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  1. To be clear, I don't think this will detrimentally impact the experience of playing the game at all (and is more of a marketing aspect), but: I'm getting a bit tired of how they're so focused on the Doom Guy being this unkillable god. It's like we've forgotten that the original game was supposed to be tense and scary. The player character was supposed to be you. Every enemy type beyond grunts was an active threat if you didn't keep moving and managing space. In Doom 2016 a large proportion of the enemy types are fodder. The glory kills in Eternal look like they're shading even more into silly 'Mortal Kombat' cartoon violence, and the environment is filling up with dayglo lights. Also, we're just accepting there's no mod support now? With Doom 2016 they made excuses about not having time, and snapmap being 'good enough'. They've had four years this time. I'm happy to have new Doom games as top quality play-and-forget blockbuster theme park rides, but it still feels like a retreat in ambition and scope, in a way.
  2. Such a weird game. It looks shit by today's standards but at the time it was one of the first FPS to utilise the higher colour depth of nVidia's cards. Compared to games built for software rendering first then Voodoo1/2 almost as an afterthought, it looked quite lush. The studio went on to make Return to Castle Wolfenstein, both games have excellent flamethrowers and wobbly dudes. It's a shame the new 3D Realms seem to be a bit of a mickey mouse operation, I'd have quite liked to see a new game using the license, like what happened with Shadow Warrior. Nobody needs a hastily cobbled together 'remaster' with randomly recoloured textures.
  3. I can see myself sinking far, far too many hours into mucking about with ByteBeat. Saw a weird thing in the Space Anomaly at the weekend - one of the Nexus missions was like a 'mystery' corrupted mission (garbled text like a Traveller conversation)? But it disappeared before I could select it and find out what it was about. The universe still has some secrets, hmm.
  4. If you time it right you could probably get some mega bargain on the Xbox One X. Don't get a digital only S, even if you're just curious about Game Pass.
  5. That trailer has me more hyped as there's a chance that this will run on my 4+ year old PC.
  6. MK-1601


    Hadley Freeman is so laughably transparent. "And then one of them brought up one of the only jokes in the show that has dated badly and could be interpreted as endorsing my shitty TERF-y views and everyone cheered!" Yeahhh, I bet that's what happened. Edgar Wright was hardly unknown either.
  7. You're right - shows how crap my memory is.
  8. Other than the tacky Tomb Raider set (presumably a paid promotion of some sort), I am surprised at what a good job they've done of these. Good choice of games (given the constraints of having to be well known, UK-developed, family friendly and not tied up in licensing red tape) and some care has gone into the design as well (original artwork - e.g. the Elite one isn't a direct screenshot - and faithful custom typography for each one). It's funny that Micro Machines 1 gets the stamp. I would guess that *at least* 100 times as many people in the UK played Micro Machines 2, given that it was a giant hit at the height of the Mega Drive's success whereas the NES never broke out beyond a niche during its active lifetime. You wouldn't put Street Fighter 1 on a stamp. Bitmap Bros and Rare feel like the most glaring omissions. Presumably Rockstar and Nintendo declined to give permission for any of their stuff to be used. I hope they do a follow up set with Carmageddon, Speedball 2, Discworld, James Pond, Deus Ex Machina, Tempest 2000, Super Hexagon, Batman Arkham Asylum, etc. -- Regarding GTA, I think they could get away with it by featuring Vice City, which was a huge hit and also quite sophisticatedly marketed (you'd use the iconic 2D character art rather than a screenshot). Thor's list above nails it. Oh and
  9. I can believe it. General public don't know anything about specs and MS have learned the benefit of offering a cut down version of their system with a lower price tag to build an install base. ... I'm interested to see how well these new machines support ray tracing. And this video about how they could be using the super fast SSDs is intriguing: (unless it's old news)
  10. We were LOL'ing at the mad stuff painted on the cows. "I LIKE GRASS" More please.
  11. MK-1601

    Titanfall 2

    It's very good and beautifully paced. Wolf TNO and Doom 2016's campaigns are better though. It's kind of depressing to think how few high profile single player FPS there were this gen, but at least the ones we got were really good.
  12. They've done some cringey stuff in the past but whenever politics have come up in recent episodes there's been a much more self-deprecating tone I think.
  13. MK-1601

    Apple Arcade

    How many PS4 pads can you simultaneously connect to an iOS device? Neither Apple nor Sony's support sites contain this information.
  14. These are incredible. I remember Savage being a big deal at the time, I didn't realise they'd spent another two years making even more crazily impressive 48k games.
  15. That would look so much better running at the native res, on a CRT screen.
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