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  1. MK-1601

    Lost - The Full Series Thread

    I'm sure someone's done it in the past few years but... I reckon you could re-cut Lost to get rid of the weaker stuff (e.g. stuff that went nowhere in the writer's strike series, dumb/boring/badly acted minor characters, cheesier flashbacks like the Driveshaft stuff), and have a really solid maybe 20 or 30 hour season. The Ben and Desmond arcs are still riveting.
  2. MK-1601

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Why are you playing it with a pad on PC?
  3. MK-1601

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Rage didn't sell very well but Bethesda are determined to milk every IP in their back catalogue regardless of whether it makes sense. Please note: not a criticism of the game on its own merits (as a reskin of Avalanche's formula), but I do think it's a bit depressing a game that was the result of Carmack spending half a decade trying to raise the bar for environmental fidelity and immersion in FPS (which has provided the engine for a string of gorgeous, evocative hit games since) gets an exploitation sequel that is hard to distinguish in screenshots from any bog standard open world actioner from the last few years. As a game Rage 1 hasn't aged that well (outside of the corridor shooting), but the reveal trailer way back in 2007 melted our eyeballs off, and the final game had zero repeating textures, stunning animation and ran at 60 fps streaming in off of an X360 DVD. Rage 2 brings what, stupid Borderlands-level meme humour? This exercise feels very much like when Hong Kong film studios bring out like 8 sequels to a big name hit film with no relation whatsoever to the first one.
  4. The sound design is genuinely brilliant (e.g., footsteps sound different for enemies v. allies, you can follow direction, distance, location of fights from combat sfx), but the underlying tech is terrible - constant little stutters and dropouts when the action heats up.
  5. Oops, forgot the link. Hit registration, lag, intermittently sluggish movement and aiming. And the hilarious Quake 2 - era physics on the supply ship. And the supply bin trick. I don't envy the job of trying to fix everything.
  6. I think trying to build a game like this on a modified version of Source was a mistake. I still love it and play all the time but over time the jankiness has become more and more obvious. They've ended up firefighting structural problems which have to be dealt with before they can properly optimise the game and start adding meaningful new features.
  7. MK-1601

    New Earthworm Jim game

    Interesting to see which of the original developers aren't listed as being involved. Steve Crow for one. Surprised Dave Perry is on there to be honest, I doubt he needs the money. Suspect 'involved' means 'replied to an email'. And yes fuck everything to do with this, Doug TenNapel is a dick
  8. Had a daft round earlier with a Pathfinder who racked up 12 kills while me and the other squadmate ran to keep up with him like out of shape dads. Me & robot ninja man were downed in the last fight and had to watch the last guy scrap with their last guy (a Mirage). 'We' won. Ridiculously tense. This game.
  9. MK-1601

    I would admit anything for music

    Reaching your 40s and still running your musical tastes past some internal teenage panel of 'credibility' judges is mental.
  10. MK-1601

    Star Trek Discovery

    Saw this on Facebook. A good analysis of why this show is such a mess. (spoilered for length)
  11. This pissed me off, pure clickbait from some twelve year old who clearly plays Wraith: https://www.polygon.com/2019/4/12/18300950/apex-legends-content-decline-update-patch-fortnite 1. They didn't reach out to Respawn for comment 2. No data to back up their claims 3. It's completely normal for a free game's concurrent users to drop off dramatically after launch 4. The bugs they're screeching about got patched almost instantly, as they mumblingly admit 5. Why is the piece illustrated with ropey early concept art? 6. Maybe Respawn think game balance is more important than adding new cosmetic shit every five minutes, maybe? Like they're, you know, on record fucking saying? 7. LOL Polygon
  12. Ah piss, are the servers down right now? Saw something on Twitter about the latest patch deleting people's progress. Hmm.
  13. 1.) Any generic USB splitter would do the trick. 2.) But yeah, pretty unlikely even though Codemasters have subsequently renewed the license (most recently in 2017). I'd love to see them include an unreleased game or two a la StarFox2. There were loads of late era MD games that were cancelled after development was complete.
  14. Have emulators gone backwards then? KEGA Fusion runs it with no problems and that came out years and years ago.
  15. MD emulation has been effectively solved for over a decade. It's only Sega being tightfisted and refusing to license mature open source emulators that results in stuff like the Sega Forever re-releases having dropped frames and broken sound. I have complete faith in M2 not to mess this up.

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