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  1. Also those were the days when you'd get blackouts when ITV would baulk at paying the league x amount for whatever game. And also when there was no "international week" so teams would regularly play with missing players who were on international duty. I think some of this was the impetus for The FA to take the top division, create a whole new "league" (division, really but still), have Sky Sports pay silly xxx amount of money (which solved the "blackout" issues), and also introduce international breaks so teams didn't lose international players. EDIT: Also Peter Shilton is stil
  2. SAY IT ISN'T SO. Please let it not be true. I'm almost in tears here.
  3. I can't remember, I only played it on the BBC Master. That said, I vaguely remember that while the BBC Micro had screen "modes" 0-7, the BBC Master had alternate "modes" which freed up more memory, so it is possible that the game used these alternate modes to have more memory for more screen elements.
  4. Have you tried Point Blank, Point Blank 2 and Point Blank 3? These are for the original PlayStation but are fully compatible with PS2 EDIT: Or Time Crisis (again for the original PlayStation but works on PS2). Or the sequels Time Crisis 2 (someone else mentioned this) or Time Crisis 3. I'm not sure if any of these are playable with a normal controller, but they are light gun games.
  5. There was several models of the BBC Micro basically: BBC Micro Model A (16k) BBC Micro Model B (32k) - basically became the base standard BBC Micro Model B+ (64k) Then there was the significantly upgraded new micros: BBC Master 128 - (128k) the new standard BBC Master Compact (a 128 but with a 3.5" disk drive built in, no cartridge ports, less ports) BBC Master 512 - a 128 but with 512k and a co-processor that could run DOS programs And there's a few other Master variants which were essentially addons for the 128. I had a BBC Maste
  6. Is there anywhere where I can see how many transfers I've done already? I only can see how many transfers have been done after the deadline (on the "Points") page, but that's not for the current week that's been worked on, obv.
  7. Or a Gareth Bale situation.
  8. I wonder what happened to UEFA expanding the European Championships and even "inviting" other countries from other confederations into it? Maybe they might rethink it if FIFA are trying to pull a power grab here?
  9. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    Fucking Spursy heavyfacepalm.gif
  10. Exactly. So seeing as you can't, either they don't screen them at all or they screen them for a charge?
  11. I don't get it. Those £15 PPV games are for games that isn't covered under the Sky Sports or BT Sport sub at all. So if there wasn't a pandemic it wouldn't be screened at all. Yes some people would have paid a season ticket already but that's an argument between them and the club, not to do with the broadcaster? The clubs should be refunding the cash or allowing season ticket holders to view their games for free? That said, £15 is a fair bit of cash though, you'd think they'd make it very cheap or for free.
  12. Doesn't surprise me - UEFA have been obsessed with teams keeping to their own country for decades now.
  13. Ha, I'm waiting for someone to do it before I do it Also, what about the trophies? Supposedly there's now trophy levels but I only see the total.
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