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    Just on last night, it was amazing to see how good Federer was, even with hampered mobility and little tennis in three years. Volley technique is so apparent in doubles, and his is just on a different level to all of the other three (though Tiafoe showed some lovely touch). Also so nice to be reminded of just how beautiful his forehand is. It was so good to see him playing alongside Nadal: two of the best forehands we will ever see, but so different in technique, shape and style. If anyone wants some more Federer content, the recent episodes of The Tennis Podcast (the one by David Law) are really good. There's one which is just the entire Federer press conference from before Laver Cup, and then there's another which is an interview with Ivan Ljubicic, which I thought was excellent. I don't think he's said much publicly since joining Federer in 2016, so fascinating to hear his thoughts, given the obvious positive impact he had. He's also got a good sense of humour, it turns out. I loved Federer's comments on Rafa and Djokovic passing his slam tally in the press conference. Just really decent, sensible and down to earth. Finally, interesting to see Andy Murray up close last night. The extent of his limping around after the match was pretty shocking to see. I hope it's just that he'd tightened up after the match and the event format didn't permit a normal post-match routine.
  2. I've read and enjoyed almost all of @Stopharage's list, many because of recommendations on here. For me, The Men Who Stare at Goats is Ronson's best - the contrast between the horrific and surreally hilarious is just so good - especially the audiobook, read by himself. I think his delivery is perfect and increases the enjoyment significantly for me. Agree on Lewis - everything I've read by him is good. But I only read Moneyball last year and thought it was brilliant. Edit: added Islands of Abandonment to my wishlist. Sounds great.
  3. I'm clearly thick, as I'm not finding it easy. Some of the puzzles are definitely pretty obvious, but I've also got stuck several times already. And the (spoiler from part 1) had me completely flummoxed, even when I knew what I had to do. I'm taking it slow, so only just hit part 2, but yeah, it's great. So glad they made this.
  4. Miner Willy


    Yeah, that was quite something. Not a dry eye in the house at the end. My girlfriend - big Rafa fan - was blubbing. It was the shot of Rafa balling his eyes out that got me - says such a lot about both of them. Not sure what Ellie Goulding was adding to the proceedings, mind.
  5. Miner Willy


    I did try! Thanks. Should be great. Just hoping Federer can actually move around a bit!
  6. Miner Willy


    It's my birthday tomorrow and I knew my girlfriend was packaging the kids off for the night so we can go out for the evening. That's obviously a fairly rare treat these days, but I had been feeling a little conflicted as I also wanted to watch Federer's last match. So she just told me the present: months back she bought tickets for Laver Cup, and by some miraculous chance it's tomorrow's evening session, which includes the doubles with Federer and Nadal. It will be a pretty bittersweet occasion I expect, but I think it's a beautiful close to his career to play the final match with Rafa, and especially lovely that it's as teammates rather than opponents.
  7. I've only done an hour or so and haven't progressed far, but definitely very much enjoying it so far. Controls on Switch feel very natural, and they've definitely dropped right back into the Monkey Island feel in terms of dialogue.
  8. Finished my run through of SOMI and MI2 just in time. I'm ready. Happy Monkey Island bank holiday everyone.
  9. Dug out an old laptop and started playing Secret again last night in preparation. It's always been my favourite, even if MI2 improves on it in so many ways. I can remember pretty much all the puzzles but still enjoying being in this world again.
  10. I wanted to do the same, but the Special Editions aren't on iPad anymore and I tried the PSN streaming on my PS4 but it was barely playable. Even tried my work laptop but the IT team seem to be blocking Steam/GOG application download. I used to have a DS with them on - that was ideal. Gah, I want to replay them all to get into the Monkey Island mood!
  11. Miner Willy


    You can see elements of all of the big three, but I think Alcaraz is much closer to Federer than Nadal in playing style, with his variety, ambition to get to the net, touch, serve volley and sheer number of ways he wins points. The main concern with him is that, like Federer at a young age, he sometimes almost seems to have too many options. He seemed to do better yesterday when he narrowed down the scope of his gameplan.
  12. Release date bank holiday. Maybe she knew? Makes you think.
  13. Miner Willy


    Yeah, can't fault Ruud at all. I don't think he's in the same class as the some of the others, but he's an excellent player with a great attitude. I just think him winning would be a bit of an anticlimax as he's never a long term #1, and the scene is perfectly set for Alcaraz to do something really incredible. I do think Sinner should be viewed in almost the same category as Alcaraz: he may be less flashy, but at this stage I think he's got similar potential. He could so easily have won that match.
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