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  1. There are so many strategies you can try. Some of my best runs are when I've had explosion immunity and a decent stock of those big purple magic missiles, or meteor. Very effective in tight spaces with lots of explody barrels. Had an amazing run earlier with a combination of a wand that fired four shotgun rounds simultaneously and higher critical chance on bloody enemies. The viking goblin dudes on level 4 piss out gallons of blood when killed. I was blasting holes in the walls and floors to keep a 'blood flume' flowing, drenching everyone on the lower floors then swooping down and peppering them with buckshot. Sadly this strategy proved ineffective in the next two areas, where those bastard wasp things proceeded to play hackysack with my poisoned, on fire body.
  2. The new perks are hilarious. There's one that gives you extra powerful kicks, one that gives you a projectile repulsion field. And a rather freaky transformation for your wizard.
  3. I guess the issue with some games is that they have been deleted by the original publisher account being closed. I like that Gameclub is making some games available that otherwise wouldn't be through any means. But I'm a bit wary of this being described as a 'preservation effort'. They're taking games that died because they weren't commercially viable to maintain and putting them on a single account on the same platform that will also disappear if it's not commercially viable to maintain. They've made mention of wanting to take games to other platforms (where they might have a chance of being preserved in the long term) but I've not seen any sign of this yet.
  4. Some lovely choices in this thread. I think the standout for me has to be Metroid Prime. I'd drifted away from console games for a few years, and booting that up in the dark on a big CRT TV felt like the future. I just couldn't believe the amount of detail they'd put into the world. Quake, Deus Ex, RE4, BOTW are obvious biggies as well - it's a small thing, but I'm not *quite* as blown away by BOTW because the story conceit (of it being basically a post apocalyptic world with a few small enclaves of civilisation) meant there were fewer well written characters to care about compared to a text-heavy RPG, but then Zelda has always been about going out into the wilderness and exploring rather than that stuff. Weirdly, the two games that immediately came to mind when I saw this topic were Contra 3 and Dungeon Keeper. The former still just feels so ridiculously over the top; the latter was at that point where Molyneux & co. had started playing the best Japanese games of the time and started trying to cram a million secrets and interactions into everything. (Black & White taking the approach even further.)
  5. I can't believe more people here aren't playing this incredible game. If you're worried about it being early access or full of stats and RPG nerdery, or that it needs a meaty PC, don't be. It feels (fairly) finished already, has beautifully simple controls and runs on pretty much anything. It's a serious GOTY contender for me. It's the game I wished existed when I was putting all those hours into Spelunky daily challenges and getting killed by my atrophied platforming reflexes. Once you get the hand of reading the environment and know roughly what most of the spells (ammo types) do, you can start improvising crazy plans to survive. It's satisfying in the way Breath of the Wild and Deus Ex where the simulation is robust enough to let things emerge. I'm off to play it some more.
  6. I really hope Respawn are looking at the (substantial but not Fortnite/PUBG-level) popularity of Apex and the opportunity of the next console gen starting next year, and seriously thinking about just moving on to Apex Legends 2 built on an engine that isn't a complete and total piece of shit
  7. I never played Emerald Mine, will give this a go. I played a load of Kingsoft's other game, Bug Bomber (a 4P co-op Bomberman variant vs. AI monsters that is incredibly addictive). The Kingsoft programmer Volker Wertich was also the guy who made the original Settlers.
  8. MK-1601

    Apple Arcade

    I don't think Apple have changed their approach to games at all. They're still pathologically risk averse and want to define games ultra-narrowly and conservatively. They're making 100+ (in relative terms) penny stakes bets when they need to be finding and investing in studios that can meaningfully push premium mobile games forward. They need to be courting Nintendo, EA, Bethesda, Blizzard, Bungie, Kojima Productions, Platinum, Niantic, etc. etc. but instead they're getting mugged off with wildly overproduced minigames like Frogger, Rayman: Basically A Demo Of An Older Rayman Game and some generic fluff that Hironobu Sakaguchi has signed off on. I don't see much evidence that the Arcade lineup has been curated in any meaningful sense. These are the sort of games you would get pitched if you went almost exclusively to developers who had already made the kind of premium iOS games that Apple likes - decorative, graphic-design-aesthetic trifles that show off their hardware and don't scare off non-gamers - and gave them no-strings-attached free resources (although not enough to budget and schedule an PC or console game of significant scope). Big companies that already have lots of existing games/engines/toolsets and prototypes hanging around could pull some existing experiment out and polish it up. Indie studios typically delivered a cut down or reskinned spin on an existing game. With a few exceptions, the most substantial games were already planned for PC/Switch/PS4 release which will still be the better place to play them (and the only place you can own them outright - as someone who already plays iOS games, while having an incubator where 100+ new premium games can reach the market is welcome, the fact that I can't BUY any of them and it's impractical to fill up my iPhone storage and tether a pad when I want to play them, I am more likely to vote with my wallet and buy anything noteworthy on Switch). Defending the imposition of everything being kiddie-friendly is something I can't get behind at all. I understand the practical reason for it (the primary market is families with underutilised iOS devices), but a platform holder setting overly narrow content policies has always, always ended badly. Suggesting that the only way that adult themes ever appear in games is as gratuitous gore is a wild oversimplification. Yes, you can't do Hitman or Doom or Hotline Miami or Mortal Kombat on Apple Arcade (and this is... insanely bad and creatively limiting????) But nor could you do Obra Dinn or Papers Please or Her Story. Or basically any narrative game that has anything specific to say about the real world. An exclusive diet of short 'coffee table' games will get boring, fast. I think it needs to evolve (like Netflix eventually learning to make good original programming) but am sceptical that Apple have fostered the conditions to allow it to do so. Disclaimer: I've not played Shinsekai yet.
  9. It was like a weaker episode of Breaking Bad stretched to the wrong aspect ratio. I quite liked it. Although it felt like about half of it was self-contained no-stakes stories that they'd probably intended for a little web series between seasons during the original run. I'm not sure if it's just how it was shot but was the diner scene a massive CGI fest? De-aging Jesse and baldifying Walt? Do you know what it was better than? The lazier episodes of BCS.
  10. I was wrong about the Ruby exchange rate, mea culpa. But it's a new game, they're experimenting and the price will fluctuate. And yeah I'm not defending it, just pointing out that EG acting disgusted about completely optional cosmetic items in a mobile game vs. a console game is pure snobbery. That getting invested in a low-key, accessible game is less valid, and you've got to make Real £49.99 Games your hobby and identity or you MUST be getting exploited. Nah.
  11. It does seem bonkers. I note they're a Spanish company. There seem to be quite a lot of continental studios (often students or recent graduates) crowdfunding games that are blatant grab-bags of things they like from indie hits from the last few years. E.G. Blazing Chrome, Narita Boy. They seem to be more intended as showcases for the artists/animators than original games in their own right.
  12. Studio with no internet presence to speak of, no website, no track record, with developers who only give their first names to make press comments, sounds like a legitimate place to send Kickstarter donations, yep
  13. You're looking at a 250 quid minimum outlay to play Mario Kart 8 DX, or you can play Tour completely free. 90 pulls of the pipe (fnar) in combination with gameplay gem payouts is probably going to bag all the nicest drivers for months, for someone who's deep into the game this doesn't seem much worse than cluttering up your shelves with Amiibos to me. I think Eurogamer can be sniffy about this if they like, but Fortnite, Apex, etc. and all EA Sports games all arguably contain just as cynical mtx (FUT alone is vastly more evil than this) and they don't throw a strop every time they mention them.
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