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  1. George Clooney


    So there’s been an update today. Main things added are some cards purely for a limited time arena event themed around the time tinkering Bronze Dragonflight. The power level of some cards seems bonkers, like a 7 mana 6/6 that permanently makes it so you draw 3 cards at the start of each turn, but only gives you 15 secs a turn. As long as you can play each turn in that time, that’s insane.Or a warrior weapon that when it kills a minion, kills all copies of it, no matter where they are? Annoyed with boards of saronite chain gangs? Not any more! Killing one kills em all! Theyve also added a new pack of cards to the shop, for £7.99 you get 10 pack, 2 of each of the current standard format packs (Classic, Un’Goro, Frozen Throne, Kobolds, and Witchwood). Bought one and got an Arfus, which isn’t that great but may fit in deck to mess around for fun with. Lastly they’ve changed Tess Greymane so that she no longer carries on playing cards if one of them destroys her. Basically the Yogg nerf that happened a while ago. There’s a “news” piece on Hearthpwn which is blatantly an opinion piece from someone there who is very angry that they’re not refunding the full amount of dust for her because of this. And while on the one hand I see their point as people may have crafted Tess specially, on the other I can’t really be arsed enough to care - and Tess Rogue is currently the deck I’m playing mostly, and it’s one of the most fun decks I’ve played. The reason being that while there is a chance you can play something that could kill Tess when you play her, you have control of what you play, and even then most the cards you get (or at least I get) won’t kill her when you play her. I’ve never had her die once since I played, and knowing that it could happen, it’s easy to avoid. It’s a nerf, but it’s such an insignificant one I can’t see it really mattering. It’s not like Yogg, where the spells were random so you could play it, and it would literally just kill itself on the first spell, stopping the chain.
  2. George Clooney

    TotalBiscuit died.

    Probably going to be controversial but fuck it, I would very much disagree with this. I didn’t particularly like the guy, but you couldn’t say he was a prominent gamergater. He was someone they liked to paint as “on their side” as he spoke about the whole “ethics in gaming journalism” stuff they used to say they loved so they could attack people, but he’d said several times that he didn’t think the movement as a whole was something he wanted to support, and outright called out some of their prominent members for harassment. That he agreed with what some of them said, some of the time, meant that he got bundled in with them by people on both sides. I also think the “getting his mobs to mass harass people” thing is overstated, at least from what I’ve seen. There could be other times that I’ve missed, but generally the instances where this is supposed to have happened have been the kind where someone (often with a decent, If not as large) following talks shit about him, and he responds to them. You could say that he’s irresponsible with his following, but it’s come across more that he’s pissed/frustrated at people misrepresenting him or just getting digs in at him. Which I’ve seen happen a lot. There were plenty of people during gamergate on the anti side who’d take things he said and then say he’d been saying a slightly misread (and worse) version. The worst was when he made a joke to a friend of his on there saying he was “toast-kin”, and the anti side took it as mocking transgender people. It wasn’t, it was mocking “other-kin” who think they’re actually a dragon or some shit, and he explained that and apologised to any trans people who thought it was aimed at them. The anti side still kept up the narrative that it was anti trans though, and I literally saw people claim he’d said that being trans was the equivalent to being a piece of toast and that he thought trans people should kill themselves. These were people with decent followings as well. To be honest, I’m not surprised that sometimes he called these people out. And I could be missing it completely, but I’ve never heard of or seen someone leaving social media because of an harassment spree he started. I’m sure there have been instances where his followers have attacked people, but I’m not so convinced that he was legitimately sending hate mobs on people for no reason because he enjoyed driving people off social media either. So yeah, he’s no angel but I honestly believe he gets way more shit than he deserves. I’ve already seen responses along the lines of “well, I’m not saying he deserved cancer....but he kind of did” in other places, and honestly, those people are arseholes who should fuck off. I didn’t particularly like him, but still find the news sad - he’d been battling this for a while now, and to have to go through such an awful illness at such a young age is terrible. RIP.
  3. George Clooney

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

  4. George Clooney

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Yeah, it loads better than I thought it would be. That doesn’t make it amazing, but I’d say it’s better than the last 2 Star Wars films at least, and the run time flew by. Alden is a much better Solo than the trailers made it seem - while if you go into this expecting to see an impersonation of Fords version, trying to match his voice and mannerisms as I think a lot of people did with the trailers, you’ll probably feel a bit let down. He does fit the character really well though, more importantly, he fits how you could see him being before the original trilogy really well. It didn’t feel like it relied too much on nostalgia from the older films though, which sounds strange seeing as it’s the origin story from the original series of films. It didn’t feel like it overdid any of the moments to get a reaction from older fans, or put things in just for fan service. Well, except one. Let’s talk about “that” reveal. Theres also one character I can already see certain YouTube commentators getting their pants in a twist about, especially the ones that hated The Last Jedi. So Yeah, it’s worth seeing - the cast is good, the story is decent, and it’s an enjoyable little adventure film.
  5. George Clooney

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Finally gotten around to watching this today, so can finally venture into this thread again. Not 100% sure what I think yet. Liked a lot of it. Loved some bits of it. Liked some of the misdirection from the trailers. That said, for a film they’ve spent 10 years building up to, there’s a number what I thought fairly key or important character stories or interactions that felt either ignored entirely, or swept under the rug pretty quickly. Spoilered to elaborate Think I may be forgetting at least someone there that I thought of in the cinema. On a slightly more niggly nitpick, I felt a lot of the quippy interactions when characters met came across poorly, sometimes just unlikeable. There were some genuinely funny lines in there though, the 2 best ones being Ive paraphrased those, and both work because of their delivery in the film. Apparently the first one was ad libbed by the actor. So in some respects it works, there’s some real emotional stuff in there despite the notion they’re just going to find a way to reverse what happened (which they likely will, although I suspect if so there will be a cost involved), but I can’t help feel that it’s missing stuff I’d like to have seen in there. Also, gotta admit, I kind of loved the end credit scene.
  6. George Clooney

    Deadpool 2 - 2018

    Because how the film does can vastly influence how much those faceless corporations are likely to make either sequels or films in similar veins. Good examples being Dredd not making enough to greenlight a sequel (if I recall, the creators had plans for one, but were told an actual number that the film would have to make more then to get it, which it didn’t get despite being really well received critically, but only just about breaking even money wise at the cinema - it sold well enough on home formats to make a reasonable profit), but the best being Catwoman doing so poorly that it literally convinced studios to shit the bed on any female led comic book movies until fairly recently. Hell, this movies predecessor took forever to get made purely because of how the studio looked at that type of movie, and ended up changing the ideas of what people thought could make a successful comic book film. Like it or not, the movie industry at the larger levels is just one big money making corporate entity, but it’s one that decides the kind of movies we end up seeing, and how they end up on screen. Like how people complained that Ghost in the Shell had Scarlett Johansson in, but her signing on likely either got the film made in the first place, or added 10s of millions to the budget as she’s considered a draw and would likely see more people buy tickets. Considering how much this affects what we end up with in cinemas, it’s not surprising people talk about this kind of stuff or are interested in it.
  7. George Clooney


    I think it’s also because the inner fire combo works purely because you play it on a minion when you control when you attack with, so the effect isn’t wasted. With this, it’s a slow effect that either allows small minions to trade up better (but generally not by that much), or yo want to play high health, low attack minions for the late game. The problem with that is, there aren’t enough of those where you can play em without the buff and not be sad, making it really reliant on you getting Lady out as soon as possible. Its a nice idea for an effect, but for it to be viable, you’d need to be able to build a deck with minions which had higher health than attack which could work without it being there as well.
  8. George Clooney


    Lich king is a good choice as long as you are ok crafting something that will rotate. You’ll likely get loads of use out of him till then though. If you want classic only, TGP pretty much covers it unless you’re considering class legendaries, and in the classic set, the only ones you’d probably really want are the rogue and pally ones, barring specific decks. Mage one drops in and out of popularity depending on the meta and is either really strong or sees no play, it seems. Ive seen Al’akir in most the popular even Shaman decks atm, to activate that card which gains keywords depending on if you have cards with that in your deck (Corpsetaker?), and since he has taunt, windfury and divine shield, he activates all but the lifesteal, which is easy enough to get somewhere else, making it a 4 mana 3/3 with taunt, windfury, divine shield and lifesteal, which is pretty powerful. Pretty expensive to craft if you don’t have many other of the necessary cards, and not super strong even regardless of that.
  9. George Clooney


    Just done the tavern brawl, which apparently is filled with mages using mana worm and arcane missiles, so I went cheaper and did silence and mind blast. Didnt do too badly from my pack...
  10. George Clooney


    I may (probably) have been lucky against spiteful decks as I’ve not had too much trouble with them. That said, I don’t think I’ve had one get Keleseth out too early, which will affect things, and I’ve always been able to save a removal like Vilespine for their summoner play, which usually swings things a lot back to me. When I’ve played against them with my odd Paladin, they only real answer they have to the number of minions I summon is MC tech, which usually doesn’t swing it too much for them and it’s usually too late by then. Again, I’m probably lucky as it’s obviously doing well. I used to struggle loads more against priest variants that ran the dragon package, but you don’t see people trying to make that work now.
  11. George Clooney


    I’ve been enjoying thief rogue at the mo, which also seems to do well against the warlocks getting their rank up before the nerf, or so it seems at the moment. Current list is; 2x backstab 2x deadly poison 2x firefly 2x hallucination 1x shiny cavernfinder 2x cheapshot 2x eviscerate 1x pickpocket 2x sap 2x blinkfox 1x Edwin van Cleef 1x Face Collector 2x Ravencaller 2x SI:7 Agent 2x Mistwraith 1x Spectral Cutlass 2x Vilespine Slayer 1x Tess Greymane I haven’t crafted a second cutlass, but never really felt like I need it, using the cavernfinder in its place to help draw into it. You can keep it going for so long that I’ve never really been in a spot where I thought a second would make too much difference. Indeed, the cutlass is often the MVP of the deck, especially when you’ve got both deadly poisons on it. Despite you getting loads of random cards, it doesn’t actually feel like you rely on the randomness to win. The base cards in the deck will usually be enough to get the win, with the random card just occasionally adding power rather than being what you rely on. Sometimes you’ll get something insane like a Lich King, but it works when you don’t too. Better against the slower decks like Warlock at the mo, but I’ve beaten aggro decks with it too. Important to note though, as I found out in my last game when I got Jaraxxus off a Blink Fox - if you get a card that changes your hero like a DK card, Tess counts you as that hero, so replays any rogue cards you have played till that point - like in my case the 10 cheap shots and 2 eviscerates, which thankfully landed on most my opponents stuff.
  12. George Clooney


    Balance changes are announced now. The big ones being; - Call of Arms mana cost increased to 5 - Possessed Lackey mana cost increased to 6 - Dark Pact healing halved to 4 - Spitefully Summoner mana cost increased to 7. The Warlock and Spiteful nerfs will obviously hurt the decks that use them, but I cant see it being that drastic to those decks. It’ll drop the decks power, but they were all high powered decks already and this will likely just make them a bit more in line with some of the others being played. Call to Arms on the other hand, had been more or less destroyed for the current meta decks. You cant play it in even paladin now, where it was a card that massively contributed to its power level, and while you can put it in odd paladin now, putting 3 1 mana minions on the board isnt nearly as strong. The other deck seeing play in pally at the mo is murloc paladin, which again had CtA as one of the big cards. This makes it less good in that deck, but probably playable, just you’ll have times where it isnt quite as much value for the mana, while with it being 4 mana its less of an issue. After the changes, odd Paladin will possibly become the Pally deck of choice, unless in practice the nerf to CtA doesn’t hurt murloc pally that much, but even Pally is pretty much gone. Its a shame in a way, as even pally was pretty much the only real even deck seeing any play at high level, but it was pretty much carried by Call to Arms, so I can see why they wanted to nerf it. It would have been nice if they could have done so in a way though that kept it viable as an even deck choice.
  13. George Clooney

    Miniature Painting Guides / Resource Repository

    So the set I said I had ordered has arrived and I’ve finished messing around with it, and I’ve actually produced something I’m fairly happy with for a first shot! Pics to follow, but a few thoughts about the set itself; - I wouldnt say it feels cheap, more it feels like a set you’ve paid a tenner for. It wasn’t that bad, but at the same time the models didnt fit together as well as they could have done, and you have to be pretty frugal with the glue supplied. - also, you dont get a base coat colour! In the guide Sorastro made for it, he did mention using a primer spray, but I thought I’d try without, and there are a few thing that made it more difficult, like each paint needing at least 3 coats to give a solid cover over the plastic, especially the metallic colours. It also means if you make a mistake at go over the blue where you dont want to, you dont have anything to correct it with. - you also dont get any shade colours like you do with some of the other starter sets, so they look a little flat as is. I did use Sorastros method of watering down the black and using that to add some shade into the details which adds a lot. - the paintbrush is fine, though small for painting the bigger areas. - overall, its good for learning some basic techniques and practicing and was ideal for what I wanted it for, but really could do with a base coat to go with it. I enjoyed it though and would like to do something bigger and with more colours. Pleased that I wasn’t as cack handed as I feared I may have been, though I know I could have done some bits better too. Overall happy with what I’ve done though!
  14. George Clooney

    Miniature Painting Guides / Resource Repository

    Thanks, I’ve ended up going with this, as I saw a tutorial video from Sorastro that made it seem ok, and it was a tenner delivered. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01M4KQGRY/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 some of the reviews aren’t great (didn’t notice them till after hitting order), but for something to mess around with I think it’ll be fine. I’ve set my expectations fairly low for how good I’ll be starting off again, so really cheap stuff to both practice and see if I enjoy it is ideal.
  15. George Clooney

    Football Thread 2017/18

    See, this doesn’t bother me because it obviously was made up by someone at Paddy Power (who still like to try and get some banter in with us after the whole paying out on us going down at the start of the season, then staying up). The “joke” is just a Arsenal fan being an arse, it’s not really taking the piss out of Stoke or its fans. Any Stoke fans getting worked up about it need to pull their head out of their backside. Arsenal fans who are all “go on son, I’d totally do this too” or something similar can suck my balls though. Nah, just kidding, you’re alright really. Except you Gotters. Obviously.

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