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  1. I obviously understand what you're saying, but equally the Switch is selling in astonishing numbers and continues to be the home of some of the best and best-looking games out there. What you're saying isn't really a fact - it's an opinion that is contradicted in many ways by the audience reaction, developer support and the quality of the software being created.
  2. Failing to embed properly: Ouendan!
  3. Thanks for the warnings, everyone. I know these things are huge, rushed for launch and Covid has been a huge issue but god it’s depressing that something that has sold this many units remains so compromised so long after launch.
  4. Thinking of picking this up in the sale for PS5. Is it still buggy or have patches improved it?
  5. Ha! Thanks, @Jolly. I've enjoyed reading other people's comments so much that it made me want to add a bit of detail myself. It's always a pleasure when this thread comes round each year.
  6. Game of the Year A1. Hades - I should have hated this game. I’ve never clicked with Supergiant stuff before, I’m not keen on roguelikes and I’m not terrifically skilful. But it’s so well judged, so clever in its use of character, so clear in its visual design and just so fun to play that it towered over everything else. A2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons - The right game at the right time. I’ve always had a soft spot for Animal Crossing but never really fell in love with it til now. Part of that is being a parent and seeing the joy my kids get from it, part of it the pleasure of playi
  7. Played a few hours of this now on PS5 and I'm backing off til a proper next-gen update drops. It's a real curate's egg. The first impression is so odd - a kind of clash of impressive and retrograde. In its current console form it just feels a bit underwhelming to me. I think that's exaggerated by how bad it looks next to Miles Morales and Demons Souls. This feels like a game that needs to be played in its best state. It doesn't feel that fresh to me, in a way that Witcher 3 really did, partly because of overfamiliarity with the source material and variations on it over the years. I'm still loo
  8. I'm struggling a bit again now. My big issue is that I'm flat out terrible at dealing with bosses. So I've done 1-1, opened up all of 2-1 and 3-1 and making some decent progress through 4-1... But every time I go near a boss, even armed with a guide, I just seem to get hammered. With TK, for example, I just struggle to know how close to get so that I can read his moves but also hit him effectively. Having said all that, it remains such a magical game and the remake is wonderful, I think. It's so, so good at building an atmosphere of dread and mystery.
  9. @Kevvy Metal Thanks so much for that summary - I've been struggling with the settings on my C9 and that's clarified things so much!
  10. I played this originally on PS3 and while I didn't exactly bounce off it - I put a lot of hours in and got fairly far - it established a pattern for me of buying each Soulsborne game in the hope it might click and then grimly persevering through it, sifting through game guides, cheesing where I had to and never quite feeling like I was in control. So of course I decided not to buy it this time. And of course I bought it last night. Made my way through 1-1 and pretty much really enjoyed it. But I still really struggle with the options available. Ended up with
  11. Thanks for that! Assumed that was the case just wasn't certain!
  12. Dumb question here... with PS4 games with Pro upgrades, do I need to activate them in any way when playing on the PS5? I'm replaying Uncharted 4 and not certain if it's running at the higher resolution. I'm assuming it's automatic but just wanted to check!
  13. I'm fascinated by the look of it. It's not just massive. It's properly weird. And in a funny way I find it kind of lovable, even if it's objectively ugly. The pad is phenomenal. It feels great in the hand and crucially new, even if it can be seen as a development of HD rumble and the like. The triggers are brilliant and it feels like a really coherent collection of tricks that really work together in Astrobot. I also think the OS and startup is wonderful and again conveys that sense of a step up from the previous generation. I understand why a lot of people enjoyed the care that went into the
  14. And me too! Meanwhile a steady stream of delivery vans have been arriving outside my window in a direct attempt to troll me.
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