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  1. But don't just pile loads of other retro stuff in front of it in boxes, then loose stuff on those boxes and falling of the sides. I'm sure when I get around to acquiring Turf Masters and Metal Slug I'll tidy.... won't I?
  2. and I promised UK Retro I'd do another competition in partnership with them - last October
  3. You know, I seem to say it so many times but I do need to update that site! I've a new computer and scanner now so I can't even blame 'technical' difficulties anymore. Yes, I'll have to at least add the latest missing code numbers people submit - I'm sorry to say there is a big pile 'waiting' ... and I need to finish my "Captive" world screenshot too, just a few more hours of gameplay and tessellating screencaptures
  4. If it did come in a £10K then that's a very good price. They usually cost a lot more (but hey you twice that back when you sell!)
  5. I've always fancied getting a copy, I was wondering though why it cost about 4 times as much in the UK (talking ebay here btw!) as it does in the US - I guess it's just more popular in this country?
  6. Well it's good training if you want to be a professional Bigtrak operator!
  7. Sorry, it's got to be said but everytime I first see this thread I read it as "Saturn Porno's". Only for a second, but everytime without fail
  8. Bah, we could only dream about a real turtle - we just had to program the cursor to go around the screen Probably because our school came under Staffs LEA and they had a deal with Research Mchines so we had to use these RML 480z's - games too were practically none existant. Didn't even have Granny's garden like we did in primary school...
  9. Unfortunately I got it before the negative replies - bah DVD indeed Still as you've said the cards look good so at least it's let me know I need to get it next month!
  10. As see as usual no one has any idea on mine - honestly it did exist!!! Well, one day....
  11. Well to be honest that was what I thought and what I was after. I was just wondering if it's worth a watch? Anyone know what games are covered?
  12. I was standing in line in the Co-op yesterday when I spied Nintendo magazine on the shelf with a "NES" DVD stuck on the cover. Didn't go over to look as I didn't want to lose my place but then forgot after being served Is it any good and worth me going back for?
  13. Well, maybe a very minor and unimportant to most element of our culture, but yes I do think emulation has helped preseve - and more so bring it to a new generation.
  14. Yes I think about the cassette issue, I'm often suprised how well they've held up when I load an old C64 game I remember buying back in 85.
  15. Thanks but no it's not that one. In fact I was going to say it's not that game but I couldn't remember its title either! If only it was a shoot em up game - I'd have no problem finding someone who recognises it!
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