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  1. Shimano is deffo an oddity. You don’t get nearly that bad at any other point in the game. I think the main issue is that it’s frustratingly long to beat no matter how you approach it. I certainly had to google it I was doing something wrong because it felt like there was something that I was missing, but no, everyone has the same issue and it’s basically a battle of attrition. Annoying if you end up getting beat after a long fight too, But its worth sticking with as the story is great. I’d also say that the story is much better after playing zero because they set up a lot of the relationship between Kiryu and the antagonist and I can’t imagine it being better experiencing that the other way around. You could argue though that Majimas origin works better if you see how he is now, though it’s minimal compared to Kiryus story. The only issue is that Zero is the best of the Kiryu saga so playing the other games after isnt as good. 1 is quite short comparatively and while 2 has more stuff it’s not quite as good.
  2. There’s a bunch of TV spots that reveal a fair bit of stuff or as said make things explicit that you deffo want to avoid if you want to go in fresh. Given how much they have said about not spoiling things for some of the other big releases like Endgame or even the Wandavision finale, it seems odd theyve whacked these in. there are 2 main bits regarding the largest bits - one confirming something from the initial trailer the second is something that apparently was teased if you looked at the poster closely enough and spotted something in one of the shards but confirms another character appearance that hadn’t been previously (that I know of anyway) its possible there’s still a load of surprises or they’re doing some misdirection like they have in the past. These aren’t (to me) things that would ruin the film knowing it going in or anything but there’s definitely outlets on Twitter and the like who aren’t even attempting to hide these and are plastering gifs with the spoiler in text so it’s hard to avoid (which is how I saw them). So if you do want to avoid as much as possible before seeing, just be a bit warned that it can be a bit easy to accidentally come across, especially on Twitter where the trending tab just outright spoils it too
  3. Yeah that was pretty intense really, but it was totally gripping. Issac is spot on in this, superb bit of casting there. One thing I was kind of thinking they may have shown that I think has been teased in previous episodes, but we haven’t seen yet…. So far I’m enjoying it though. In terms of ranking the Disney + series so far, I think mine goes 1. Hawkeye 2. Moon Knight 3. Wandavision 4. Falcon and the winter soldier 5. Loki Never thought when they were announced that would be the order I liked them. Of course there’s one episode left so they need to not mess that up. But so far it’s been very good.
  4. Expansion announced yesterday- and honestly it sounds really promising so far. Expansion is called Dragonflight and as you can imagine centre around the dragon aspects and them coming back to help start sorting the world out after all the stuff going on. key things New race AND class in a two for one (as in the race and class are tied together and can’t be picked with and other race/classes) - Dracthyr (human dragon hybrids created by Neltharion) and evokers Class lord is that because they intrinsically have dragon powers it doesn’t make sense for them to no use them, hence only being evokers, which are dragon themed. Evokers wear mail (good to get mail wearers added!) and will have 2 specs, a rangers caster based on red and blue dragon abilities (fire and arcane) and a healer based on green and bronze, which they said involved “timey wimey stuff” but only gave an example of healing faster. I think a few people are assuming you’ll be able to “rewind” damage too. Takes place on the dragon isle which has been revealed now summoning the dragons to return, and the players have to help them restore it, by the sounds. 5 zones, one being a starter zone for Dracthyr, who get the DK treatment and start at high level, then 4 zones to level up. They’ve not shown maps yet but say the zones will be bigger than previous expansion zones. Because of this they’re adding in the next feature… Dragonriding will be a new feature a available from the start of levelling. You’ll get a dragon companion (which you can customize) and it works differently to flying, but will allow it in some form, which you can improve. Stuff like momentum and gaining speed by diving has been said which makes it sound like it’ll be good for getting from A to B, but will be limited. sounds like they’re listening to players as well as there isn’t a big system for borrowed power like the covenants/artifact/weapon that you spend all expansion grinding only to lose a bunch from them. Instead they’re looking at revamping persistent player systems meaning that talents and professions are getting big revamps. Talent trees are back! And the ones they’ve shown have a lot of stuff on them. You also use 2 at once, so one for your class and one for your spec. The idea being that the class one will give you options for hybridization like having some healing options or utility, while your spec one can focus just on that. I quite liked the trees as they are now for a bit as they had some good options that felt like they could change the spec quite a bit, but for a while they’ve been a bit stale and not very interesting. Theyve slacked with professions for a bit in my opinion and aside from catch up gear and legendary base pieces, they haven’t provided desirable end game items for a while. They’ve said you can really upskill your crafting here to make better items so that will be interesting see how they do that. The interesting bit is work orders. You can put up a work order for an item, provide what materials you want to part with for it, and what you want to pay, and someone can accept if they fill in the mats you don’t provide. You can also do this with soulbound items, so you can get an item they can’t sell normally. They’ve said that this will let them offer more powerful items as soulbound items. Im sure I’ve missed some bits but they’re the main ones and it sounds like they’re listening to player feedback more. That said, a lot of people were excited by the initial pitch for Torghast and that ended up being bad, so it remains to be seen.
  5. Boss Level - 3.5/5 Thought the concept was intersting - basically Groundhog Day for action movies. Guy wakes up and from the off, is hunted by assassins. This leads to situations where the days repeat enough that he learns what happens and what to do (though we do get loops where he forgets something and messes up, either leading to his death or making him restart). Its a bit of a weird one this. There are no big hitters in the main cast, and Mel Gibson is the bad guy and it all screams cheesy straight to video nonsence. But they've got Naiomi Watts as the love interest, and Annabel Wallis is in a really small insignificant role, and she's been in some much bigger roles leading up to this, as well as Michelle Yeoh having about 5 mins of screen time. Weirdly the structure of the thing is its strongest point. The pattern of events for the loops make sense and dont feel overly obtuse or weird, while the science stuff is obvious gumpf, its understandable whats happening, and events that push the story forward all make sense and dont feel forced. Like, the problem of what he needs to do all follows a logical order, more or less, and everything is very clearly laid out. The performances are good too, Grillo is likable and easy to root for, and theres some funny bits too, like when one of the assassins is talking about their custom expensive weapon and then they reveal why its that much. Gibson is a pretty decent bad guy as well, though I wonder whos idea it was to have him throw in some "anti SJW" comments here and there. The action is passable. Its decent in places, and in some sections its not so good, in particular one of the swordfights where it feels like they couldnt edit around the actors very well. The best one (which is actually very good being fair, almost John Wick-esque) is actually a bit of a bait and switch Overall, it was enjoyable enough without being great. I've given it 3.5, that could be a bit generous though. It moves along quickly enough that at the very least you probably wont get bored watching it.
  6. This was released on PS5 this week and I decided play it after being interested from this vid by a WoW Youtuber that i watch. I can see why people bounce off it. Its hook isnt immediate, and it isnt initially clear whats happening. Or at least i didnt get what it was. The game presents as chapters with titles, but each one represents a playthrough of a teen crossing the border, and each one is supposed to be different, or at least can be different, but you play them in time order (eg, you attempt to cross, succeed or fail, and then pick a new teen to attempt with that starts at a date after your last one), leading up to an election day, which effectively serves as where you get your ending depending on how you play your teens. Each route is broken up into descrete sections (usually 6, I've found) and each one will have one of 7 characters (well, 8 as theres one which is effectively a pair). The sections really are scenarios that have been crafted that can appear depending on what you do, and what travelling choices you pick. For example, you'll have some parts happen if you catch the bus, some if you get a taxi, etc. Because of this, it doesnt seem to me to actually really be as complex as its sold as. I've watched a couple of other play throughs and just see the same scenarios happening in a different order. Like, between sections, it says its calculating stuff, but I cant tell what, as the positioning of the 7 characters doesnt seem to matter, they end up on your route mostly. That said, I've been enjoying it. I'm on teen number 5 now, and a lot of the story has opened up and the characters are developed more. One of the characters is genuinely creepy and pushes the game to some intense horror type moments. Some of the characters have interesting connections to each other, some are just funny. Each route has started having a nice mix of occasionally daft, sillier moments, some quiet, more revealing moments and some pretty intense scenes. Its good. But a lot of that didnt come across really well till my second teen. Theres still issues too though. Some of it is a bit choose your own adventure in a sense that you can be screwed over by choices that you could not have predicted. This doesnt feel punishing at least, but it can be annoying. I lost one crossing because; It also feels like it pushes you to play all your teens the same, rather than being able to play them a little different, at least if you want certain endings that I assume are possible. Spoilers for what i assume can happen; I think its a nice game to dip in and out of and it switches things up enough to keep the segments fresh and have different stuff going on, and the story is pretty good. Voice acting is patchy though for sure. Zoe is very YA indie teen girl from a dozen other games that just wants to find their place in the world/do something with their life/knows theres something more out there/etc and has that particular cadance/dialogue all of them have and is probably the most boring. Jerod has a good story which is nearly ruined by the voice acting. The other characters are generally good though.
  7. Being honest, the main reason Im interested in this is because I hope it'll be like Bully. I fucking loved Bully, and there were a bunch of things that I liked about that which seem to be present here - the going to classes, the seasons changing depending on how far through the school year you are, the exploration of outside the school itself. I understand that theres also going to be bits that arent in here, like how the humour and tone will be different, and it'll be a lot more straight laced, but we'll see. They also havent said anything regarding it modelling an actual day like Bully did, which I liked as you had to plan where you were going around if you were going to go to class, or be in areas that had restrictions at certain times. The main difference though will be that in Bully at least, the homophobia, transphobia, and racial stereotypes are supposed to be satirical!
  8. I was going to write out a longer response but see he's been banned, so thought it best to leave till he can at least respond, or hopefully has had time to think about the idea that somehow there are people who want to assault women but are just waiting till they can go "nah mate, i identify as a women now, honest" to attack them in a toilet isnt a fucking stupid idea.
  9. It’s a weird one. I don’t think the scene would have fit in the movie, and it feels almost directly like a scene from Manhunter (and a great scene from it too, which it doesn’t match up too). The performance is a bit…well, I’ll spoiler the rest. But I think it’s interesting too.
  10. I hope it includes where she decided to add to the lore that before Hogwarts got plumbing, wizards would just shit themselves and magic it away. Im not even making that up, that was an actual piece of trivia that she released.
  11. New expansion announcement is here - it’s called voyage to the sunken city, and is themed around a long lost Naga underwater city, and potential treasures/monsters that lie there. With that, there’s a new minion type - pandaren. Ok just kidding, it’s obviously naga. There is a little mini theme with them which involves effects that become active if you play specific cards while holding them. For example one naga has a battle cry that only works if you played a spell when you had that minion in hand. Honestly, sounds a bit clunky to use. Then there’s the new keyword - dredge. They’re going for a bit of an idea of your deck being a bit like the water, because as well as this, some cards can send cards to the bottom of the deck, as if “sending them to the depths”. Dredge actually works like dredging does, but for the bottom of your deck, allowing you to look at the bottom 3 cards and pick one to send to the top of your deck. You don’t draw it, just put it as your next to draw. Lastly, they’ve added minions with a keyword colossal. This is followed by a number, so it could be colossal +3. What this represents is something big, so big the entire thing is represented by several cards once played, which is what the number denotes. In the example I gave, it would create 3 additional token minions on play, so take up 4 board spaces in total. The 3 tokens would be all the same, but the examples shown have had them as different to the main minion that you play. I like this idea a lot, theme wise it’s great as an example shown was basically a big tentacle monster, and the artwork lines up across the tokens to make one large creature. In that example, it had 4 tokens representing its tentacles that were 1/2 creatures that dealt 1 damage to a random enemy at the end of the turn, and the main minion (which was the card played) was a 3/6 that at the start of the turn, increases the tentacles end of turn damage by 1. I think it’s interesting so far. I really like the idea of the colossal beasts, and theme wise it seems cool. Standard since the last patch has actually been pretty playable too, and once the rotation hits there’s a bunch of annoying cards that go. They’ve also said a few things about some types of play like mass mana reduction they want to reduce, which is good. They haven’t announced the core set rotation yet, they still have that as well as a map for the overall theme for the year, which I believe is in the next few weeks. Edit: one thing to note about the colossal cards is that it doesn’t work like a battle cry, and that you don’t have to play the card like one to get the tokens associated to spawn. By that I mean, if the card comes into play, it always also generates the rest of it. So spells that summon from hand/deck, stuff like cenarion ward, evolve type effects - if they hit the colossal minion, you get all of it..
  12. I logged on for a bit yesterday and have been messing around with the new content. Shadowlands so far is easily the least played expansion for me, and not because I've had other things that have prevented it. I enjoyed leveling the first time, but the end game content at launch didnt keep me occupied for very long as a lot of it was just tedious or drawn out for the sake of it. I logged on long enough to get flying done (which thankfully wasnt that lengthy) Zenith Mortis isnt much better. It doesnt help that I dont like the aestheitic thats all over this expansion, which has made the last 2 raids really uninteresting to me. A lot of the bosses look very....indistinct? They're just boring faceless blobs that mostly look similar. There isnt really a lot (save a few) to make them stand out. Thats been similar for most of the expansion to be honest, the art in the last 2 raids really wasnt very interesting, same with how most the gear looks. Its a shame, as the concept art from the expansion release was some of the best they've done. The zones looked wonderfully pretty, and some of the gear at the start is cool. But it dropped off a cliff pretty quick. Similarly with BFA, there isnt much there that makes me want to go back for transmog pieces. It also doesnt help that they drown you in new systems with different currency each patch now. They've always done this a bit, but it seems worse now. The only good bit is that alts are fairly easy to catch up gear wise now. You can get to 230 ilvl pretty quick, though the BOA pieces from the vendor require anima, which if you're like me you werent arsed with (though you can get enough to gear up an alt quick still). The whole expansion has left a bit of a sour note tbh. A lot of people had concerns at the start with covenants and how tied to them you were, but they didnt listen and then undid it later on when they realised people didnt like it. Legendaries are tedious to get. Torghast seemed fun at first and conceptually was cool, but is super boring and the "difficult" levels are more born from frustrating mechanics rather than requiring skillful play. They seem intent on adding systems on systems, then forcing you to engage with them regardless of if they're adding anything to the game other than a time sink. Then of course there was the issue of the harrassment that came up while the expansion was going, which didnt help. Shadowlands so far is bottom 3 of my list for expansions, I'm unsure where I'd rank it amongst WoD and Cata, both of which I wasnt massively keen on. That said, Cata was followed by MoP and WoD was followed by Legion, both of which I really enjoyed, and they're announcing the next expansion soon (just under a month) so it'll be interesting to see where they go from here.
  13. Bought this today and I’ve been playing a fair bit already, but just swore at the tv loud enough for my neighbours to hear as every single one of my roulette spins have given me the smallest number of credits that was there. Every. Time. Wait, tell a lie. Had one that didn’t. That gave me the second lowest. Is this common for it to be really bad for giving the better prizes or am I just having really bad luck?
  14. I love 1, the setting and some of the missions give me a huge nostalgia buzz that no other game does, especially with the music. I can’t even explain why, but I love going to Noveria, there’s something about that mission that I really enjoy. And I think the version of the citadel in there is my favourite- it’s the one that feels most like a tangible place that’s linked together, rather than what’s basically a series of floors in 2, and a bunch of disconnected areas in 3. Its janky as hell though at times. And I’m not sure I’d recommend it others than to buzz through the story for the sequels (which you can do pretty quick). The amount of times my teammates would run in front, blocking my shots or taking the cover I wanted, or getting themselves killed super quick made me nearly want to kill them myself. Enemy AI that often either sits in place for ages or zig zags like a bugger makes combat not fun a lot of the time. The Mako is not fun to drive. Im on 3 now, and it’s obviously more polished but at the same time isn’t quite as good as 2. Some of the polish doesn’t work quite as well, and while they’ve tried to make combat more varied with more distinct enemy types, some of it just isn’t as good and feels a bit like a slog. It’s still mostly really good though. But I think 2 works because the vast majority of the missions are collecting or getting to know your team, then they put it all in jeopardy in the finale, by which point you really give a shit about getting them all through. In 3, they cut the team drastically and add in some that I’m not that bothered about. It’s not quite the same, but it nails the feeling of the world ending and fighting insurmountable odds. And it does tie up a lot of characters stories in satisfying ways. I played it before they updated the ending so I’m not sure what’s changed. I wasn’t as angry as some, but it wasn’t great, so will be interesting see what I think this time.
  15. Just finished this. Glad it was on Disney plus, and I wasn’t paying cinema ticket prices see it. It was just dull. Barely any action, and the in between bits were just meh. Wasn’t an interesting way to start the story of how the kingsmen were founded at all. There were a couple of decent ish bits - I thought the rasputin fight was good, and the scene on the war field where they’re trying to be quiet as to not draw attention was well done. But both were pretty short and didn’t really feel impactful, and certainly not memorable. Like, the church scene is still the most memorable bit of all the films and as a stand alone scene is amazing, but it also fits into the film, paying off the events that lead into it while revealing the villains plan and setting up the remainder of the film. These were just kind of there. Its a shame as I really like the first film, and the second has some stuff I really like, even if overall I couldn’t call it a good film. The taxi fight that opens the second I think is well underrated, the end battle is good (but some of the “comedy” choices take away from it) and they managed to get Eggsy feel much more like the main character rather than it not being as good when Harry isn’t around. It felt like they made a bunch of bad choices due to what looked like marketing men wanting Harry about and rushing a sequel that wasn’t intended out. But I think Vaughn has been surprisingly good action wise as well - there’s some cracking bits through his work and he’s been very good at making his action “read” clearly and be easy to follow. Never felt like there was anything here that was really that special.
  16. Thought this on seeing it, a tv series would have worked well I think, even with the same story as all you’d do is have the start similar to this for the first episode to set up somethings up, then you could literally do an episode focusing on each character. The thing is in theory I think they have some interesting stories here, but they just kind of mention the interesting bits in passing or hint at them and the stuff you see isn’t that great. Just from the off, the idea of these beings living for thousands of years and how they interact with civilization and move through the world is interesting itself. Like with Kingo we get the nice bit about his Bollywood legacy, but imagine a story all about how he gets into Bollywood and why. Phastos story could probably fit 2; Similarly I thought ikaris was boring but there’s stuff there that could really flesh out the character if you gave it time. That the didn’t made the stuff they did show feel flat - all the stuff with him and Sersi felt really rushed. Im not sure how you could have fit all this into a movie and make it work that well to be honest, just too many characters and all their stories are pretty much about how they’ve been around forever and how they’ve done over that time, so there’s a lot to cover.
  17. Wordle 203 3/6 so close to getting it in 2…. I think one of the things you need to accept is that your score, especially relative to others, is always going to be luck. I know a couple of people that are taking what they get compared to others super serious and act like they’re super smart if they “beat” people they know. But like that example just, there are so many other things that I could have put for the second entry that fit with the info I had. You can do things to help narrow it down, especially the more words you use, but you’ll never get really low scores without a bit of luck.
  18. No, there’s quite a lot I think you just have to accept for it to really work, and it may even be better that they don’t try and explain some of it better than they do else it’d bog itself down and likely fall over. Like for example; last bit, about the mid credit scene
  19. regarding your spoiler; I enjoyed it a lot, though I don’t think it’s quite as good as a lot of people who’ve been calling it things like the best super hero movie ever. Part of me thinks that a similar thing happened with the last Suicide Squad film, which I saw loads of praise for, and was good, but it felt almost more like people were just really happy that it was obviously done by someone who respected what the fans were looking for from it and hadn’t messed it up. It handles a lot of the ambitious stuff really well, and it explains some of the stuff that from the trailer I thought didn’t add up well, but some of it I’m not sure how well it works if you put thought into it
  20. Its not that easy because there are tonnes of games that I have to think about if I'd still play them now. Like Goldeneye was amazing at the time, but playing it now its not as good (I still enjoyed replaying....but it wouldnt feature as highly as when it was current). Also, if I could pick WoW purely from the Wrath of the Lich King era but ignore some of the expansions after, that would deffo be in there....as is, I think I'd have to include it purely due to how much I've played still (and some expansions after were good, but others pants). So roughly; WoW Super Mario 64 Mass Effect 2 Shenmue GTA V Theres a few that could creep in there on a different day depending on how I was feeling - Skyrim, Zelda A Link To The Past, Silent Hill 2. Theres deffo some games that would have been on my list at the time they were current, like Oblivion, Goldeneye, Resident Evil (original PS1) and FF7 that I still really like, but I think have lost a bit of the lustre of when I first played them, but mainly because i thought so highly of them at the time.
  21. So picked this up yesterday....not entirely sure why but I've been really enjoying it and I'm glad I went in fairly blind as the way it went was quite a suprise, and the subsequent reveals were pretty cool in an "I didnt expect that at all". Some of this is pretty messed up and the way it reveals everything is really well done. I wasnt getting that many fates, but I wanted to keep going just to see what happened, and how this all came about. Also, the way that you only hear whats happening (with silent movie style text cards as well) is really scene setting, and some of the noises are genuinely pretty nasty sounding. It really sells the horror of some of the events that happened. I have played most of it now and ended up watching a video that summed up things pretty well of why it works, which is that a lot of detective games dont really allow you do deduce much, because they script the answers, show you what evidence you need in each scene, which means you're almost always suggesting what the game allows you to and can often lead you to the answer that you wouldnt have otherwise suggested. The CSI games were almost always click on everything in the scene, then process any "evidence" and select the right multiple choice answer occasionally. By allowing you as much freedom in your answers here, theres a much greater need to deduct things rather than slowly doing tasks till you get the answer the game wants to lead you to.
  22. Theres a newer one (though for the life of me I can’t find what it is, to the point I’m half thinking I imagined it. Or it was fan made) where she slept her way into Arkham Asylum and they leant into the idea that she’s always been bad and “crazy”, and used her looks and a kooky dumb persona to disarm people. In that version, she’s not damaged by Joker, it’s something she gets off on. There was definitely a lot more overt sexualised stuff in it about her. Mad love is mostly a good story, though I do dislike the above panel too. At the time though I don’t think she was that well developed, and still mostly played as a comedy sidekick and I can kind of see why they went that way there, but I prefer how it’s evolved since.
  23. I tried a place called stacks on Uber eats last night. With delivery it was about the same price as a five guys (though it did come with chicken wings) but there was so much other crap on the burger that I had to cut it into sections to eat and it was basically a mess. The actual burger was nice, but the homogeneous blob that it melded into made it a not great experience. I like five guys simplicity. The burgers are decent and the toppings don’t take over from that. Too many burger places ram as much as they can on them and it’s never great. Kind of thing you do for Instagram rather than because it tastes good. That said it’s deffo overpriced for what it is, and if your willing to wait a bit longer and sit in, lots of places do just as nice burgers or nicer for the price. When I go the Trafford centre, I’ll sometimes stay nearby and spend a few days there to meet people. I’ll usually eat there at least once but that’s usually for the hot dogs which are not only much more wallet friendly but actually really nice. Don’t sleep on the hot dogs there people!
  24. Bit late replying to this but ah well…. Harley, when she’s written well, is really good. I mean, that’s true for anyone I guess, but as you’ve put about her being an idiot, if she’s not done well, she can come across as an annoying bimbo trying to be funny. Part of the problem is that the stuff that can make her interesting is hard to write well (mainly her abusive relationship with the Joker, but there’s other stuff too), and sometimes writers have gone to all in with the “sexy psycho chick” as her predominant feature. The first Suicide Squad hinted at some of this, but didn’t really pull the trigger. Rumours were the plan was to have a solo Harley film all along to go into it, but that became Birds Of Prey which (by Robbies wishes) shared focus with Canary/Huntress/Cop woman who’s name escapes me now, and that didn’t really go as much into Harleys story as I’d have hoped. The general backstory is that she was a young psychologist who no one took seriously, which pushed her to try and “crack” the Joker while he was at Arkham. Most stories have Joker then manipulating her to help him escape, but in doing so she becomes infatuated with him. The first film has a blink and you’ll miss it hint that she actually managed to get through to him in ways that other doctors didn’t and it freaked him out. There’s a really bad take on this in one comic that got panned where she’s basically not very good, but slept with doctors to progress, and has always been basically a bit “crazy”. I’m convinced though that part of that comes from there being a surprising number of people who fetishise the Joker/Harley relationship. One guy I worked with constantly used to talk about “finding his Harley”, and when he was in relationships compared him/her to the pair. Perhaps unsurprisingly I found out a bit ago (haven’t worked with him for a couple of years) that he’s still single and one of his ex’s has a restraining order against him and several have warned other women to stay away. Id like to see a good Harley story on screen. There are some good ones out there - I like some of her Injustice arc, some of the stories with her and Poison Ivy are good too. And if they went into some of the joker stuff, which could be pretty dark, I think Robbie could pull it off no problem.
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