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  1. The truth of the matter is that whilst Nintendo have dominated the overseas markets, they've done precisely shit-all to encourage anybody to buy one over here.

    "Yeah, we're releasing all our games in a 2-3 month period near Christmas for this year. Aren't we clever?"

    If anything, I hope Sony trounce Nintendo in Europe just to give them a fucking clue.

    They're sponsoring every single new comedy show on Channel 4, so they can't be accused of not advertising this time. To be fair, the only games over the summer they've dropped the ball with are Kirby and Meteos, other than that it's been the same as in the US, it's just the summer drought.

  2. Not Johnny Chav. Johhny Chav thinks the PSP will be the best thing since sliced bread. I cant remeber how many times Ive had someone say " That DS is shit compared the the PSP innit?". Well, words to that effect anyway. Im praying to god common sense prevail and people realise we can have a beautiful coexistance between the handhelds, but past experience tells me that isnt gonna happen. Factions will form and I'll still have to tell people I play my DS more than my PSP to incredulous looks.

    But won't it be exactly the same in the US? "Dude, I can play Madden in 10x graphics in widescreen!". I don't see why there's would be a huge difference in how they sell, isn't the marketshare for competing consoles usually the same in Europe and the US?


  3. Well, my Advance Wars from VG+ arrived today so I'm assuming that all your Nintendogs from VG+ will arrive too. Movietyme is, unacceptably, yet to ship Nintendogs for me. I won't be using them again.

    Didn't the Nintendogs from VG+ ship on Tuesday? The might not arrive today.

  4. I've actually complained to them about it before. They always do it and it's always shit. Ok, so you can just not look at it, but there's been a few occasion where I've recognised someone in an episode and just want to find out who it is. I shouldn't have to run the risk of ruining a surprise entrance/death in the process you MOVIE DATABASE WHORING RETARDS.

  5. True i guess. But knowing who is going to be in the first episode - a completly new character - is hardly ruining anything.

    But yeah i wouldnt want secrets being let out. I bet if you looked for tony and palmer, it would say now whether or not they are in it.

    Yeah, but it also reveals a fairly surprising returning character. Several in fact.

  6. .::: Alpha 3 is coming to the PSP!?  :unsure:

    Exactly. I don't really get why people complain about ports to handhelds. It's giving you an opportunity to play a game in a different way. If you don't want to, you don't have to buy it.

    Fair enough if the consoles entire catalogue consists of ports and remakes, but even the GBA had it's fair share of original games as well as SNES ports.

  7. Usually a week. But then something horrible would happen to the American schedules and there'd be a month's wait or something.

    The new season starts on September 21st though. And as far as I know is planned to be weekly from then until the end. Wouldn't surprise me if a 3rd, 4th and 5th season were bought up at some point.

    You must have quoted that about a dozen times now. Good work.

  8. No, in the book the bombs don't go off, and Jack's committed to a mental hospital. The meeting God bit sounds either like another Pahlaniuk book, or a lovely dream you had.

    The meeting God bit is in his imagination, but it's definitely in the book.

  9. I'm not saying I'm right, just that it's been a long time. I think I might have missed the last chapter because it was too awful to keep going, or something.

    Still, that's further than I got with Survivor. I stopped reading that after about five pages.

    I'm right about blowing up the museum though, right? That's the point I was making anyway, that their plan isn't actually as simple as just blowing up a credit card building, and they're too stupid to do it anyway because the bombs are duds.

  10. That's exactly how it ends, actually. You are wrong.

    I totally can't remember that. I just remember it ending with him meeting god, then saying something like "You can't teach God anything". The mental institution thing sounds a bit like the bit where he's arrested in the film.

  11. Really? I don't remember that from the book's ending. I thought Jack was caught and stuck in a mental hospital, only to find Project Mayhem people have infiltrated that as well.

    It's been about 6 years since I read the book, but that's definitely not how it ends. It sounds vaguely familiar though, it probably happens at some point in it.

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