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  1. A decent team would put the reserve driver in Max’s car for the next race - “We’ve explained our reasons, Max, don’t ask us again”.
  2. Pros and aliens- I wouldn't concern yourself too much with them That puts you pretty much on @Varnsen's 3% guess, which is where a few of us usually end up in the weekly TT events. (3% of the world's #1 time gets you a gold medal and 2 million credits - 5% is silver and 1 million) Daily Race C is a good fun at the moment. Gr3s at Dragon Trail Seaside (the right - original - way round), with mandatory Medium and Hard tyres. MNRC seems to be standing me in good stead as I can make the medium tyres last a lap longer than everyone else, and, with a tiny bit of Jon-esque fuel saving throughout you can do it without needing a top-up, which saves you around 5 seconds in the pits. It's good fun getting the reactions from people in the post race lobby when you magically overtake them in pits and hold them off for the win The latest exchange went something like: "How did you get past me in the pits?" "Fuel saving" "Doesn't that slow you down too much?" "Well... I won, so... no?"
  3. True. I probably shouldn’t be casually beating a gold time by 4 seconds after half an hour of pad peddling. I still can’t do S-10, however
  4. After Varnsen’s comments I had a go too, on a pad, TC off but with those braking markers on. I went about 4 seconds faster, so there’s definitely time to be had. The braking markers are a good starter for 10. You can brake deeper into the chicanes (hammer the down shift for extra engine braking - it’s not a real Ferrari, the engine won’t blow up ). I found braking slightly before the other markers was faster as it lets you get round the corner and back on the power earlier, especially coming out of Lesmo 2. As Shimmy says, aim for a gear higher than you used in your video in most of the corners, especially with TC off, for better traction and less time waiting for the gear change. Finally, I think you can run wider and with a bit more speed through parabolica. Just make sure you’re back on the circuit proper by the time the rumble strip runs out as getting disqualified there when you’re about a second up on your ghost is really annoying!
  5. Nice lap @Tomdominer. Much like Shimmy, I was all up for offering up my sage words of advice, then went to have a look and saw you're about 5s quicker than me and 2 seconds faster than anybody on my friends list (and one of them once beat Lewis Hamilton at a GT event, doncherknow ) The jury is out on TC - for raw pace over one lap I think it's probably faster to switch it off. Some people have it on for races for a bit of a safety net at the expense of control out of the corners. Very much driver / car / track dependent though. I didn't even know that kind of braking marker existed! I was so shocked to find my trusty cone markers didn't make it into GT7 I just turned them all off in a strop and learnt track-side markers instead (which is handy if you end up jumping between games too). Mandatory forum plug - add some of us (see the first post) and came and join in with the TT challenges (Gr3 at Nurburging GP at the moment). Not least because it would be good to give @mexos a bloody nose now and again
  6. It's not like formatting times without materially changing the value (by almost an entire second in your case) is important or anything. In a racing game. With online, world-wide leaderboards... Screw that, more Music Rally!!!
  7. I finally managed to squeeze into the gold time last night, by about 0.02s... so if those bloody aliens could stop going faster that'd be just great. Thanks for uploading your replay @mexos - I'm still miles off you but just seeing how much you were playing with the car compared to how I was driving gave me the extra half second last night. That and the fact I was braking 100m early for the chicane... As a bit of a palate cleanser, I had a go at daily B - Gr3s around Trial Mountain. Cars that can brake and go round corners - amazing! Drivers who barrel into you at the slow corners, race after race... not so amazing. However... there was absolutely no lag in these races. Really hope they can get that same experience into the lobbies. Monday was pretty good all told, but it's still night and day compared to the daily races. EDIT - Of course they've gone faster... top time is now 1:11.385 which makes the gold time 1:13.526. I'm 0.054s too slow... Leaderboards are online, here: https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/gt7/sportmode/event/4019/page/page/page/1 Mexos - you're on page 2:
  8. The co-driver’s still there in Professional mode - if your vehicle’s got a spare seat of course. It’s just the arcade style UI that disappears, so the icons at the top of the screen and all the flashing markers on the scenery. He’s still just as useless, and more so as those UI elements aren’t there to correct him.
  9. They really need to sort that distance thing out with this. I played through one of the 2020 rallies earlier (it had a sandstorm and lots of hard lefts / hard rights though canyons). More than once the co-driver calls “prepare for hard left” and you’ve sailed past it before he’s finished saying the line. That can’t be right, and I’m guessing it’s due to the stupid 1:5 distance thing. Other times the pace notes are just wrong - “keep left” as the canyon splits and you’re meant to take the right trail, for example. Bouncing over dunes and going slightly off track for a better line through the next turn (when the pace notes make sense) is pretty good though. Hope they can fix the weirdness.
  10. Finally back to winning ways in the dailies. Only my 3rd in GT7, but very happy to get the gentleman’s set
  11. Enjoying this one a lot more than the Suzuka one, even though the track limits at the chicane seem to change lap-by-lap - I think you just need some part of the one tyre on the rumble strip, but it seems very tempting / easy to cut the final curb too much. Gold at the moment, but since I reckon I could go about a second quicker with a tidy lap, I reckon the top time will get at least that much quicker.
  12. Judging by my navigational skills, pretty much like single player I’d say, in that you’re very unlikely to be lost in the exact same bit of the desert as me.
  13. Even in Fisher-Price Sport mode I had competitors heading at right angles and sometimes even towards me (when I was fairly sure I hadn't gone that wrong). It's great Just had a quick blast through the tutorial stage in Professional mode... and... yep, got completely and utterly lost. I missed the "dive off track and go across and then along the river" instruction and was about 5k down the track before I figured out what the co-driver was trying to tell me. The game took pity and just ended the run for me eventually. Second time around I saw my mistake and finished, and I can't help but think that (i.e. making it to the end with a car that still moves) is going to be the target for most of the game. Good fun. Have you tried it with a wheel yet? Can you see how to view friends' (or even your own) times on the leaderboards?
  14. I got this yesterday, and played through the tutorial and first couple of sport races. Pretty good fun, even on the pad. Particularly liked the stages by the sea as you dart in and out of rusting shipwrecks and, unfortunately for me, straight into some palm trees... Itching to give Pro a go. The main thing that made me crash last night was the massive green arrows on the ground - are they gone in Pro mode?
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