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  1. Normal is pretty easy, and if you struggle with that you can play on easy which you'd only fail if you have Parkinsons, so you're guaranteed to be able to see all the levels.
  2. Normal is fine, a reasonable challenge and the final level is hard, but not too hard. Hard, on the whole, is fine, pretty much the perfect difficulty to play at. Apart from the last level, which is making me want to die.
  3. Ouendan uses the screen exclusively. Did you think that Gitaroo Man was gimmicky?
  4. I put a dent in a wall earlier trying to do the final song on hard earlier. Then I got so angry I tore the screen protector off and threw my DS against the wall. JESUS CHRIST.
  5. Can someone call their dog 'Wrestlemania' to make up for mine not arriving?
  6. They're sponsoring every single new comedy show on Channel 4, so they can't be accused of not advertising this time. To be fair, the only games over the summer they've dropped the ball with are Kirby and Meteos, other than that it's been the same as in the US, it's just the summer drought.
  7. But won't it be exactly the same in the US? "Dude, I can play Madden in 10x graphics in widescreen!". I don't see why there's would be a huge difference in how they sell, isn't the marketshare for competing consoles usually the same in Europe and the US?
  8. Didn't the Nintendogs from VG+ ship on Tuesday? The might not arrive today.
  9. I was hoping it would arrive tomorrow, though I can't remember how long they usually take.
  10. I've actually complained to them about it before. They always do it and it's always shit. Ok, so you can just not look at it, but there's been a few occasion where I've recognised someone in an episode and just want to find out who it is. I shouldn't have to run the risk of ruining a surprise entrance/death in the process you MOVIE DATABASE WHORING RETARDS.
  11. Yeah, but it also reveals a fairly surprising returning character. Several in fact.
  12. The single player sounds like it's going to be a TimeSplitters type thing.
  13. Sugar is ok, but the second single is pretty dreadful. At least I think it's the new single, the video is them on a mountain that's actually a giant face.
  14. Exactly. I don't really get why people complain about ports to handhelds. It's giving you an opportunity to play a game in a different way. If you don't want to, you don't have to buy it. Fair enough if the consoles entire catalogue consists of ports and remakes, but even the GBA had it's fair share of original games as well as SNES ports.
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