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  1. Nothing to do with broadcasters, football has always been like this since before TVs, and also the same broadcasters are fine with rugby and NFL stopping the clock.
  2. Yeah it's artificial nonsense. They've been doing it for years, and it's still bollocks now. Did they have the RC car that carries the ball in this tournament?
  3. Fuck me that was . To be fair, England are always poor in at least one game in the groups.
  4. This is what I said the very moment it was known that The FA had folded (on Monday).
  5. Total shades of 1990. Let's hope though that they don't do the same as they did in 1990 and somehow sneak out of the group and stink the knockouts on the way to the final.
  6. How did you get to the Ultra HD stream on BBC iPlayer? I remember there was one for Euro 2020 but (admittedly I didn't exactly go looking for it) I didn't see one when I launched it on the web.
  7. Might as well be, haven't seen England's 5th goal yet EDIT: NOW I do
  8. Not 2 mins delay, usually 30 seconds max in my experience.
  9. Is anyone else's BBC iPlayer stream 2 fucking mins behind the live action? Two whole minutes?!
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