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  1. You might have thought that due to covid-19 Fantasy Premier League had been jettisoned... well you're wrong! There's still games to play! See new rules here and here.
  2. Ah yeah I saw this during the week. I think there's a picture of his actual drawing somewhere - the design on the shirt looks almost identical.
  3. I'm not a fan of changing the rules mid-season. If we're having to do that just to play the rest of the games, the rest of the season might as well be cancelled, because for me it won't be the same season with rule changes mid-way. To address the concern of cancelling the Premier League season, for me it would be the most hilarious thing ever (Liverpool being denied after pretty much running away with it in a manner that beats even Man U in their heyday)... BUT it would also be one of the most tragic thing ever to happen in recent English football history (apart from Heysel and Hillsborough, obviously) because denying Liverpool the title would be a total pisstake to be fair. I wouldn't support handing it over to them now though, for me they'd always have an asterisk to that title if that happened.
  4. Another Spurs alt kit for next season:
  5. So... although IGN describe it as a "reboot" it isn't really a reboot, it's a continuation. I really wish the media would stop throwing terms around when they don't know when to use it. And yeah this looks dodge.
  6. Looks like Sky are now offering Disney+ as part of your bill.... unfortunately it's not a part of any package, it's a separate £5.99 a month charge, similar to how they sell Spotify.
  7. Credits - I prefer it like Netflix - credits are interrupted by the next one in the series unless you press a button. This is a bit weird, it plays the entire credits before bringing up the static screen with the next episode highlighted.
  8. Forget that it bombed upon original cinema release, The Rocketeer is classic and a brilliant film.
  9. Great. Athletico can give us Trippier back. And Mourinho can GTFO and Poch can come back
  10. App is fine on Samsung TV. Menus slightly choppy on my Sky Q 1TB box.
  11. Oh yeah, there's also lots of European matches on UEFA.tv. LOTS of classic matches.
  12. That Spurs kit I mentioned in the first post? Here's a more real leak of it. It's still pants.
  13. Try FIFA's iconic World Cup matches - they have entire matches on there. One match from every World Cup from 1982. As an aside, tell me when you watch 2010 - Uruguay v Ghana - what did you think? You'll know what I'm on about when you've watched it - you have to watch every single minute of it to know why football can sometimes be the most glorious and shittiest spectacle at the same time. England's YouTube channel has a playlist of full matches... well only one though, and that's actually a scheduled broadcast (tonight at 2000) of England v Italy from Le Tounoi de France. Slightly on the dodgy side, this site has a list of recent-ish iconic games, from Champions League to World Cup to women's World Cup, La Liga, Premier League.
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