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  1. Or that any name brand company or public figure with millions of followers gets thousands of dingleberries who don't know how Twitter works replying to everything they post. One of those two things.
  2. I quite enjoyed The Pentaverate. It has the same glee at completely stupid gags as Myer's old films before they started throwing infinite money at him. And it was quite joke / idea / imagery dense. Nobody is really doing those kind of incredibly stupid and nerdy Police Squad type jokes (like all of Canada being in 4:3 SD, or messing about with the title sequence) these days. The scene with the obnoxious New Yorkers, and Jennifer Saunders utterly hallucinogenic bit later on were probably where it was at it's best, the latter being like something out of the better Comic Strip films. I found Myers' characters were mostly technically good (in terms of makeup and performance) rather than laugh out loud funny. Ken Scarborough was kind of lost on me as we don't have local reporters of that sort over here really. The conspiracy theorist probably worked the best as, well, he's basically an older fucked up Wayne Campbell. The Rupert Murdoch character was pretty much the only one that worked of the Pentaverate themselves, but hardly a comic creation in the league of Dr. Evil. The Powers-style conference room bickering doesn't work when there's no interplay between most of the characters. And cartoonish real world villains like Murdoch and Alex Jones/Joe Rogan are already ridiculous. The secretary (who weirdly reminded me of Pamela Stephenson?) was great. The gross out / scatological stuff seems weirdly quaint these days.
  3. The S2 finale was *nowhere near* as bad as S1's ineptly edited disaster. Faint praise, I know. The Q story wrapped up much more effectively than I expected. (Let's be honest, a LOT of times Q was brought back in the 90s shows was pretty blatant ratings chasing. I got the impression John De Lancie gave more of a shit about giving the character a good send off.) The ship shots looked *great*, it's something that was much more integral to TNG than people remember, and the general lack of them really hurt this show. The effects are all over the place in this show though. The 'new' queen looked crap, especially compared to the decent practical fx of the other queen. The zoom in to the Earth and zoom out from low poly Chateau Picard were laughably bad. Was the Europa mission supposed to be a NASA operation? If so this was a particularly shitty and 'un-trek' element to show them as being incompetent and corrupt. It's just about plausible if it was supposed to be a commercial mission I guess? A lot of this series didn't work because the cartoonish macro-scale logic of TNG (where stuff too complicated to resolve on screen can be given a throwaway line by Geordi or Worf looking at a monitor) falls apart in a modern day real world setting. (Not that the writing is a patch on even bad TNG.) Oh and 'tell the other ships to relinquish control, Picard says it's fine' is absolute bullshit, Patrick Stewart finally achieving the goal of having full sex with his ego on screen. Literally minutes earlier the crew were disobeying orders to stop firing! It felt like a massive 'fuck you' from the writers to have an epilogue scene with all the worst characters surviving. And Wil Wheaton is still awful. All that said: page 98 of this thread is giving me a migraine. It's not that hard to pay attention to the dialogue of a 45 minute show, really? Or remember how time travel in a 'Q' story typically works? There are things that are badly explained in this show (like alternate-timeline Picard not being a robot, which caught RLM out as well), but the basic arc of the plot ties up fine. It's shit and stupid and had to find things to do for about four times too many characters, but there is a two page treatment of the 'main' story that works.
  4. I am so, so sorry. https://rave.dj/FSWBg1f1LDXPNA
  5. That was the best BOTW for ages. I really want to watch Stone Cold now.
  6. Further to this, a planet's climate description (which appears when disembarking for the first time, and is always shown on the scanner UI when nothing is selected and in the 'discoveries' tab) will sometimes hint at the absence / scarcity of storms. You want something like 'mild', 'temperate', 'paradise', etc. Also yellow stars tend to have more of this kind of planet (not sure if that's consistent in all galaxies but assume so), hop to a few six body systems and you're bound to find something decent before long. Pirate systems seem to not have sentinels at all which could also be useful for base building. (Unless there are pirate raids happening all the time?)
  7. I rewatched series 1 relatively recently which I think helped my enjoyment of this series. HOWEVER.
  8. I'm plotting a line from "The Raid, John Wick, etc." at one end and "Bulletproof Monk" at the other and factoring in "Sonic 2 is the biggest grossing video game adaptation of all time" and the results aren't great.
  9. Just finished the Blight expedition. I found it much less of a slog that previous ones, mainly because it's not trying to do a whistle stop tour of loads of the game's systems for new players like some of the earlier ones. I think it took me under 10 hours in total. The solar sail ships look awesome, a bit fiddly to fly from the cockpit though. I also noticed that base building has had another slight refresh - the new base parts have a selection of palettes now and the painting interface works again. I will have to go back to one of my old bases and see what's changed. Still seems to be a memory leak on PS4 Pro. / Or my machine's drive is on the way out maybe. After an extended sesh texture and normal maps start failing to load in and eventually it crashes. The last gen versions are getting pushed to the limit at this point.
  10. I'm hopefully going to finish off the current expedition tonight. You can save a lot of time by remembering that you can *repair* (although not craft) broken tech with repair kits rather than finding/crafting stuff you can't easily get early on. And some of the expedition objectives give you some as rewards. Photo missions are handled much better now. You can sign up for them, forget about them, and you'll get alerted when you land on a planet of the right type. You'll also get a confirmation straight away in photo mode. I found the exploit too... it doesn't break the game that much really, if you're playing expeditions with multiplayer on, there are tons of bases players have set up with the stuff you need and cash crops etc. The 'auto space combat' option is great, even with the improvements brought in by this update space combat is still one of the weakest and most tedious systems in the game. Hello Games are working on their next game at the moment.
  11. K: Because the categories are determined by separate juries. They don't compare notes which I guess makes sense to avoid horse trading. ... I think the BAFTA games awards are stuck in a terminal decline at this point. Even taking into account the challenges of having had to move the ceremony online during lockdown, and fewer games coming out over the last year. The last few have struggled to attract sponsors (unsurprising when it's no longer televised), and have steadily moved to smaller venues with lower profile (cheaper) hosts, fewer international hosts/guests/honorees, and fewer games being submitted for consideration (not helped by them increasing the fees every year - the initiative of letting studios submit their first game free has long gone). They didn't even give out a fellowship award this year. I sometimes see stuff from continental European games awards shows, where they get proper arts funding, actually have meaningful links to academia and serious art criticism, awareness of their history, and do proper outreach. The BAFTAs look like a sad retail industry dinner by comparison. Now that the BGI and NVM exist, I think the games sector in the UK should run it's own 'prestige' awards programme. It's only ever been one money spinner among several for BAFTA, and they care more about 1.) games as a secondary job market for actors, screenwriters and composers and 2.) presenting the industry as a safe, commercial, family friendly production line for Sony-style blockbusters, than honouring developers and exceptional artistry and craft in the medium. You're never going to see really out there arty indie games at BAFTA, or see the main awards go to a game without voice acting/mocap, or the music award go to something that doesn't sound like a movie score.
  12. I think people will continue to view TNG on it's own merits and this (and the films) as certain members of the cast wanting to buy a new house and/or boat and easily ignored. It's still way better than Discovery, not every character is written to be insufferable in every scene (just Rafi). Can't wait to see what RLM make of the utter stupidity of the party scene. The "err, and I can do mind melds now" thing so they can use the Chateau Picard set some more - I know TNG writers were notorious for using technobabble to get out of a hole but come on now. Remember that they were trailing this series as a return of Q? He's had what, one scene with Picard? Presumably the finale is going to be a Q episode proper. (Although honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they forgot to resolve that whole plot thread at this point.)
  13. I went into the Sparks documentary also not knowing anything about them. I thought it was really good an informative, but also kind of annoying in ways that are hard to pin down. (Spoiler'd for length)
  14. "Bleugah! That's not a therapist!" Proper Garth Marenghi (the character) quality writing this week.
  15. I had to laugh when I saw the 'next gen' patch notes. I still think the choice of engine for this was a massive early mistake. It looks and runs nowhere near as good as the hardware should allow on most platforms, and they had to spend a fortune basically remaking it from scratch for mobile and Switch. Surely, surely Respawn's long term plan is a sequel or 'version 2.0' built on an engine younger than most of their player base.
  16. First rule of game naming: don't pick something that Google will autocorrect away from.
  17. It's true, once you've learned how to program Harry Potter games it's impossible to retrain to make anything else. I'm going to eat more stuff with palm oil in it because I don't want the guy cutting orangutan's trees down to go hungry. Daft logic.
  18. I lol'ed at camera drifting away from Husband Character and his speech being muffled. Not even the show can feign interest in weak side villains. Rafi is such a terrible actor and character. Perhaps they could make her more one dimensional and obnoxious - maybe have her jump on tables like a speed runner in a Half Life cutscene whenever Picard is trying to talk? The Watcher is obviously going to be . Needs more Q. Are all of the main cast (except Jurati and Elnor) older than the original series cast when they made Star Trek IV? It feels like it.
  19. Geez I hardly recognised Denis in that NoClip video! Glad to hear they're still working on a new game.
  20. "JKR isn't coding this by hand so it's ok" "Why are you protesting this and not [insert country]?" "Boycotting this will hurt the devs" "I literally have no idea how any aspect of the adult world works, but I can cut and paste the same five stupid nonsensical arguments under any bad press about this festering contractual obligation dog egg of a game" Are hundreds of sub-100-follower teenagers in Twitter reply threads genuinely stupid enough to believe that the IP owner doesn't get paid for a game that uses their licensed IP, or are Warner Bros running an astroturf (or should that be astroTERF lololol) campaign?
  21. Has that Spider-Man style 'fake rooms behind windows' shader always been in the game or did it get added in the patch? I don't think I ever noticed it in the 150+ hours I spent playing it before.
  22. If all you knew of Codemasters was the 2.99 Spectrum 'Simulator' games, and you had to extrapolate what they might be making today, you'd imagine this exact game. I quite enjoy it for what it is. (When it's being a rally game.) It's hilarious to see the starting grid of cars turn into 2D billboards like Power Drift, or 'the sun going down during a race' making the final lap of some events completely unplayable. Dirt Rally looked amazing, it's frustrating to see the tech fall to bits as they've piled on more and more extraneous crap.
  23. Either that or "That Which Binds Us Through Time: The Chemical, Physical and Biological Nature of Love; an Exploration of The Meaning of Meaning, Part 1" by Wyld Stallyns. ... Every time I load this up to just wander around the city I find something new. This evening I found something particularly grim in the basement of Megabuilding 02
  24. It would suggest lying under the cover of anonymity, really. I hope we get some legal and/or technological deterent in place to stop this practice. Setting up a limited company for the purpose of fucking over retail distributors seems 'unwise'.
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