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  1. Wordle 213 5/6 First time drawing a blank on turn one, let alone turn one & turn two, so happy with the recovery
  2. Wordle 212 5/6 5 is my most common score, and my 20 streak continues (though I did get the US spelling one thanks to effectively the entire world shouting “Wordle has US spellings!”)
  3. Wordle 207 6/6 Lucky, but the streak just about survives
  4. Wordle 204 6/6 Tricky one. Guess 2 was mostly a waste.
  5. There are similarly named apps in the iOS and Play stores, but the one we're playing here is just on the website. The dev says he doesn't like apps that grab data and demand attention.
  6. Wordle 201 4/6 No yellows - that’s a first (for me). The game’s creator (Josh Wardle - geddit?) says he doesn’t understand why something can’t just be fun, so no ads or data mining. Or so he says…
  7. No vowels would probably do me. With a repeated letter for added confusion. SLYLY or SHYLY, perhaps.
  8. Didn’t think I was gonna get this one. Wordle 199 5/6
  9. This just about sums up my current proficiency at this: (Yes, that’s me tossing a bandage away instead of using it there at the end. Next level skills…)
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