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  1. I loved Hot Pursuit (the last one). Rivals was brilliant though - a mix of Hot Pursuit and Wanted (Wanted was good but not as good as Hot Pursuit). Nothing has touched Rivals since though. Payback was supposed to be it but it got slammed by the reviewers so I left it.
  2. Trailer out. It's a..... night time street racer. Regular as clockwork - daytime racer, then night time street racer. So this one is an AVOID for me.
  3. Channel 5 still. I didn't watch all of season 5 and the box went and deleted the episodes to make space. Been waiting for the repeats but only season 4 so far, and of course season 6.
  4. While we're posting parodies of "that moment"...
  5. That Celtic kit, the sponsors logo is screaming "dafuq"?
  6. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    Didn't watch the match but judging by all the reports, we look good, sounds all good for the coming season. And that (away) strip looks amazing.
  7. Seeing as it was Paddy Power involved, we should have known from the start.
  8. Spurs kit out today. I won't bother posting again - the white and blue/purple leaks I posted earlier in the thread were 100% accurate.
  9. HAHAHAHA o dear - who signed that off?!
  10. Unless Watford launch their new kit tomorrow, Spurs will be out of the race, as it'll be this Thursday when it's out (the new purple training kit is already out, suggesting an imminent kit launch).
  11. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    Last time I went it was definitely easier to walk to and from Seven Sisters - it's a half an hour walk but easier than trying to faff around getting the odd slow metro train from Liverpool Street. Granted this was before the recent upgrades across the board (Overground franchise, new stadium) but I can't see it being any better now especially as 1. there'll be twice as many fans now and 2. the station is still the same tiny one.
  12. Here's another shot: For me it reminds me of the 86/87 away (I think that was the season). But yeah I like the (purported) home shirt too.
  13. Spurs away - probably this one
  14. Reid is on Top Gear Extra (again), yes.
  15. Yep: Yeah when they were announced I did wonder if they actually know about cars. Watching this, the lad banter and rapport does seem to be back (which the previous three series were lacking) but on the other hand, you're right - Flintoff and McGuinness haven't really reviewed any cars, not with the detail that Clarkson, May and Hammond have done (Rory Reid has done more, hell even Matt Leblanc reviewed cars!). It's early days though.
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