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  1. The current daily race at Interlagos is a joke. You can get rammed from behind at the first corner and cop a 1s penalty for ignoring track limits. You can even get nudged from behind through the esses and get a 3s penalty for apparently colliding with another vehicle. My SR hasn’t been so low since I first got the game. I’ve been specifically trying to just get clean races, and yet I’m still class B with a score of 64. Roll on the next track...
  2. fretnoise

    Google Stadia

    @denisb I preordered based on the idea that I could probably sell the Chromecast and controller if I didn’t get on with it probably for about half of the bundle cost, and I was interested in the tech. I don’t regret it, and I now get a quick blast on Destiny much more often than I do on the PS4. Howver... I do think the games are a bit too expensive. I can’t quite get my head around paying console prices for what I can basically already get on my PS4 (though I do like the idea of Grid). And although I’m impressed by how small it is, input lag is definitely there, and that may be a deal breaker for you. I’m hanging on in there to see what the next batch of monthly games brings (I’ve never played an Assassin’s Creed game, if you’re listening Google) and to see if anything comes of the cloud / scalable processing power concept.
  3. I'm fairly sure roughly 7 people on that list are going to go faster than me!
  4. fretnoise

    Google Stadia

    At least one developer had the impression it was some kind of cloud platform during the pre-release hype. I've been trying to find the interview for a while but it was a video with someone I can't remember the name of, which makes searching tricky, and reduces my point to "some bloke said..." However, "some bloke said" that Stadia 'freed' them from traditional console development limitations as you could just rope in extra processing power if you needed it. They made it sound like you'd just 'turn a knob', but I guess with it being individual instances you could still rope in extra instances for your world modelling or whatever. Edit - this isn't the thing I was thinking of, but here's a more recent (but still pre-launch) article where the author seems to believe the 'cloud' part, saying "In the datacentre, CPU and GPU capacity is as powerful as the developer needs it to be to run its game."
  5. Thanks all. A small but perfectly formed session I only remembered to save one replay - the Brands Hatch one - but I’ve shared it if anyone particularly wants to see the widest 911 ever hold @Beezer at bay for 7 laps
  6. fretnoise

    Google Stadia

    I got sucked in to one of the older ones on the PS4 - it's kinda fun for a bit as you drive all the big tractors and combines about, but it started to feel a little bit like work as you try to figure out what's going to give you the best return on investment ("should I buy all the gear you need for potato farming, or stick with wheat and barley? And what about forestry work?"). That being said, I spent a little while last night just hiking around the map looking at the scenery whilst my hired help did the actual farming... make of that what you will
  7. fretnoise

    Google Stadia

    If having a fake second job as a pretend farmer is your thing, and you've already claimed the standard edition of Farming Sim 19, you can now upgrade to the Platinum edition free included in the price: Tomb Raider feels really good, input lag wise, and looks pretty good too. Still not a massive fan of the game itself though
  8. fretnoise

    Google Stadia

    I agree it's not stellar, but it's not too bad, I thought. TR can be had for £8 on the Stadia store right now, and Farming Sim 19 is £30. That compares to £4 and £35 on PSN, and £2.50 and £17.59 on Steam. They need to be a bit careful otherwise they run the risk of all of their games being 'free with Pro' by the end of the Founders' trail period, and definitely within the year
  9. fretnoise

    Google Stadia

    The small lineup and lack of clarity about the monthly games (and therefore the fairly high risk that I’d end up paying for a game that would shortly be free) is basically why I’ve not bought any games yet. Happy to try out a Tomb Raider game for the first time in years though (that’s the one I would’ve bought had the impending free games not stopped me).
  10. @spanx if that’s the bit I think it is (rocket guy A little way away on a raised platform with normal stormtroopers and scouts closer to you) I did it by angling the camera so I could see the rocket guy’s red light as he was about to fire. That way I could concentrate on the closer guys until the red light showed, dodge away, and then carry on fighting. Then it’s just a case of dodging a rocket and sprinting to him to put your light sabre through his chest. Things like that do get easier (and more fun!) later on once you’ve got more force powers.
  11. fretnoise

    Google Stadia

    I think it's fair to say I'm much more confused by Destiny and its various DLCs, collections and editions than the rest of the Stadia offering combined. I mean, would it be too much to give me a bloody key to what all the symbols mean on the map?? At the last count I had 17 quests on the go. Argh!
  12. fretnoise

    Google Stadia

    "Free" as in "Included in the price", yeah I think the version of Destiny is more than the vanilla F2P version, too, in that it includes the Forsaken and Shadowkeep DLCs. These are showing as £12 and £18 respectively on the Playstation store, though I'm not sure if they're included in any bundles or anything... and I'm using the iOS app to check so that could all be lies too...
  13. fretnoise

    Google Stadia

    Samurai Shodown is free at the moment too. They've said (somewhere - I've lost track ) that Pro gets you access to an 'ever expanding' list of 'free' games.
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