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  1. I’m just about to break 500 and go all the cards prior to series 3 now. I’ve also done all the season quests, the last one was win 10 games with a snap which was a pain as I went on a run of bad games so lost a load of cubes. I ended up switching to a devil dinosaur deck which saw me go without a loss till I finished the quest. I’m not sure if I’ll get the season pass again. It’s technically good value, the gold alone works out cheaper than the shop. But I don’t ever feel like I want to buy gold, and other than the card and variants, there isn’t a lot else. I think the season rewards without it is a lot less interesting, but not so much I want to pay. Maybe if the next card after silver surfer (who I’m not bothered about getting) is any good I could be tempted…. The irony with Galactus is that the effect is really cool and thematic….but to balance that they made him weak. Playing him “normally” and unless you get super lucky he’ll not beat much and probably lose you the game, making him a bad random pull. Typically he needs a bunch of support, usually Wave to get him out early or Magik to add a turn. You can also run the goblin cards to play into where you intend to play him, making them winning that lane harder. But typically I see it being run in decks that try and get it to have turns after him, and play Death or if the go the wave route, Galactus turn 4, skip 5 and Infinaut/She Hulk turn 6.
  2. My new fave deck is one with move synergies. It’s not super refined, and it helps the Bifrost is the hot location, which is why I gave it a go. That said, the MVP I’m it has been professor x, who often screws up your opponent’s plan if they’re also playing move. Other than that it’s pretty straightforward Multiple man comboing with Forge and/or Hulkbuster is your goal before turn 4 if bifrost is up, then bump them around with Strange and Heimdall. Nightcrawler and Vision are there to help activate Kraven. Iron fist can be used in a pinch to move MM or Vulture around to increase their power, if you don’t have hulk buster in hand. Storms there purely to get rid of locations that hurt you like Frisks and as mentioned, a well placed Professor X can help seal you wins. You have a bunch of ways to boost power on the board but just try and plan to be able to leverage moving them all with Heimdall on turn 6 if you need to.
  3. I usually hate the quests that require you to win a location with 1 card as it’s often hard to get a lane that you can win with 1 with the early pool cards, and there’s a bit of luck involved. Devil Dino seems to be the most consistent way to get that. At least, with where I am card pool wise. However, the location that’s being seen more often made it surprisingly easy - night crawler into hulk buster, then move them to the lane. The location destroys cards played there, but not moved, so sometimes they’ll have something in there like a token or borrowed power from Mr Fantastic, but sometimes nightcrawler alone is enough to win the lane outright, as I’ve rarely played anyone who can get much power without playing anything into the lane itself. I think I saw 1 person play Colossus. I’ve got a few other cards that can buff other lanes too, and it’s a devil Dino deck at it’s core (it just happened to have those 2 cards in as well, my original thinking was Dino on 5 and hulk buster it to still get just one card with more power) but I’ve been winning most my games mainly because I can commit Dino to a lane that already has a bunch of power then win the promoted location with just Nightcrawler.
  4. Playing it on Xbox on game pass. I hated 22 because the controls felt like ass, really hard to navigate and I couldn’t get the match display how I wanted it, and even then it felt hard to do anything. I don’t know if things have actually changed but it’s not been like that this time, but maybe I just got lucky figuring it out. Anyway, I’m having fun with it, even though I’m cheating and playing Man City, and so far I’m trouncing everyone without much effort. I was worried about going into my first “big” match outside of Liverpool in the charity shield or whatever it’s called now, against Chelsea- mainly because Haaland picked up a niggle that put him out for a few games just before. But then the backup for him scored 7 goals in three games (Alvarez?) and I was genuinely thinking if I should put haaland back in. Spoiler, I should (and did) as he’s scoring just as ridiculously as in real life. I want to play as a smaller club once I’ve gotten used to it, but smashing Chelsea 5-0 with my star striker out was pretty nice. I think the main thing that seems broken about playing as Man City is that you have decent options for replacements in most positions meaning you can swap out injured/tired players pretty easily, so I’ve bought some young prospects for down the line as you don’t really need to strengthen anywhere. That said it’s made me realise how out of touch I am with football in general. I have no idea who these fuckers are in most these teams and the games telling me some of them are worth nearly 100 mill on the transfer market. I stopped really following the prem when my local team, Stoke, were relegated. Even then, I thought I’d be able to recognise more of some of the big 4s first teams than I do.
  5. Yeah maybe I need to stop as well. Guy was doing well. Bar sinister was up (when you play a card there fill it with copies). I was playing crap that had low upgrades needed just to get some card collection levels. Mostly cheap cards that can get buffed and leave my hand empty to buff strong guy. He was doing well in one lane, had filled it by 4, and snapped. He hadn’t put anything in the others. I assumed he had a strong play for bar sinister. I didn’t. Or so I thought. His big brain play was white tiger in bar sinister which then flooded the other location with tigers, which to be fair did put a lot of power in there. Not knowing this, my “let’s see how it goes” play was Morph and hope it nabbed something good. It did, his black tiger. Each copy doubled the 8 power after the reveal so I had 52 in there. Not that it would have mattered, as he stupidly put a card in there which meant that any I put with more than 1 power won it for me, and I didn’t need to commit any more. Then as I said, doing so locked his board on turn 5 meaning all I needed to so was put more than 3 power in the remaining slot I had in the one he’d started in, and I was in trouble. Instead he snapped, then fucked himself over. Once I realised what he’d done I’m pretty sure I actually rocked back laughing and said “get wrecked, dumbass”. I am not a good person…..
  6. Oh god, it just happened again TWICE. I just pulled Nova so thought trying a Nova/Carnage combo would be fun. It just so happened that the first match I played with it, I ran into another deck playing Nova/carnage. It also turned out that location 1 was the cloning vats and location 2 was the one that adds a copy of the card you play to another location (bar sinister?). I was playing my deck with pretty much just the nova/carnage combo, around a zoo package that included Kazan/Blue Marvel/Spectrum, and a bunch of 1 drops. Not super refined, spectrum doesn’t get tonnes of value and by turn 5 it’s more to have the 1 drops flood locations then turn 6 drop carnage on nova hoping the buffs from Kazan and Bm as well do me enough. They were playing an all in destruction deck by the looks of it. So they went all in on making copies of nova and carnage in the first lane, instead I went more in middle, spreading copies on the board. Start of turn 4 they’d novad pretty much every turn and had a large lead in left but middling in the others. I didn’t have much power on board yet (I hadn’t played carnage at all), so they snapped. They seemed to be making decent plays so I thought maybe I was in danger. Turn 4 was Kazan, turn 5 was BM, both on mid so they duplicated. Turn 6 I went for the carnage play in left, which id lost but would get the buffs from, but they countered with Armour, but even still, the Kazan/BM duplicates were plenty in the other 2 lanes which they’d not really built up enough due to focusing on nova/carnage in left. That was satisfying. Second game, I’ve got a deck slot where I sort my collection by upgradable, and make a ramshackle deck from cards that don’t need many boosters. This one wasnt competitive, but happens to have some discard synergies, including sif/apocalypse. They also seemed to play discard, but they played a bunch of random ones, which whiffed any decent targets, but they were still leading so they snapped on turn 3….just before my Morph copied their Apoc, which while not buffed still won that lane for me, and the my sif on 4 hit my Apoc, which then won the location that gives a card plus 5 if you only have 1 card there, as it was also buffed by Klaw.
  7. Does the same for me on my iPhone. Dead weird. Think it was after a recent update as I played off wireless before
  8. Oh god I feel this regarding the reaction to someone snapping first and then beating them. One guy emoted after and I juuuuuust squeaked it and I literally exclaimed “get fucked twatface”…..
  9. I’ve been very much enjoying this recently. It’s quite different I’m that you can’t brute force your way into a meta deck even if you want to spend a butt load of cash, so it naturally keeps you in line with similar level decks. Or at least it feels like it so far. Ive had fun with a few decks so far. I’ve had most success I think with a deck built around ongoing effect synergies, with 1 drops that you can get a wide board with that get buffed with Kezan, Blue Marvel and Spectrum. There’s tweaks that keep it interesting that you can swap in and out and you can go with a later curve list too. Odin decks can be fun too, esp with black panther. The ones that shine though are the more out there decks, though you don’t get loads of support early on. I was really struggling with 2 quests I had to win locations with one card, so I made a few swaps with the ongoing deck to put in devil dinosaur and cards that added ones to my hand, like Cable, Sentinel and White Queen, to see how much I could pump him up, as well as cards like Mr Fantastic and Klaw I could drop in mid to pump up the right lane. It did surprisingly well, and I played it a bit as it was fun seeing how high I could get him.
  10. All this talk of “oh I can’t see how you’d get Black Panther up to 256!” And this guy here getting his up to over 4 million….
  11. New expansion hype again time, the March of the Lich King, which I’m sure isn’t because Wrath of the Lich king is being released for wow classic. Main takeaway is that theyre adding death knights as a playable class. Which I’m also sure totally won’t be OP just like DHs were….and like they were when added in Wow. Theyre adding a lot of cards in for DKs from the off, twice as many as DHs starters with but it sounds like that’s because they’ve added a new deck building mechanic/restriction which is the runes that they use in game. When you build a Dk deck, you have to pick 3 runes from blood, frost or unholy. You can pick any combination, so you could choose 2 blood runes and 1 frost, or 3 of one type. Some cards then have a runic “cost” next to the mana cost, and you have to have picked that number of those runes at the start of creating your deck, or you can’t include them in your deck. You don’t use the runes in game, it’s purely to determine what cards you can put in your deck. The idea is that it works like specs in wow, so the cards are themed around the runes they have on them, and the further you “go in” on one rune/spec, the more powerful it can get, as you’ll restrict what you can match it with from other runes. Blood is “tanky” so has big defensive minions and health increases, frost is direct damage and freezes, unholy is smaller, wide boards and synergies with ressurecting. I like the idea of it, purely from the theme of fitting with wow specs and the idea of if it expanded out to include other specs and having things like a proper beast hunter themed Hunter or something. On the other hand, that’s a lot of reworking required and even with just the one class it could make deck building a bit of a chore. Something that needs trying I think. Main other highlights; - reborn is back due to DKs, now a permanent keyword - mana thirst is new key word. It’ll have a number with it and the card will have a bonus if you play it once you’ve reached that much mana. - the frozen throne cards added to the core set now so everyone gets all the DKs.
  12. So been playing a bit more. And mostly it’s been doing enough to keep my attention, but only really because I’ve not got much else I want to play right now. The main gameplay loop that it forces you to go through of you going out “on patrol”, doing a bunch of stuff and then going back to your hideout creates some weird friction in some of its systems which I think hampers it. Like not being able to change characters unless you go back to the hideout, or equip gear you craft (which is where a lot of your gear will come from) until you do, but doing so resets any crimes on the map, and if you haven’t done a bunch of them to fill your clue bar, you have to run around interrogating street thugs to uncover them again. And to do a bunch of the case files, you have to go back to the hideout to carry them on. A lot of the crimes become repetitive or aren’t that interesting. The crime scene investigation is a prime example, as I thought it would add puzzles and work your brain a little, but no. Every single one is just search a small area for 5 really easy to find clues, then it’ll ask which one points to where the criminal may be now, and every time it’ll be that one of the descriptions of the clues has an area on the map mentioned. Utter waste of a system. That said, I have gotten to a couple of bits today that holy freaking shitballs i have no idea how they put these in the game. First one is minor really. As you level you get movement abilities, which come with a AR training session. And Red Hoods was easily the most frustrating thing by far I’d played in the game. The course itself just doesn’t seem well designed - it’s a typical go through the hoops course but I’ve no idea how you are supposed to use his ability to get some of them in time. The controls just don’t work very well, some bits you obviously need to grapple to get your height back, but often it would grapple somewhere above me taking me way off course rather than where I was aiming. But the worst bit? No option to return you to the starting point to restart, and by the time I’d failed I was usually far enough away that this was super annoying. That was the most annoying bit…..until not long after I’d gotten a bit farther in the main mission. And there is one bit that nearly made me quit, uninstall, trade the game in, quit my job, and dedicate my life to finding who was responsible for putting this in so I can punch them in their fucking nuts/tits. It is one of the most poorly thought out, badly designed sections I’ve seen in a game, ever, and the only saving grace is that it’s short, and contextually unlikely to be repeated. You basically fall into a pit with an elaborate trap that consists of spinning blades, conveyor belts, rollers with spike on and flame throwers. You have to escape by running past all this. The problem is, there are few safe spots, and you’ll have a series of mechanisms that all move on timers that don’t line up. So you can’t learn the pattern to run past stuff, because it changes. Everything moves really fast too, and stuff can happen like you run past one bit but have to wait for the next, and then the bit you just avoided zooms back towards you and you’ve got no where to move even if you can react in time. Also everything is a one hit kill. Utterly unforgivable that something this shit was left in the game. I guess some people could get lucky and blow past it in a few tries, but I could see this being frustrating for a lot of people.
  13. It’s ok. Been playing for a bit. Enjoying it enough to carry on but it’s definitely missing something. It doesn’t explain some of its systems very well. The world doesn’t have much variety in but looks very nice, but because there aren’t that many recognizable landmarks to orientate yourself, it’s harder (at least at the moment) to navigate without the map. Play wise, I’m not sure if it’s been said but it’s much more similar to the Sony Spider-Man games than the Batman ones. Controls feels similar, including the use of dodge instead of counters and being able to do more arial attacks and bounce around a bit. The gameplay in between missions feels almost cut straight out of it with crimes going on that have bonus objectives in a very similar manner. Even the stealth bits feel more like the stealth in Spider-Man than Batman. There isn’t much variety in terms of side missions at the moment, and the patrol system feels a bit weird. Combat is solid enough though and while the frame rate doesn’t look great sometimes - mainly while driving - the game looks nice. It’s the very definition of average tbh. Maybe slightly above average, as I am enjoying it, but it’s not as compelling as Arkham Asylum
  14. She’s just responded on Twitter. Ironically she’s insisting that Nintendo/platinum are lying, and her version is the truth, but starts with “they initially offered me 10k, then after reaching out to Kayima who said he valued my work, they offered an additional 5k. I said no, they then made an offer for some lines for 4k.” I’m not sure how she doesn’t see how this more or less lines up with the reporting, and how she can’t see her initial videos were misleading - she was offered about 3-4k a session for 4-5 sessions (the initial offer of 15k which she never previously mentioned lines up in that range) and after saying no was offered 4k for some cameo lines. She only mentioned the 4k as if that was an offer for the entire thing, but she must have been aware it wasn’t because she says it was offered nearly a year after and only “for a few lines” which hardly seems like something you’d say for completely voicing the main role. She also notes what she got paid for the first two games - about 3k each.
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