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  1. No Animal Crossing before Christmas? Oof.
  2. I didn't play the GameCube one. I've completed the original Metal Gear Solid about a thousand times, doesn't mean I don't want a remake on the DS. In fact I'd love one.
  3. I wish they had released a date of exit for it.
  4. The internet ruins everything, it's a fact of life. But they should fucking know that by now and know how to play it to their advantage. This is supposed to be a flagship title, if it really is good and not just a tarted up Xbox game they should be shouting from the roofs about it, not releasing a few unremarkable screenshots in May and letting some of the press play it behind closed doors.
  5. Oh, and SOMEONE fix the title of this thread. My god, he's had enough time to sort it out.
  6. The makers of Mario Pinball. I don't care if it's shit, I want the rumble pak that comes with it.
  7. It's getting panned everywhere and expectations for it are low. If it really is shaping up to be special then the least they could do is release some sort of trailer to turn the masses of negative hype around a bit.
  8. But that, to me, is more of an improvement than better graphics. Another Code was pretty neat in the way it used the touchscreen for puzzles, so just improving on that would be good. Inventory management would be less hassle, and using the touch screen for combat is a pretty big departure. If it turns out like Mario 64 and is just a port with some touch screen shit tacked on then I'll be as pissed as anyone, but from what I've seen it has far more potential to be an actual worthwhile port.
  9. It's more or less what I tried to say earlier, but better. It's such a simple idea but something that really opens up a lot of possibilities for improving current games and whole new ones being built around it. Personally I'll be disappointed if they don't go down this route. Another idea: a strategy game where you use the analog stick to move the cursor and the tilt to pan around the map.
  10. Hey, at least it's a remake they can actually improve on. The GC one only really added better graphics and hardly anyone complained about that.
  11. Maybe they are testing the waters to see if there's potential for a full set of remakes, in which case it makes sense to start with the first one. I hope that's not the case, but I really don't mind playing through this one for a second time, and I'd imagine this will be true for most DS owners.
  12. Resident Evil wasn't ported to the Dreamcast.
  13. There's no point in even comparing the two launches. The PS2 had the Playstation and Sony branding, and at the time the fact that it played DVDs out of the box was a massive draw because they were still a luxury back then. The 360 has nothing that can compete with that, so it does need a strong set of launch games to even been comparable.
  14. That's such a wasted opportunity if it turns out to be true. I'm hoping that you can just tap where you want to fire.
  15. When did Eugene turn into Spencer? Jesus, he looks exactly like him.
  16. Those backgrounds look prerendered to me. If not then colour me impressed. If they are prerendered, how are they doing those first person bits? Only allowing first person in certain sections? Hmm.
  17. It'll be like Another Code with zombies and shooting and blood. Anyone who played Another Code and completed it in about 4 hours will tell you this is a good thing. The only sad thing is that it's another remake, but then I've only completed the original once so I don't mind. Resident Evil 2 would have been better though.
  18. If they totally tailor the puzzles to the touch screen it'll be sweet. Another Code really came off as a poor man's Resident Evil because it lacked anything beyond the puzzles. If they do that and make the combat so that it'll use the stylus for firing like a light gun it'll be amazing.
  19. Sweet. I have a backup coming from eBay, but with no shipping status or any contact from the seller I'm either going to get a nice surprise or it's going to arrive in a month.
  20. Apparently the final level is all 300s. One 100 and you're fucked.
  21. The actual play mechanic is a lot better, but I miss Gitaroo Man's story and original songs. Overall though I'd say it's definitely the better game.
  22. Metroid Pinball comes with a rumble cart thing as well. I might get it just for that.
  23. Wrestlemania


    You've never played a handheld in public? You realise that pretending to be too cool to do that makes you a bigger nerd than just doing it, right?
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