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  1. If it's more action then they've already solved the worst part of Shenmue. It also looks incredible for a PS2 game. Can anyone remind me why it is that we need the next gen already?
  2. That's not very clear. I mean: they say it's shipped once they have received it and then forwarded it to you, as opposed to when it's sent from the US?
  3. So are they likely to say it's shipped when they get it then?
  4. Yeah, but that shouldn't apply to handhelds for fairly obvious reasons.
  5. I think it's one of the games that takes advantage of the two screens more than the touch screen, though I'd imagine it'll be used for menus and stuff.
  6. Mario and Luigi is out in November! Oof, I had forgotten about that. Excited.
  7. Gacy was terrible, and the Kenny guy was just a waste of time. It's a million, million times better just having a couple of people presenting.
  8. Does it use the same songs as normal?
  9. Good. There's too much coming out already, I can't afford everything that I want before Christmas.
  10. Or Oddballz, that was brilliant. It was like dogs, but the animal were just things made from balls. You could do things to them that you obviously couldn't to a dog, like elecrocute them.
  11. I wish they would just do one that doesn't have any sort of real animal. A Tamagotchi game with the Nintendogs engine would be brilliant, whilst the actual Tamagotchi game just looks awful.
  12. They were totally incredible at Glastonbury. They had some technical problems, but it meant they did some of the songs twice and have a ladder match on stage. Amazing.
  13. NINTENDOGS UPDATE: Still not posted. I hope Movietyme aren't shit, is this the first time everyone has used them?
  14. Bald geeks who love extreme sports are. There's nothing more extreme than a straight man having unprotected sex with loads of gay men. J took it to the next level.
  15. It's a countdown to when J Allard's immune system finally gives in and he dies.
  16. Fight Club was about dragons, Rin. Didn't you see the bit after the credits? Tyler comes back as a dragon.
  17. You can't see the framerate in a screenshot on the back of a box. That's why.
  18. Tony Hawk's is a brilliant example. Trying to balance a manual and steer is almost impossible on one stick.
  19. Wrestlemania


    PSO DS would be absolutely perfect. It's probably the only online game that could get me more excited than Animal Crossing.
  20. In F-Zero you can tilt the ships in the air, but I dont like doing it because it stops me from concentrating on steering left and right. If I could tilt the controller to do it I could concentrate on both. WINNAR.
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