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  1. "But here's a situation that we have never seen before." Narrator: It was a situation we had seen many times before ... "Game studios are uniquely terrible at keeping old works consistently available" It's significantly harder and more expensive than other media, even when emulation is an option. (I agree that even taking this into account the industry's track record is terrible.) ... I think there's a solid case for pirating out of print digital games for preservation if you're a museum or archive. You might have to go through legal wrangl
  2. I wonder how little Patrick Stewart can get away with being in it this time? I'm guessing about five minutes per episode except the first and last, with lots of time spent on villains that go nowhere and Q dicking around with the rest of the crew.
  3. Boo, the weekend mission seems to be broken at the moment. Kept telling me to dig up and analyse an encrypted navicomp, which would give a message like "no terminal found", then delete itself from my inventory. Trying a different planet or a different system didn't help. Bit of a pain as I could do with some extra quicksilver.
  4. I definitely killed at least one Cyberpsycho by accident by frying them with System Reset. I don't think one-shot quickhacks work on them since the most recent patch though.
  5. An $30 expandalone using the same map, with maybe 12 hours of Mafia 1+2 style 'linear story with open world as connective tissue' would be extremely welcome. Would also be a good opportunity to revisit some of the more intriguing but underused side characters.
  6. I've said it before, but all the mini-game stuff in the post GTA:SA GTAs is to distract you from the world simulation essentially still being GTA3 with better physics. ... Played a bit of 1.2 on PS4Pro this evening. It's been a few weeks since I last booted it up but it all feels a bit slicker and more responsive, especially the driving. There are some new bugs though. Car summoning is knackered (possibly not helped by the increased amount of traffic), I've had the inventory throw a wobbly and lose most of the item thumbnails, and I've seen loads of low flying hovercars. The in-car r
  7. This would massively disincentivise anyone releasing anything digitally. I think the idea that a shop closing down meaning everything that was ever released on it gets lost to history is a bit overplayed in the modern era. Harder to buy != literally irretrievably lost, except for server-based games I suppose.
  8. I've seen so many people lazily framing this as Sony hating preservation. It's more the case that they and everybody else was building stupid proprietary storefronts fifteen years ago that can't be maintained forever. If it becomes practical to port/emulate PS3/Vita/PSP stuff and publishers think there's a market for it I can see games from that era becoming available again. Look at how much back catalogue stuff turns up on Steam and Switch. It would be nice if people didn't have to rebuy stuff for once though. My Sony account has a record of everything I've bought from
  9. I think they toned down some post processing / antialiasing stuff that was going on in one of the early patches that was making everything extra blurry. If you're playing the (900p?) One S / Series S version I'm guessing the change is very noticable.
  10. Realised the other thing that annoyed me about the Caldwell-Gervais vid, he's kind of arguing that they should have spent seven years developing a game just for the relatively small audience of people with shit hot GPUs. id and Epic and Crytek could do that 20 years ago but things have changed a bit since then. ... Re difficulty: It's pitched at the same level as a Bethesda open world game or an old skool JRPG, really, isn't it? Challenge coming a distant second to tinkering with your character and soaking up the atmosphere.
  11. I've watched about half of the NCG video, I'm not sure if I'll go back and finish it. I played the game in the same needlessly completionist way, I don't think I'd call it a fault of the game's design though. I don't agree with his assessment that there's no point to most of the side content besides gaining money and no point to gaining money except getting cars. (Or pointing to GTA's equally perfunctory endgame money sinks as being any more interesting.) Exploring the world was always rewarding, and better kit and investing perk points does give you different ways to approach missions. I thin
  12. You can't skip the Daredevil intro, otherwise how would you sing along to the lyrics: "Jam, Jam, Jam-jam-jam!" The main ones that spring to mind that haven't been mentioned:
  13. Yeah why would Snow Crash have any bearing on the worldbuilding in Cyberpunk
  14. The Action Button Cyberpunk review is due next I believe, though looking at his Twitter he's having some health issues at the moment :/
  15. You should check out Tim Rogers' recent run of videos and HBomberGuy's games stuff if you haven't. I like NCG's stuff but I wouldn't say he always offers the same level of insight as some other critics. With the caveat that I've not watched everything he's ever put out.
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