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  1. Last night I escaped for the first time. And it felt absolutely brilliant. I very nearly didn't buy this. I never got on with Supergiant's earlier games, often feeling like I was missing something. I'm also getting on a bit and my reactions, never particularly good, are pretty slow these days. I've always played games to immerse myself in other worlds rather than hitting high scores. But from the first minute, even though I found it incredibly challenging, often hitting bosses and thinking 'I'll never be able to do this', this game has completely grabbed me. It's defini
  2. So helpful. Thank you - and thanks for the excellent video guide too!
  3. One thing I'm finding slightly frustrating is not being able to see which weapons I've successfully beaten bosses with for trying to get rewards. Unless I'm missing something?
  4. This is just wonderful, isn't it? I've actually struggled in the past with Supergiant - I tend to admire their games rather than really love them. I'm also not a big rogue like fan. But this is working for me in similar ways to Dead Cells. There's a real sense of progression and the gameplay loop is a joy. Add the lovely character work in terms of design and voice and it's just a joy to play. Even though I'm rubbish at it.
  5. Yeah, I know - I really tried to get beyond it all but for me it's riddled with awful things.
  6. Pretty much anything that's in Days Gone. I picked this up cheap and persevered with it since it seems to have a lot of Rllmuk fans... but man it's practically a shopping list of turn offs. Huge journeys across a map to trigger a lengthy cut scene followed by journeys back in the opposite direction? Check. A primary means of transport that isn't fun but is essential to cover the huge map? Yep. Missions that require you to leave a place and then return pointlessly in order to trigger? Oh yes. And perhaps worst of all, a hefty storyline featuring awful character
  7. This is a bit much. There are multiple good reasons why someone might not value Gamepass in the same way you do. It’s not automatically disingenuous, ignorant or idiotic. I have Gamepass on my One X and I can absolutely see that, if your gaming habits are in tune with it, it’s wonderful value. But to be honest I don’t get as much value from it as I expected. I thought it’d lead me to play a wider variety of games but in fact I’ve found there’s a reason I don’t play things like Ace Combat. I don’t have the time and I’d rather spend it with things I love at the time I choose. That’s not an attac
  8. Sorry - wasn't being clear - that's exactly what I mean. They should have removed clutter from the map and done the backpacks with an aural hint.
  9. The backpacks in Spiderman felt like a really obvious candidate for ripping off the orbs in Crackdown. Amazed how rarely that's been copied.
  10. That is super helpful - will persevere!
  11. Hahaha. Yep - it's not quite the palate cleanser after that experience, that's for sure.
  12. I've been playing this for a few hours now and it's all a bit awkward and I'm not sure what I should be doing really. Very aware that lots of people have said it's worth sticking with, though, so wondering if anyone had any tips for first few hours. Should I be focusing on building trust with the two camps so I can buy better weapons? I've upgraded my bike as much as I can so far and that's helping a bit...
  13. I promise I’ll drop this now, but I just don’t understand what you mean. The fact that the characters don’t discuss violence or Druckmann says it’s not ‘about’ violence doesn’t mean the game isn’t fundamentally about it and fascinated by it.There’s a real argument to be made that this is the most graphically violent entertainment of all time. It’s obviously cool for your response to that to be “I think that all the effort and care they put into realising gruesome violence absolutely worked.” But to behave as if it’s odd that violence is a core theme of the game and the creative effort seems pe
  14. Absolutely - I'm not arguing at any point that it hasn't. Just pointing out that saying it's 'weird' to question the violence when it's the focus of so much resource and lavish detail is a bit strange. It's obviously a legitimate point of view - just as it is to have personally no issue with it. And quite a few of the people who bought it have found that the portrayal of violence in it left them uncomfortable or was interestingly dissonant with some of what feel like the aims of the game. Relating to the first point, sure, but it's a sliding scale, not a binary one. 'Real
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