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  1. I think that's a fair assessment Rob. The wider issue is I guess the human interest angle. Games that don't involve actors/voice actors or have a mediagenic frontman pushing them face an uphill struggle. I would say the best efforts of Housemarque or PuppyGames or Llamasoft are definitely up there with the best indie offerings of the past decade but anything they do will just get dismissed as 'retro'. Nuclear Throne and Binding of Isaac are interesting titles to mention as they're both games being pushed by strong personalities with the resources and appetite to go out and engage with the press and industry for months on end.
  2. It really is a disgrace how the UK games industry establishment dismisses Minter and Llamasoft. Not many devs (indie or otherwise) who have had such a creatively fertile period in the last decade. A dozen mobile games and at least two substantial new console games? But still people in positions of responsibility roll their eyes and wheel out the tired "he just keeps cloning Tempest" and "console killer" cliches. It's pure classism and corporatism. The industry veterans/figureheads that BAFTA et al fawn over either went to the right school/university or subsequently move in the right social circles and/or went on to employ 100s of people (e.g. Tim Schafer, Gabe Newell, Tim Sweeney, David Braben, Peter Molyneux, Ian Livingstone etc.). If you were on the side getting ripped off by publishers or setting up independently you're forgotten.
  3. The mid-gen machines have been a massive boon for this console generation. We've been able to hang on to our game libraries (and devs have been able to significantly upgrade / support games over multiple years), for a generation that's approaching the length of PS1/PS2, without new releases being hobbled with exhausted tech. I hung onto my base PS4 for a year or two after the Pro launched and was sceptical that it would be a big jump, but I wouldn't look back now. (It's helped that I still primarily use a 1080p display in my living room setup.) The Pro and X can be picked up at a reasonable price these days. Waiting for modern top-flight games to be optimised on underpowered hardware is a completely avoidable exercise in frustration. Also this is hardly a situation that's suddenly happened. GoW runs at 30fps on base PS4, Wolf2 is drastically scaled back on base XB1 and Soul Calibur 6 is capped at 720p to hit a steady 60fps, etc. I wince at the thought that millions of people are going to try to play Cyberpunk 2077 or Death Stranding on the base machines. I'm sure they will be playable but there reaches a point where you're losing so much of the experience (and waiting so long on loading screens) you have to question the time investment. ... Actually that article is fucking annoying. We're moving on too soon because we've not squeezed all the power out of the base machines? They're PCs. It's not like the PS2 or Saturn where devs had to sweat blood to unlock the mysteries of the hardware. (Writing code that then was difficult to port to new machines in the process.) You're not going to see anything better than RDR2 on them. It's just longer loading times and more severe lighting/detail/framerate/resolution downgrades from here. ... "It’s nice to have slightly shinier visuals, but I’ve never seen a game that wouldn’t be just as much fun and virtually identical to all but the most pedantic, on a base console." Because they all have to support them. This is like saying I've never seen a game released on floppies that makes full use of a CDROM. "If they’d tried to make it an attractive proposition to people who don’t have hundreds of pounds to waste on pixels the human eye can’t even see maybe I’d buy one. " Holy shit, do people really think the PS4 Pro is just a base PS4 with a 4K output socket, in 2019?! Pretty much every PS4 game I've bought in the last few years runs like shit off a shovel on the Pro (computationally heavy games like The Last Guardian and No Man's Sky are completely transformed by having a stable framerate), often with better FX and higher res assets to boot (Doom, GoW, Spidey, RDR2 etc.). There's this obscure site called "YouTube" that can help if you're still struggling with this
  4. I'm sure NMS Reddit has discovered this already, but I can confirm that the new inventory limits mean that you can carry enough oxygen to safely fall/jump out of your freighter/frigates in orbit of a planet and skydive all the way down to the planet surface.
  5. The Simon Pegg comedy Absolutely Anything, which I feel a bit bad for nominating as it was the last film directed by Terry Jones. Robin Williams is in it too as a talking dog :/ Star Trek Into Darkness was a shiter as well. And The World's End, fucking hell. It's bewildering that Simon Pegg still gets to make films at this point. ... Also this is just awful: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5357556/ "The Belgian prime minister is kidnapped. If he wants to be released, he must murder the American president."
  6. It would be really nice if they implemented the PS4 motion controls as an option in 2D mode as well. Aiming the multitool is so much smoother in VR. A bit of a niche option I guess, although they did mention that 1m NMS users have a PSVR, so would have the necessary camera.
  7. My main experience of Joe Rogan is sitting in a long business lunch with folks from a big evil tech company a couple of years ago while their salesperson told us that they wanted to go on holiday to Virginia, kill a deer with a crossbow, cook it and eat it having been inspired by listening to his podcast. ... Carmack is a fascinating character. Having such a concentration of power in a small company must have been weird, and as I understand it left him very isolated. It will be interesting to see how the dramatisation of Masters of Doom portrays him (and Romero and rest of the old school id people). His Quakecon/Oculus...Con(? whatever it's called) talks are well worth tracking down if you're into really crazily cutting edge graphics and engineering research.
  8. I really need a browser extension that highlights this word in flashing red letters so I don't waste time reading nonsense. ... I think Epic are trying to carve a niche for their store in quite a clumsy way. But I also suspect that a very large crossover between the people (and, very obviously, botnets) screaming their heads off about everything Epic do and cash-poor, time-rich teenage boys who spend hours each day emailing devs pretending to be YouTubers to cadge free Steam keys. I'd honestly prefer for there to be a standardised way to buy directly from devs than give any percentage to Valve or Epic, neither of whom are suited to the role of platform gatekeepers.
  9. Bonus: this is what ships looked like in the very early days. We've come a long way.
  10. Not taken a lot of pics in Beyond yet but here's some of my faves from the last year or so.
  11. The second one? It's just a fighter with a particular nosecone. I'd imagine if you hang around some Vy'keen systems you'll find one sooner or later.
  12. Some base items have the wrong indoor/outdoor type set since Beyond I think. ... I'm running short of inspiration for my next base. Over the years I've tried making: 1. A castle keep with terraformed defensive walls (got zapped by one of the big world-rerolling patches) 2. A big dome farm 3. An underwater island lair (stymied by the lack of effective ways to link aquatic and non-aquatic building parts) 4. A Fallout-style vault + desert town (still have this one) 5. Various attempts at fancy beach villas/lodges I tend to do this boring routine of flattening a big plot of land Populous-style with cement floor panels then building a massive box then getting bored/frustrated with the finickiness of the tools and lack of useful interior components. (Also there really need to be bezel-less glass panels in the basic components set that work like the glass cuboids/domes.) (And spiral staircase sections.) (And lifts.) Maybe I'll see what clever things people have built with the switches. I still get a kick out of setting up surprise area names / captions by burying/hiding message modules around the place. You could make a good treasure hunt / simple walking sim story with those... assuming the limit isn't too low.
  13. Galaxy map seems to be completely broken in PSVR at the moment, which is a *bit* of a limitation.
  14. Just finished Season 2. This is easily one of my favourite Netflix original shows, up there with Fargo and BCS. It's impressive how the tone of the second series (more straight up scifi and action) is such a contrast to the first while still feeling true to the world they built up. I'm glad they're just doing three series and then done.
  15. I've got some in my inventory at the moment. I think it was from a guild representative gift. Hmm, maybe it's another bug.
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