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  1. “Tell him I would if I didn’t have to fuel save to get round the damn lap!”
  2. Lots of fun last night, thanks everyone. That tiny oval is just stupid, with the pit in being essentially the same bit of track as the pit out... but lots of fun nonetheless. I realised I could keep a pace with Noble on Engine mode 6 at about half distance, but he was already a couple of laps clear by that point - bah. I think that was my second ever Monday night win in the second lobby. And yes, the other win was also at Dragon Trail. Last night was gifted to me by a rare mistake from Mr Noble, along with the 911 not needing to stop for fuel and the slipstream settings meaning tha
  3. Yep, excellent fun. So many close races tonight. Loved the Gr1s at Dragon Trail. Still red-faced from that last corner lunge at Interlagos, @Junker - sorry about that. In my defence it was less of a lunge and more of a missed braking point and desperate swing to the left to avoid rear ending you, but the result was the same - sorry! (The game still gave me a clean race bonus though! )
  4. EDIT: wow, that was an obnoxiously large screenshot! Hopefully it's a bit smaller now
  5. Thanks for the races last night peeps. Shame your nephew dropped out after 5 minutes, @marsh, but glad he could come back for the Laguna Seca race Must admit I felt like a bit of a god out-Nobling Noble before I twigged I must be down on power... I guess I was on the equivalent of Fuel Mode 5 for the whole race... doh! Happy to stay on the lead lap to be honest Couldn't believe how much the R8 felt like it was just broken after the brief karting session - it just wouldn't go round the corners! Haven't checked the replay but I think I may have tagged @GwiDan at the
  6. Sorry - yeah, me too - sorry if my post came over as negative about it, wasn't my intention! Smiley added!
  7. Spa in the Gr.2s was excellent to drive, but appalling to race on. So many races ruined at La Source on lap one as even getting bumped from behind could get you a 3 second penalty. And if I got through that unscathed I nearly always got tagged at (looks it up, wouldn't want to get a Spa corner name wrong...!) Les Combes. So I switched to Race A and had some frankly amazing races. The GT86s are so recoverable they lend themselves to some really close racing, like "0.2s behind the same guy for 5 laps" close. For some reason getting an SR-down ping didn't have as bad an effect in
  8. There’s a somewhat out of date Google doc in the first post, or alternatively check @Junker’s posts of the Daily Race leaderboards, and send requests to those peeps - they’re nearly all forum folk. Edit: Welcome!
  9. Agreed - take one of the previous week’s daily races where you set a time and time trial it in the same car, same tyres and BoP on - that’ll give you a decent idea of where you are compared to your pad times. Don’t go back to the pad! (Doing last week’s dailies means you’re on a level playing field regarding any BoP changes that may have come along so you’re not trying to chase a time that’s now much harder or much easier, and the only difference is the wheel)
  10. Gutted I missed the racing last night - sounds like you had an excellent night again. My youngest was 5 and the little blighter wanted to do crazy stuff like eat pizza and cake, and play with his new toys (most of which had 4 wheels ) He normally gets rushed to bed on Monday nights but I thought that was a little harsh on his birthday! Did pop on for some dailies later though. Race C is excellent. Just wish they'd go a bit more "Joe" with the fuel and tyre multipliers.
  11. Just re-played the Prologue in PSVR and it’s pretty bloody amazing. Attacking the turbo lasers at the trading post whilst diving in and out of the trenches was about the most Star Wars thing I’ve ever done in a game. The trenches don’t need to be there so I can only assume they’re for you to do pretend Death Star runs in No more crashes back to the dashboard, and the default controls seem fine - just need a bit of getting used to I guess.
  12. It’s difficult to get them to sit quietly in the cockpit, I imagine
  13. Yep - you're absolutely right - no change at all in the ship's behaviour. I'm sure it'll all click when I get some more time with it
  14. Indeed - and I've only played for 20 minutes so I may get used to it, but in default mode (pitch and yaw on the right stick, throttle and roll on left stick) you can fly by pretty much just aiming where you want to go with the right stick. In "aviator" mode, with pitch and roll on the right stick, yaw and throttle on left) you have to combine pitching and rolling together to change direction - rolling on its own just spins you on the axis, which again seems right as there's no lift generated by the wings (and how would that work on a TIE anyway? ) Maybe the idea is that you're using all 3 ax
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