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  1. But don't just pile loads of other retro stuff in front of it in boxes, then loose stuff on those boxes and falling of the sides. I'm sure when I get around to acquiring Turf Masters and Metal Slug I'll tidy.... won't I?
  2. and I promised UK Retro I'd do another competition in partnership with them - last October
  3. You know, I seem to say it so many times but I do need to update that site! I've a new computer and scanner now so I can't even blame 'technical' difficulties anymore. Yes, I'll have to at least add the latest missing code numbers people submit - I'm sorry to say there is a big pile 'waiting' ... and I need to finish my "Captive" world screenshot too, just a few more hours of gameplay and tessellating screencaptures
  4. If it did come in a £10K then that's a very good price. They usually cost a lot more (but hey you twice that back when you sell!)
  5. I've always fancied getting a copy, I was wondering though why it cost about 4 times as much in the UK (talking ebay here btw!) as it does in the US - I guess it's just more popular in this country?
  6. Well it's good training if you want to be a professional Bigtrak operator!
  7. Sorry, it's got to be said but everytime I first see this thread I read it as "Saturn Porno's". Only for a second, but everytime without fail
  8. Bah, we could only dream about a real turtle - we just had to program the cursor to go around the screen Probably because our school came under Staffs LEA and they had a deal with Research Mchines so we had to use these RML 480z's - games too were practically none existant. Didn't even have Granny's garden like we did in primary school...
  9. Unfortunately I got it before the negative replies - bah DVD indeed Still as you've said the cards look good so at least it's let me know I need to get it next month!
  10. As see as usual no one has any idea on mine - honestly it did exist!!! Well, one day....
  11. Well to be honest that was what I thought and what I was after. I was just wondering if it's worth a watch? Anyone know what games are covered?
  12. I was standing in line in the Co-op yesterday when I spied Nintendo magazine on the shelf with a "NES" DVD stuck on the cover. Didn't go over to look as I didn't want to lose my place but then forgot after being served Is it any good and worth me going back for?
  13. Well, maybe a very minor and unimportant to most element of our culture, but yes I do think emulation has helped preseve - and more so bring it to a new generation.
  14. Yes I think about the cassette issue, I'm often suprised how well they've held up when I load an old C64 game I remember buying back in 85.
  15. Thanks but no it's not that one. In fact I was going to say it's not that game but I couldn't remember its title either! If only it was a shoot em up game - I'd have no problem finding someone who recognises it!
  16. Can I add the melee with my 'lost game'? Now I've asked on quite a few forums in the past about this but no-one has ever come up with the name which suprised me as it must have been a not too uncommon arcade game. I saw the game in my local chip shop in 1985 I think, in fact it was the game they had in before Bomb Jack if that helps?! The game itself was basically going along a platform(s) on a bike and the platforms had a sort of roller coaster look with occasional loop the loops and were coloured brown and on poles, I think also with a sky blue background. You were pursued by several 'baddies' but the only one I can recall was a police car. Thing is I never actually played the game, being 11 I thought it just looked 'rock' and was scared the bigger boys would laugh at my crapness. Why didn't I just dare have a go, I need to just see what it was like!!!
  17. Sorry didn't realise! I'll make sure all my future orders to either shop go via the click through though. Apologies
  18. I'd seen them in the magazines but I didn't know if I'd get one. Well, a passing visit to Lik Sang and there they were just next to that add to cart button - too tempting! I sort of feel a bit guilty spending the money, but well it was only a matter of time before I got an SP and what better one could I have!!! Interestingly I didn't know but there's a range of themed carts too so of course Mario and Zelda went on the order as well*. Can't wait.... *along with that Mario Bit Charg I noticed at the last minute!
  19. Out of interest do many of you ever get to do full four player link ups with the SP? My problem is that I'm 29 and only have one friend that has an SP (or in fact any interest in anything other that current generation stuff!) Still, good enough for advance wars!!!
  20. Yes the some of the no-brand ones had both connectors at each end. A related question, I guess the GBP can't be linked to an SP via the new cable?! (I know the GBP cable wouldn't link two SP's despite having the same connector, guess it needs that 'magic' bit in the middle!)
  21. Not tempted by a plain old NES? I'm always suprised that's never had more popularity as a collectors console
  22. Likewise! Although the AES just for the money
  23. No I've never done it! but level 99 can be done, it's one of those one shot jump deals where you have to get it just right. I realised it could be done on one of the last of my nth credits/lives. The problem is I forget every time and use up all my lives in the same way - I should draw a map or something!!
  24. Never any shortage of yellow "D" though! The large slice of wedding cake tasted the nicest if I recall
  25. Although I'm pretty busy at work it's always worth visiting here from time to time to get 'reminders' like this thread. Just gone to their website and subscribed on the six issue offer (I hope they don't go bust )
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