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  1. My PSVR kit arrived yesterday. Now, admittedly, the GT Sport VR mode is pretty limited - Time Trails or a 2/3 lap race against one pretty slow AI car, but oh my GOD what an experience. The compression as you get to the bottom of Paddock Hill at Brands even though you know you're not actually feeling it, and the similar but opposite effect as you approach the 2nd hairpin at Lago Maggiore are something else. And the scenery off to the side at Nurburgring! It's astounding! Edit - one of the best bits was sticking the headset on my wife (very rarely a gamer, and never a racer) whilst I kept hold of the controller and did a couple of laps of Goodwood. There were actual squeals! /gush PS @Junker I think you're missing @Darwock from your list too (I only know cos he's a few seconds quicker than me round the 'ring and was my target )
  2. Can't help but think this was a good week to finally lay hands on a PSVR kit
  3. Sorry I had to drop out last night guys - real life and all that. I can offer a word of caution about being dragged out on family taxi service directly after a GT race....! The 911s were amazing fun (although apologies to @Beezer for cutting across you at least twice as I struggled to get the thing to turn). They're a great equalizer and it's cool to be in such close proximity to other players for the whole race. Particularly enjoyed the synchro drifting with @McSpeed during qualy! The shot of the LMPs around Catalunya looks amazing - I believe the cool kids say "well jell"
  4. You didn’t fancy a late Sunday spoiler on this one this week then?
  5. Couple of shots from Monday of cars in close proximity yet somehow not barging each other off the track
  6. Argh. Had my first ever rage-quit moment in the daily races last night. Got punted off the track in Race B twice in consecutive races whilst battling for 3rd place by idiots just not braking for the chicane at the bottom of the hill. Cherry on the top, both times, was getting an extra 5s penalty for having hit the barrier. Yeah, well it's hard not to when you're barrelled into with a closing speed of about 100mph... Idiots. Even more galling was the fact that the first guy was actually *complemented* on his clean driving by other players after the race. You what? Ho hum... even more appreciative of Monday nights
  7. Oh! I'm mixing my races up! Who was in the Merc then? Oh I'm very confused! Too many good races, evidently
  8. Another car / track combo that was new to me. This is no bad thing, but it did mean I was something of a mobile chicane, so sorry about that. @McSpeed when you talked about noone wanting to go / taking the clear air, I was just trying to let you guys past without causing too much trouble. Getting a tow was faaaar down my list of priorities Excellent racing at Lago Maggiore with @GwiDan. That Merc seemed so quick in a straight line that although I could take the twisties in sector 1 nice and quickly, the straights down to the hairpins were nearly always just too long. Good stuff. And a big thumbs up for the MX5 - another great race.
  9. (And knowing what bloomin’ car we’re supposed to be in )
  10. @Junker I believe there's a special place in hell for people who swan in on Sunday nights and knock a full second off the current leader's lap time I gritted my teeth and plugged away at Race B till I broke into the 1:17s, and called it a day. Really enjoyed that track / car combo - lots of good racing against the randoms too. @grindmouse you get a free car every time you get gold on every challenge on a circuit in Circuit Experience mode, as well as another one every day as long as you drive more than 26.2 miles. I've only bought 18 out of the 129 cars in my garage. As luck would have it I bought the Merc F1 car for a million credits and then promptly got one gifted to me as a daily prize...
  11. Wow. That’s a lot of stats! Why don’t they show it in game? Certainly proves the point about one bad race making a big dent in your SR rating and taking an age to recover from.
  12. I had fun, regardless of the rally debacle, although I was quite impressed we all managed to be on roughly the same bit of track for the majority of the race (not to mention facing roughly the right direction) Not sure what was happening at Goodwood - was there some kind of black hole off the side of the fast chicane that kept dragging you off, @McSpeed? I had to go and buy another M3 for the first race as it seems I've tuned the one I already had and couldn't figure out how to make it legal quickly. I really liked the idea of doing a race on a familiar track - one that was in the previous week's daily races - in a different class. This week's desert track (race b) in minis or something would be fun... Oh and a final note - the motor of the FFB wheel I could hear in the background sounds a lot my dog's bark if she happened to be shut in a cupboard somewhere. She was on the sofa next to me though, but I did have to keep checking!
  13. What's your internet connection like? It's only £16 in the store @Beezer Wow - that was pretty close! 0.249s between us in Race A, and 6 thousandths in Race B - cool!
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