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  1. In the book they blow it up so that it would destroy a museum. Something like that anyway, something about destroying history and starting fresh. Then Jack actually dies and talks to god.
  2. NOBODY LOOK AT THE IMDB 24 PAGE EVER AGAIN, AND IF YOU DO - DON'T MENTION IT. FFS, they ruined Tony and Palmer coming back in the last series, now I know who's going to be in the next series. FUCKING HELL.
  3. Panic over - the website is shit. It doesn't even have the first person screenshots.
  4. Shit, we need to figure out what it says. Can anyone read Chinese?
  5. I've only seen two or three episodes, but I think the whole series can be justified for his incredible gay, cross-eyed genie alone.
  6. Jesus, yeah. The makeup was really odd, it just looked like his skin was loose. It's still brilliant though.
  7. I didn't see it tonight, but I remember reading an interview with Gervais a while ago where he was asked what he wanted to do next, and something he mentioned was a spoof series where he played himself during the making of The Office. Sounds like he's using that idea.
  8. Oh yeah. Well, what he said basically. CYE is annoyingly unappreciated in this country, so it's at least comforting to see that Gervais has seen it.
  9. It's just the feel of the series. Neither shy away from making jokes from touchy subjects, the celebrity cameos, there's been a few things I've just noticed as I've watched it that have felt very similar. CYE has definitely been an influence on it, but that's a good thing.
  10. It didn't sell well, yes, but Edge readers are exactly the people who it probably did sell to. Yeah. Or maybe they assume that if they haven't played it, they've at least read their previous coverage of a game. I'm sure those two factors more or less cover them from having to go into great details about exactly how you play the game, not that it's really that important. If I want a review that tells me what the control settings are I'll read IGN.
  11. I was thinking about this earlier, and I realised that Extras is a lot like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but not nearly as good. Has anyone made that comparison yet?
  12. You haven't thought this through, have you?
  13. I agree with this. For me, the sign of a good review is rephrasing the entire instruction manual, which always gives a great indication of how good or bad the game is.
  14. Or maybe he did write something relevant, but it was so difficult to interpret that they had to rewrite it entirely, resulting in hilarious stories about going to Russia with no relation to games whatsoever.
  15. Eating delicious foods and drinking nice alchols with a good friend. What do you want more to your life? I want much more. That's my problem.
  16. Jesus, it's gotten better! It's like Nagoshi multiplied by alcohol.
  17. http://okatuku.ciao.jp/diary_e/bn/bn2005_08.html
  18. How could you not love that? I miss Nagoshi, that Japanese developers blog that was floating around a few weeks ago just wasn't the same.
  19. So telling you to fuck off would have been more civil that how he actually was when he met you? What did he do, rape your grandfather?
  20. Nagoshi and the guy who loved Final Fantasy XI were brilliant, much funnier than Crashlander ever is. See you!
  21. I had to leave the room when my flatmate watched it because it was so bad I felt sick.
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