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  1. My dad bought this fella for his Test of Honour game and asked me if I'd like to paint it. It's been useful practice for human faces. Still feel my transitions are a bit severe and the shadows too dark.
  2. Finished the latest edition to my BB team - a lumbering treeman. Was able to repurpose a spare skaven mini, too.
  3. Almost finished my team - just two wardancers to go! I'm playing dwarves in my opening league fixture on Sunday and fully expect to get a sound battering.
  4. Just two linemen which I was able to pick up for a few quid on eBay. As you say, some of the teams come without key positions which end up costing as much as the team again if you want to lay your hands on them. I did my research before buying these as I got burned when putting an orc team together.
  5. Thanks chap. The team was £32, but I went for the extra treeman which cost an additional £18, so £50 in total. Not sure I'll start with the big guy though, as punching the opposition isn't in the wood elf playbook!
  6. Picked up the wood elf Blood Bowl team in GW's last made to order. It's odd going back to painting miniatures from the mid-nineties - the design of the things has changed quite dramatically since then! I found a colour scheme online that I liked and then shifted a few bits so that they matched the colours of a goldfinch. Now for the rest of the line-up!
  7. Thanks all. I have a funny feeling that the competition is going to be a like/share effort on Facebook, which means that I'm unlikely to get any worthwhile feedback on what I've done. I want to be able to get constructive criticism on my painting - does anyone know of any regular competitions or websites where I'd be able to achieve this? Ultimately I paint because I find it a very pleasurable way to spend my free time and relax, but I want to be able to harness my competitive streak to move me on in my technique and ability! I went rooting around in the attic the other night and found a load of old miniatures from 1993/4 that I've not painted - Space Wolf squads, Terminators and Blood Angels characters. In amongst them was one of the first minis I'd painted when I was about 9 years-old. I think this is what they call progress...
  8. Just finished this in time for a painting competition deadline tomorrow. I've been enjoying chipping away at a few Blood Bowl teams since getting back into the hobby after a 17-year break, but wanted to test my abilities on a single miniature. Really pleased with how this turned out. Wish me luck!
  9. Star player for hire. The Skavenblight Scramblers have finally met their match.
  10. I made it to prerelease last weekend and went 2-1-1 with a grindy UB deck. Like you chaps, I'm enjoying the new set and look forward to drafting it with my play group in a fortnight. It's not tempted me back into Standard, though. Instead, I'm putting together a Bant Spirits deck for Modern. Why do I do this to myself and, more specifically, my wallet?
  11. Having finished my orcs, I've now started painting up my skaven. In the meantime, I've put together a wet palette and have bought some better brushes. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say it's completely transformed how I paint. Ensuring the paint remains a good consistency as opposed to watering it down every ten minutes has been a revelation. Also, chucking in my old GW brush for one that achieves a fine tip has really helped me control the paint - I would have found the transition that I've achieved on the gutter runner's legs difficult with my older stuff.
  12. Finally finished my goblin referee. It was good to concentrate on just the one miniature after painting a whole team over recent weeks and months!
  13. If I hadn't added to my line-up, the whole team would be painted. However, at least every position will have at least some colour in it come the start of our league on Wednesday!
  14. I managed to pick up a box of the new Dwarf Giants from a local toy shop today for £20. However, I just checked in on eBay and one auction was at several bids for over £80. Likewise, people are demanding £50 plus for the new dice and even more for the new pitch. It's been years since I played Warhammer, but what the bloody hell's going on?
  15. Aye, my brother is buying into a Jeskai control deck which was hit by the Gitaxian ban, but it's not crippled the deck like these Standard card bans have to their respective decks. I think we've all found the cost of the land to be the most prohibitive when buying into our decks - Scalding Tarns, Creeping Tar Pits and Arid Mesas aren't cheap. I play UB Fae. The recent unbanning of Ancestral Vision has given the deck some much-needed card draw. It feels like you're really taking the piss when you draw 3 cards to refill your hand, and then go to your draw step. Fatal Push fits quite neatly into the deck, too. I like that it occupies a place between aggro and control, and working out when to adopt each strategy is immensely rewarding when it goes to plan. I'm going to try and git gud ahead of August's Modern GP.
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