitive sports. So at the very least Inter will have to sell him. Dunno about retirement though, he's younger than Daley Blind and he's still playing (for Ajax).
  8. Gennaro Gattuso is leaving Fiorentina after 23 days, after a dispute over transfers (source).
  9. Full list of all the fixtures can be found on premierleague.com
  10. It's the same as with Mexico 86 and Italia 90 - in which it let Argentina get through and stumble all the way to the final.
  11. Same as with the last few tournaments - I remember this rule from way back in 2010.
  12. Let's face it, we were all fighting each other every single tournament since this site started (I still remember the arguments re England v Germany when Germany was 2-1 up, England scored a non-goal and we lost it 4-1 in the end but lots of people reckoned we could have beaten Germany if that non-goal was legit because they would have been rocked yadayadayada) but 2018 was a great tournament for England supporters, maybe not so much for IKEA or for the police who had their car jumped on .
  13. Not restarting, continuing
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