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  1. I think it leant a teeeny bit too hard on the "Nicolas Cage is automatically a funny meme" comedy in a couple of spots but overall, yeah, great fun. Maybe I'm easily impressed but the short bursts of de-aged Cage looked amazingly convincing.
  2. Found another nice little capsule mission that I'd somehow missed last night. Just down the road from the Wraith-controlled motel in the desert- Basically just another of the hundreds of hidden corpses with a bit of loot and flavour text to collect, but it's cool how much work had gone into it. I little 20 minute playable short story. When I put the game down after finishing the main story and all the fixer gigs in early 2021, I think I'd still only seen easily less than 50% of what the map has to offer.
  3. As my "continuing to explore a thoroughly rinsed Night City like one of those Mario 64 exploit finding weirdos" descent into madness continues, I found that you can climb a lot of fire escapes you're not supposed to. Ones covered in impenetrable fence are still off limits, but there are also some where they've cut and pasted the staircase model all the way up a tall building and it will still have working collision. They've tried to stop them being climable by spacing them slightly too far to jump from the top deck of one to the trapdoor of the next. But if you balance on the handrail you can make it. With a few quicksaves and a bit of practice I got a nice vantage point over Santo Domingo. V really needs a wingsuit...
  4. They're all way too old, unless we're assuming the timeframe of SoR4.
  5. The NPC conversations are great, some of the actors really go for it. Overheard a good one earlier where a buddhist monk was signing for a package of 'something' that monks weren't supposed to have. For uh, for his friend of course.
  6. Oh man I had not explored Watson thoroughly enough. Chunks of it are barren industrial wasteland, but there is still a ton of stuff to find on foot. (Boring urban exploration mild spoilers) I'm still blown away by the amount of stuff there is to find on the map. It's the game the expression "This. Game." was made for. I'd honestly not be surprised if there were still a few things nobody has found yet. (Particularly underwater.) I'm sure the PC version has been thoroughly datamined but even if the convos are there, there's not necessarily an indication of how things are unlocked or if they're implemented ... IIRC Witcher 3 had some very long-lived secrets.
  7. EULAs have always been around, I do find it a little odd how many console games insist on making you click through them now though. It makes some sort of sense for games with an online component where the EULA might have changed in some way since launch. But it feels like overkill most of the time. I installed Street Fighter V a while back, literally 20+ minutes of clicking through popups for different EULAs and disclaimers and notices on first launch, completely mental.
  8. The assortment of ads and shop signs has changed since launch hasn't it? I remember there being lots more "Jacked and Coke" signs. Wonder if they got a legal slap on the wrist there.
  9. Young Ones was slightly before my time - I remember discovering it on VHS at school at the time Bottom was going out. It seemed like it had dated pretty badly even then. I think K's idea of a kid-friendly edit is a good one. Most of the 'outrageous' stuff is tame by today's standards so you'd still have a lot to work with. A Dutch friend told me that Bottom used to go out on Dutch TV in the timeslot of a kids' show.
  10. Tonight's nice little touch: Stole a NCPD car, caned it down the Pacifica tunnel to lose my wanted rating, at which point the dispatcher comes over the radio to call off the pursuit because NCPD don't cover Pacifica.
  11. I don't think the situation with the Series S is anywhere near as bad as some previous console generations. Case in point being the PS1, which was a really brutally underpowered machine by the end of it's life but hung around for 7+ years with a monopoly share of the market. I was sceptical about the S when it was announced (remembering what a shit show the previous two base model Xboxes were), and still wouldn't buy one personally, but have to concede that MS played a blinder in successfully betting that games stick around for much much longer now and there isn't the same rush to drop everything and move to a shiny new generation. Engines are much more scalable now, and the S does at least have fast storage. As long as you're not expecting miracles (4K 60fps) it's about as much of a millstone as the base consoles were last gen. It is still limited in ways beyond raw pixel pushing though - it has less overall memory than the Xbox One X for example. Sucks a bit for Series X owners if they are expecting first party games that eke out every last drop of power, but MS have been beating the Game Pass, crossgen, hardware-power-not-being-important these days drum for a while now so they knew what they were getting into. That said I would very much welcome Microsoft dropping the requirement for devs making series X games to also support it, the sooner the better. MS did eventually drop the (insane) requirement for all games to support the HDD-less model before the end of the PS3/360 gen, so there is some glimmer of hope I guess. Having to support old hardware for 5,6,7,10 years after release (while still trying to innovate) isn't sustainable in the modern era really. Those thousands of people in the credits of Sony first party games are probably not enjoying the employee protections the US/UK teams get. ... No developer making new, big budget current gen console games is going to seriously worry about supporting the Steam Deck, sorry. It's comfortably in the same niche as Game Pass, a convenient way to play old / low spec games. A few 'full fat' games from the last gen got back ported to Switch because the user base is enormous. ... "It’s not like games have used the power available to them to meaningfully advance anything outside of graphics for the last few generations anyway." Mmm, a perfectly insane, early RLLMUK vintage take. The bouquet suggests a 2006? 2007?
  12. I do wonder if we'll get a little bit of 'proper' raytracing in the course of this console gen as devs get a better handle of what corners they can cut bouncing rays around and reconstructing low res images. I've seen what the demoscene are doing with the C64 these days, I know there's always a bit more juice they can still coax out...
  13. Being able to turn off ship combat entirely is very welcome. It's always been a pointless inconvenience.
  14. Weirdly the first thing that springs to mind is "ginseng" (the herb/plant) from Ultima IV. And also "reagent". Skitchin' on the Mega Drive is probably the first time I encountered the word "placenta". I'm sure I've told this story on rllmuk before, but "necromancer" from the instructions of Ranarama on the Spectrum. "Mum, what's a necromancer?" "Erm, well, it's someone who really, really likes dead bodies..."
  15. The opening montage in Scrooged basically does this joke already? David Harbour really needs to get a better agent.
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