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  1. Miner Willy


    I felt Federer had a reasonable chance to retain his title here, so this goes down as one that got away. How he never won that second set is beyond me. As well as Tsitsipas played most of the break/set points, there were several where Federer didn't take his chances. Hugely impressed with Tsitsipas. He's so exciting, and he's playing at a great level even with a couple of holes to plug in his game. A little gutted we won't see one more Federer-Nadal semi, though any match involving Tsitsipas will be great to watch.
  2. Miner Willy


    That first set of Federer-Tsitsipas was great. So nice to see attacking one-handers face off.
  3. Miner Willy


    Classic Nadal: De Minaur playing some amazing rallies and still getting crushed. Doesn't seem entirely fair to put his backhand on a court against Nadal's forehand.
  4. Miner Willy

    What books did you read in 2019?

    2. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine: Really enjoyed this. I thought it was exceptionally well written, with an interesting, thought-provoking central character. I thought the first half was especially strong. That'll teach me to be such a terrible snob. Currently reading Enlightenment Now and Little Fires Everywhere. Previously:
  5. Miner Willy


    Yep, no surprise at all, but still very sad. His press conference was hard to watch. Really hope he can play Wimbledon to say goodbye.
  6. Miner Willy

    The Wire

    I think you should probably manage expectations with the assumption that nothing else will ever be as good as The Wire.
  7. Miner Willy

    What books did you read in 2019?

    I've set a 30 book challenge. Finished the first one today: The Body Library by Jeff Noon. It was in one of the Guardian best of 2018 roundups and the description sounded right up my street. I loved the start and enjoyed it throughout, but it fell short of greatness for me, despite being brilliantly inventive and well written. On to Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine now, which I have little enthusiasm for based on the title, but everyone seems to say is great, so I'm giving it a go. Edit - 10% in: it's much better than I feared!
  8. Miner Willy

    Reading Challenge 2018

    I'm on 52, and only halfway through my current two, so that's where I'll end up. A slightly disappointing year for fiction - Blindness and Circe were the only five star reviews I gave out, though on reflection I really liked Song of Achilles, and perhaps should have given that 5 as well. I read buckets of great non-fiction this year: Factfulness, Dark Money, Fire and Fury, Born to Run and Touching the Void were all especially brilliant. Think I posted this previously, but next year I'm setting a modest target and am going to tackle some of the really long books on my shelf.
  9. Miner Willy

    James O'Brien - How to Be Right (£4 on Amazon!)

    Awesome, bought it again to give as a present. Now just need to work out who will be most/least offended.
  10. Added to my worryingly long list of epics to get through in 2019.
  11. That cropped up on a few of last year's 'best of' lists. I've bought it but not got round to starting yet.
  12. Miner Willy

    What are you reading at the moment?

    Just finished it - really good, thanks for the recommendation. As fascinating as all this is, there's literally no part of me that finds any of it even remotely tempting. I can just about cope with a UK winter. In many ways this felt a bit like Born to Run (which I completely loved), though on a very different topic.
  13. Probably the best fiction I've read this year. It's really good.
  14. Miner Willy

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    Or Jamie's zombie brain celeriac?
  15. Miner Willy

    Reading Challenge 2018

    I'm at 49; should hit 50 tomorrow. Almost certain to get to 52 now, which I'm bizarrely obsessed with.

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