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  1. First session last night. Quickly swapped from the NSX widow-maker to one of the Nissan GTRs that everyone else seems to be using. If I could nail the first chicane and the last one in the same lap I'd be streets ahead. Except that's never gonna happen
  2. Thanks for hosting @Varnsen - good racing once I’d got my eye in enough to keep up!
  3. You can go off people, you know! On the plus side, I got my first win for ages last night, mainly because the 3 people in front of me had a shocking time and threw themselves into the gravel. A win’s a win though!
  4. I think not. I think my feelings about the Alfa are roughly on a par with yours about the Audi. It tries to kill me at every corner, and on some of the straights too.
  5. *cough Now, if you could all just stop now, that’d be great. Cos I’m not going to get anything more out of that Megane
  6. Gr4 on Brands with randoms is not relaxing... I had my SR rating bumped down from 99 to 89 in 2 races, after being literally rammed off the road on the way up to Druids, and then spun round at Surtees. B'stards.... (Decent enough fun once you've build your SR back up and start racing with sensible people again though :))
  7. It's the only GR2 car I own. I'm fairly sure the race we had in them a few weeks ago was the first time I'd driven it. It does seem a little bit, erm, excitable. Anyone else having a particularly poor patch when it comes to the daily gift cars? It's like I can say with certainty which car I'm going to get as soon as the silhouettes come up - it'll be the bog standard saloon or hatch, and definitely not one of the fantastic, bespoilered, Gr1 / GrX cars. Is it just me?
  8. Can’t help but feel everyone was concentrating on Race B last week Thanks for doing the collating, @Junker.
  9. I like it. I think it felt particularly good when you managed to link up the tight corners at Sardegna as it just seems to grip forever (if you get the entry speed right). Anyway - looks like the slightly underwhelming Huracán is where it's at this week...
  10. I’ve shared replays from Monza and Le Mans - enjoy @Junker I rather like that Audi
  11. I've got the Monza replay. It shows me monumentally screwing up the start from pole. and then cutting across Hask_NL as he tried to follow @PeteBrant through at the 1st chicane... I'll carefully avoid those bits and post it somewhere The C9 was amazing. I could almost hear the jaws theme as you hunted me down
  12. Excellent racing tonight chaps - thanks I must admit I was a bit dubious about Le Mans after setting a qualifying time half a minute off the pace, but the race was excellent. @Batmobile, that Sauber is a thing of wonder
  13. I think that’s what I meant too. I think I also played with the gear ratios a bit to stop it topping out on the main straight, but found that it was a bit of a compromise - if you’re geared so that you just run out of gear at the end of the straight then you lose too much in acceleration on the rest of the lap. However you tweak it, it’s a bit of a handful, that car. Downright scary in VR
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