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  1. That works quite well I think! I've not had much inspiration tonight, I did manage to make the most cocaine-fuelled song imaginable though: https://rave.dj/9k9oBXSTDfcazQ
  2. As someone who sometimes thinks of songs that would mix well together but who has the musical aptitude of a cream horn, I've been having fun with this site. https://rave.dj/ Sometimes it doesn't work at all. Sometimes it lines things up perfectly for about one verse or chorus. Just occassionally it has had me crying with laughter. With the whole of Youtube to pick from there's probably some hidden gems to be made...? Note that it can take a few minutes to process when it's busy and it autoplays the result. I think this is the nearest I've managed to get to a full working 'song': https://rave.dj/-hj8vvNqqPh9Fg NSFW : https://rave.dj/pDkmV4j6SKiArA
  3. I can't imagine trying to play Noita with a pad. You so often need to do quite fiddly and precise aiming. A Wii Remote and nunchuk on the other hand... 8)
  4. In the days before consoles were PCs in boxes that was the case. Next gen native games will be more impressive than crossgen ones of course. But the amount of extra power they'll be able to bring to bear straight away is significant.
  5. I was impressed they managed to get Bill Murray for the Ghostbusters one, even if it was basically an advert for the new film. And that they asked Ray Parker Jr. how he came up with the idea for the Ghostbusters theme. Did he think he was going to say "well Ivan here told me to rip off Huey Lewis, there was a huge legal spat about it"? The format of having stars who've retained a high profile plus others who have gone on to do nothing is so so awkward.
  6. I'll stick with Space Force for a few more episodes (watched ep 1 the other night), surely they've not loaded up a show with that many good comedians/comic actors without giving them anything to do...?
  7. Well we're at the end of a console generation and acclimatised to AAA games looking better and better each year rather than fits and starts of progress. I missed most of the last (as in, 360/PS3) console/PC gen and went from Oblivion and Bioshock to Far Cry 4 and SW Battlefront and it kind of blew my face off. It still kind of amazes me that a base PS4 can run GoW, Spider-Man and Uncharted 4. Even b-games like Assassin's Creed look slick these days.
  8. It's crazy how far ahead of its time it was and I still struggle to think of any games before or since that do world-building so well. I still don't know how they managed to hide the limitations of the tech so well and get the lighting and colour scheme of the world so natural-feeling. The fact HL:Alyx feels like a direct continuation in spite of a gap almost as long as the big Star Trek and Star Wars hiatuses is a testament to what a good job they did. It's lucky it has the atmosphere, the story, the constant switching up of physics gimmicks, because the combat, weapons and enemy AI were never great. Its legacy is helped by how well it holds up compared to all the games from the next ten years or so that followed the dominant COD template.
  9. I'm not saying it can't be good but it will be a fundamentally different game. Every port of RE4 has been inferior to the GC/Wii version. It's tailored to those controls (and the GC GPU's feature set, and playing on a big fuzzy CRT) as perfectly as a coinop. Whereas a ground up remake most likely means a conventional third person shooter with RE4's set dressing. Ehhh. Crazy idea: It might be interesting if they gave the three acts to different directors. Island always did feel a bit less fleshed out than the other two.
  10. It still amazes me that Thumper is one of the games they're pushing for this. Fucking Thumper!
  11. The Doom 2016 Baron sticks out as really bad. They scrambled to recolour the imp, caco and baron at the last minute when people moaned about pre-release screenshots. The imp looks amazing, the baron just looks ridiculous though, like the Roast Beef Monster Munch monster.
  12. They've messed up the rendering of most of the Doom 1+2 stuff, and that isn't the Doom 3 doomguy (it's the side character from the expansion pack). Doom 1+2 > Q3A > Doom 3 > Doom 2016 > Doom Eternal would be a better progression in that case. Also the Doom 3 expansion pack had 'proper' lost souls. It's interesting that the imp design (except in appearance) has stayed almost identical from Doom 3, to the mutants in Rage 1, to Doom 2016/Eternal.
  13. Hitman 2 shows that fakey methods aren't beyond the reach of current gen console horsepower. Most games don't have mirrors because 1. they look stupid in first person games and 2. they draw attention to the fact that there aren't proper reflections anywhere else.
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