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  1. playdizo

    Dirk Gently 2016

  2. playdizo

    Slow Machete - Gray Eyed Bird

    This song needs some exposure. If can get one other person to fall in love with it then my job is done. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoZ7T20XHEM
  3. playdizo

    GTA Online: Gay Tony is back!

    Well, boot the 200 inactive people? I want to play with some muckers
  4. playdizo

    GTA Online: Gay Tony is back!

    I just realised there's a crew limit.I've created the rllmuk-z list crew for those of us who were too late. Or not as popular as probeater and stan. RLLMUK ZEE LIST RLLZ http://rsg.ms/1ccGnu9
  5. playdizo

    GTA Online: Gay Tony is back!

    Could someone add/accept me to the 360 group?
  6. I'm fucking watching u m8

  7. playdizo

    Battlefield 4

  8. playdizo

    Battlefield 4

    All of these changes would be bad. It's war; not cricket.
  9. playdizo

    The Hobbit Trilogy

    Maybe he's playing Legolas and his da?
  10. I think that was more her just remembering the words shes got to say rather than attempting to 'summon' him.
  11. Plenty of quotable bits from this.

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