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  1. The screenplays are up: https://johnaugust.com/library
  2. Hah. Nope, when your win count is as low as mine it’s easy to keep track of. No new wins for me but v-bucks were untouched, so just had my first couple of rounds of season 6. “Rusty” doesn’t quite cover it...
  3. Yay! 2.5 weeks later I can finally sign into my Epic account again. It seems what actually got my account locked was that whoever stole it was using it to run cheats - so it got banned for cheating, not because of suspicious activity. Epic support have unbanned me and sent me a password reset email. (And I’ve now enabled 2FA, @robdood ) I haven’t actually had a chance to sign in via the game yet, so God knows what state that’s in. I’d saved v-bucks to buy the season 6 battle pass, but how much do you wanna bet I’ve got a couple of stupid skins instead?
  4. Nothing quite kills your enthusiasm for a game like not being able to actually play it... 1 week on. Support have agreed that my account has been compromised. I've provided all the information I can to prove it's mine. It's been passed up the chain for "more investigations" and..... nothing. The Discord channel seems designed to discourage people from asking questions (and I get ignored there too - apart from the odd comment saying I should complain, but with no ideas as to who to...) Meh.
  5. Well, Epic support got back to me. They want to know the ins and outs of a duck's arse, but at least they've responded. It just took me an hour to collate all the information they asked for. It's a good job gmail got me into the habit of archiving and not deleting emails! Another waiting game now, I guess... Edit: they replied again. They agree my account’s been compromised, “evidenced by the multiple sign-ins from different locations.” More waiting now as my case is escalated for more investigation (whatever that means...)
  6. Ahh, yes, I think I read about your ban. I take it someone couldn't understand the effect of the 'e' at the end of 'nige'? So far I'm being ignored by email and on Discord. (It's just like being at home.) They're overrun with people whinging about the latest changes, asking for free vbucks, or whinging about people whinging. I'm fairly sure there's not enough money in the world to make me want to be a moderator in there...
  7. @bignige Who did you speak to on Discord? A particular channel? There's lots of noise in the #fortnite-general channel about people with similar problems to mine and the regulars are just pointing them to the ticket system... Also, did you get any kind of notification that you'd been banned? I haven't - I just can't log in. It's not like I've been told "You've done such-and-such so you're banned", I just suddenly can't sign in.
  8. Hmm... the chaps on the Discord seems to be directing everyone to the ticket system now, with passing comments like "there's been lots of hacking recently so they're rammed". Yay!
  9. Thanks. I’ve had a response from someone / something called “Lester” from the Player Support Team, so I’ll see how it goes. Wouldn’t mind quite so much had I not grinded out the last few tiers of Season 5 to get the Ragnorok skin just before the season ended. I didn’t even get the chance to use it.
  10. Well hurrumph. It looks a lot like my Epic account's been hacked (or whatever you call it nowadays - 'compromised'?). I can't log in via the PS4 - "Unable to sign in to your account for PlayStationTMNetwork. Please try again later." I can't log in via the website either - "Sorry, your account is inactive and may not login". Trying to reset my password leads to a password reset email in Italian, addressed to someone called Antonino ("Ciao Antonino!"), but then when I click the link and try to reset, I get the same message about my account being inactive. Great. Epic forum posts suggest that this can take ages to sort out. Waiting for a member of Epic's "Player Support Team" to get back to me. Have fun with Season 6 guys... The dog looks awesome
  11. fretnoise

    F1 2018

    Quite enjoying this so far. You’re right, @mexos, the driving model seems a bit detached compared to GT Sport, but I love F1 in general so get quite caught up in the spectacle of it all. Just finished my first career race with the AI set to something sensible (first try with it at default was like driving around mobile chicanes). Practice 1, 2 and 3 and Qualy were all bone dry, and then the race was damp. Unfortunately I didn’t realise the team hadn’t put inters on before the start, so had to pit at the end of lap 1 and spent the rest of the race recovering - McLaren would’ve been happy with their rookie getting back up into the points in that situation, I reckon. The MFD is confusing as hell though. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve stuck it in a wall whilst trying to turn the ERS down, and it took me about 5 flashbacks to figure out how to tell the idiots in the pit to “bloody well put some wet weather tyres on, you muppets”. You’d think they’d figure that out for themselves when it’s peeing down...
  12. Ooh really? Could’ve sworn I’d done it that way, but maybe I got the knock with a different weapon first. Clinger to the head is still a funny way of finishing someone off in my book
  13. Or if you want to be cheeky, any duo or squad mode, and then finish off downed bad guys with a sticky to the head. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t do the downing in the first place.
  14. I’ve had 2 on PS4 (using the pad ;)), but none since Season 3. Lots of 2nds, especially in my new favourite mode of solo vs squads. I sometimes go for days on end without a kill, let alone a decent placing...
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