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  1. I was in Elwynn Forest and the chat was basically a psuedo intellectual cringe fest with people giving edgy hot takes and interspersing it with "you dont get this level of chat on retail!" like they didnt realise they sounded like idiots. To be fair, with the exception of the last line, it was often like that back on release. So it really is the classic experience!
  2. So not too long ago, I heard someone give what I think is actually the best explanation of why some people love classic/vanilla so much. It boils down to the ending of Game of Thrones (dont worry this doesnt really spoil the ending) - "Whats more powerful than a good story". And vanilla was excellent for letting people make stories. They gave you this massive, interesting world, then made it juuuuuust accessible enough with enough of a carrot on a stick to make people want to play, but at the same time, some of the design decisions werent really all that well thought out. But this had effect that occasionally, you'd end up with some magic that you'd recount to your group about, stories about the time you did a death run at low level to get to a place that had a thing you wanted to be at, or a high level quest that in reality made no sense for you to get at the level you could, but it'd have a sweet reward so you'd still try it. So entirely by accident almost, they enabled this massive world where people felt like they were actually adventuring. It made no sense lore wise to have the night elves not have a more direct route to the capital of their allies, but because of it, players had the legend of the Run of Death from Darnassus to Stormwind. Sometimes these things could be a massive pain in the arse, like spending 2 hours trying to get to Scarlet Monastary as alliance because someone gets lost, or the only healer that will come is the other side of the world and has never been there so needs to walk from Ironforge. But then sometimes something happens and the group does feel like an adventure - but this stuff usually happens in spite of the game design, not because of it. Or more accurately, it happens because of the lack of design in some areas. The longer that the game went on, the more they "fixed" some of these issues. Especially as due to its popularity, it gained competition which it needed to out-do. Plus the growing user base would point out some of the things that inadvertantly lead to some of these things happening. The game became "better" designed and more convenient. But the design made it more constrained. More predicatable. Things didnt happen so much that lead to people getting into adventures. When people think of classic/vanilla, i dont think anyone really thinks that the gameplay is that much better, or stuff like the classes are so much better designed. People remember things that the game couldnt push you towards, things that happened in the game, but not necessarily because of it. I remember fondly playing with an IRL friend as a priest (me)/ mage combo on a pvp server. We'd sometimes go looking for opposing players and once in desolace we happened to find a warlock and a rogue roughly our level. We spent about an hour just politely letting each other get ready and then fighting 2v2, till eventually they had to leave and waved goodbye as we left. We'd also try and take on things that really we shouldnt have been able to do, like we duo'd the Library in SM at not much higher than you needed to be for it, using a combination of poly and mind control tanking the packs. It was slow, but fun and rewarding, and we managed to clear the instance, though the last boss was basically me soloing it for around 15 mins while my friend shouted encouragement from his corpse. Basically I healed myself and slowly killed him with SW:Pain. There was a lot of boring stuff in there as well, like wanding most of the mobs to death when I levelled because mana was shit. But I remember the stuff that was fun more. The game doesnt really do much that encourages some of these things any more, if anything the design makes it less likely for things like this to happen. But thats the thing - I dont think it was designed that way in vanilla either. It was like catching lightning in a bottle - they definitely deserve credit for creating the world they did, which i still love, but the rest was kind of accidental.
  3. I feel I should point out that theres definitely stuff I think classic does better. I like that crafting has more variety in what you need to collect, so you'd need to grind specific mobs to get items to craft things was much more interesting. Stuff like gringing tigers for the fangs for Barbaric Bracers, or the panthers for shadowhide for Shadowhide gloves. I like that the gear is more distinct, you'd know gear more by name as you'd want specific pieces. Even during leveling - for example the main reason I did Scarlett Monastery was for Whitmanes Chapeau, a cloth helm that at level 40 lasted around the next 10 levels. On that note, I liked that leveling in dungeons rewarded much better than questing. You really were incentivised to do them as you could get gear much better than elsewhere (save some crafted bits) for a good 10+ levels. Even if they could be a pain in the arse to arrange. Controversially, I liked questlines leading up to dungeons. I know you'd always get the "share quest plz" people who'd never bother and then get annoyed when you couldnt share because they hadnt done the prior questlines, but I thought they were good. I like that it feels you get rewarded as you're levelling. Talent points and upgrading skills just stops after a while, and it takes a bit away from leveling for me. Theres probably more.
  4. If thats the case you should give this a shot. That said, the reality of it is usually a far cry from being a quest to get there in one piece, more an exercise in everyone following the path and hoping no one strays to far away and aggros something they shouldnt. Its honestly not that interesting. It can be fun if you're going with people you know, but I'm generally quite quiet in real life so I'm not chatty with randoms, and they can vary a lot. For example, I mentioned the Night Elf run of doom earlier, which was a rite of passage alliance side for Nelfs. Basically, you spent a good half hour running mostly through much higher level zones, occasionally doing tactical suicide runs to get past mobs so you could get to Westfall and do Deadmines, which was the best way to get decent gear for a while (and followed on to the Stockades). Doing it first time, a real life mate did it with me, and it was a laugh, trying to decide where to run to so as not to die, laughing at doing something stupid and killing ourselves. I did it solo after and it was one of the most tedious experiences of my life. Most runs to SM fell into the latter category rather than the first one, for me. If you really want it to feel like a quest though, try doing SM on alliance on a pvp server. Then your experience is verrrrrry different.
  5. There should be something unlockable that allows you to play 2 clips so you can play conversations with both sides. That would be neat, even if its only available after the end. I find it kind of interesting trying to match clips together - at first I thought the date/time would give it away, but it doesnt always, I'm assuming thats due to time zone differences, which is a neat detail if so.
  6. i disagree with the mount cost, at least at 40. Epic costing loads is fine. Prior to that you'll have spent 40 levels where a decent chunk of that is walking and honestly thats not fun sometimes. Again, alliance perspective, but doing the run to Scarlett Monastary was bad enough as it was (the nearest FP was Southshore, which was a pain just to get to itself as you likely didnt quest there at level unless you did a suicide run through the much higher Arathi Highlands), and to get part of the main questline you had to go to Desolace to kill mobs around 4 levels higher than the dungeon mobs for the quest, which was a big difference then. So you'd spend around 15-20 minutes just trying to corral everyone there, which was worse if your tank/healer didnt have a mount despite being 40+ because they couldnt afford one yet. But SM was the best source of gear for that level so you wanted to do it despite organising the dungeon taking longer than the place itself. Had one once which took an hour just to get everyone there because the tank didnt have a mount so walked behind everyone else who did, got lost, died a few times on the way, then got there, realised he needed to repair, and the group fell apart. Dont get me wrong, I have no qualms with things being harder to get, I just disagree that the mount being hard to get at 40 (and while I'm sure someone is going to pop up saying just take gathering professions and sell everything - which did work well if you dont mind sacrificing a crafting profession) because of the cost feels good.
  7. One of the reasons I think that the films have been so successful is that they've adapted some of the storylines from the comics really sensibly, much more so than DC. For example, take Civil War compared to Batman vs Superman. Civil War keeps the central idea of the registration act, but tweaks it enough to fit the current world theyve set up, then the characters all react in ways you'd expect them to - something it handled a lot better than the comic, which had Tony cloning Thor and creating a super prison, and them going straight to trying to arrest Captain America who promptly shouted "freedom bitches" and yeets himself shield first out of the hellicarrier. Well, more or less. The movie was a lot more in keeping with the characters that they'd set up, and used existing threads like Bucky being deemed a fugitive to tie it together. BvS on the other hand has Batman basically killing people with oopsies most the film before going straight to "hes done nothing but good, but he may go bad one day, so I best murder the fucker now", Superman chasing up a story about him that doesnt lead to anything and then any set up for Supes to feel like he needs to actually fight is thrown out the window with good old kidnapping and bribery. Compared to the comic, where the doesnt happen till the end, neither actually want to kill each other and they both have sensible reasons to do it - Supes is working on behalf of the government because he knows that if he doesnt, they'll have no qualms killing Bats, and Bats just wants to show them that he can beat Superman, so they need to back the fuck off. There's a load of stuff in the comics that they could pinch and if they do it sensibly like this, it could be really good. The worry is that they'll oversaturate things and we'll get a lot of shows that kind of mush into the same thing and arent really that interesting because of it. Speaking of adaptations though, I'd be shocked if we didnt get a Civil War 2 at some point. Sure, Tony is gone (it was Tony vs Cap Marvel in the comics) and the comic was a little too close to Minority Report, but the comic worked loads better than the first Civil War story as no one was doing bonkers shit they shouldnt. Spoilers for the basic plot of the comic; Obviously they'd need to change Tony and Cap to other characters, but it could defintely work well as a movie, I think.
  8. Yeah, I kind of assumed there'd be more - it advertises 4 main characters and I've barely seen 2 of them yet, so i figured that there's a lot more twists and turns, and I dont even know what the one I've seen is about! I'm playing it on a PC and it feels very much like the interface is designed with mobile users in mind, even though its set as someone on a computer. Theres no youtube style bar to scrub through, you have to rewind and fast forward at whatever speed you pick. The interface is good aside from that minor quibble though, i like being able to highlight the words in the subtitles to search them.
  9. Alliance Night Elves see your run from TB to Org and raise it running from Darnassus to Stormwind. Unless they're doing it at the patch where you could get a boat straight there, the filthty casuals. I cant remember when they put that in.
  10. Just downloaded this. Loved Her Story, but one of the things was you could either get lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you looked at it) with your keywords and discover things really quickly, or be going round in circles for a while not really picking up on the threads you needed to. In this case, I thought I'd have a quick look so have been on 30 mins before going out and things have escalated rather quickly; Dont get me wrong, I still want to keep playing to piece together the rest of what happens (and I get the impression that this will have a less open ending than Her Story. And I suspect I've skipped a big chunk of stuff so what I've seen doesnt quite make sense yet (I've barely seen the other 2 women yet). Gonna spend my afternoon piecing the rest together I think
  11. Suprised no one mentioned the bar fight from Kingsman: the Secret Service A lot of people quoted the "manners maketh man" line after this, but its not that what makes this scene cool or badass. In fact I'd argue that line is the least badass bit of the scene, which works so well for a few reasons. First is the sudden switch of Harry from being quite polite and leaving them alone to deciding to lock them in, signalling that shits about to go down. Then there's that we havent seen Harry in action - we've seen a Kingsman in action so we know they're good, but how good he is, is an unknown. Then there's the fact that its Colin freakin' Firth suddenly beating the shit out of these thugs and as soon as you see him kick ass, you're totally sold that he's actually that good. Of course there's also the church scene, which is much better as an action scene (its one of my favourite action scenes in ages, but in terms of being badass, its this one.
  12. Quest rogue is a load of fun. I've always enjoyed the thief rogue play style (and still miss the DK which was great for it) and this works really well - the quest is pretty easy to complete and the reward really helps you get back any tempo you've lost through playing sub par cards to get cards or if you get some bad random cards generated. It helps it feel a bit more consistent than some of the old versions which could swing a lot depending on your luck. Quest druid feels super busted when you complete it, to the point you may as well mulligan for hidden oasis and just make sure you complete the quest because that alone almost helps you recover. And once you have that value from the quest it soon starts to add up and you end up with stupid boards. Its fun, but once you hit the quest it almost feels like its over - it feels like ive won easily from that point each game. Maybe ive just been lucky.
  13. So i preordered like a sucker, and to be honest did ridiculously well with what I got. Out of the 50 packs I got 5 legendaries, including 1 golden one, making it 7 legendaries with the 2 bonus ones. The login freebie was the Shaman quest which appears to be the strongest quest by a bit and was one I wanted. The golden legendary i got for preordering was Siamat, which I wasn’t super hoping for, but a lot of people are suggesting this may be this expansions Zilliax. The 5 I got from the packs were both priest ones (which were the only ones I’m a bit meh about), the shaman minions which looks good, the rogue minion, which was also golden and I wanted to try and make a death rattle deck with, and Zephrs, which I really wanted. So I got a good amount of cards to put towards decks i wanted to play. Crafted dinotamer Brann and I’m playing a singleton hunter secret deck that’s been a load of fun. Also crafted the rogue quest as I really enjoy thief rogue and that’s been good so far. My death rattle deck needs tweaking but it’s fun. The shaman battlecry deck is the one I’ve played least but seems powerful. First impressions are good at least. Just need to wait till the meta settles and hope there’s not an annoyingly oppressive deck that ends up ruining everything
  14. So now all the cards have been revealed there are some interesting ones in there, to the point I’m tempted to actually pre order as I think it could be potentially loads of fun. As mentioned before, the 4 “good” hero cards that make up the league of Explorers need highlander decks to make them work, but the only support card is another legendary, a neutral one, which is 2 mana 3/2, with a battlecry of “if your deck has no duplicates, create a miracle card”. Or something like that, I can’t even remember the card name (Zephyr of something?). What that means is that youll discover a card that’s ideal for the situation you’re in. Apparently they’ve worked a load on the AI for this, and some examples I’ve seen or heard from the streamers at a pre launch event; - getting Harrison against a Warrior that’s just played that weapon that puts bombs in your deck - getting Black Knight to get through a taunt for leathal - getting sea giant when the board is packed enough to make it 1 mana. There are other examples and apparently it’s pretty clever and will sometimes offer something that provides lethal but not in an obvious way. Another example was that it’ll try and give you cards you can either play straight away, or to fill out your curve - like a wild growth if you have no turn 3 play and the board is clear. Another example was being offered crazed alchemist if your opponent had a doomsayer, but only if you had mana to play it straight away. Someones also found a potentially easy kill if you can keep a linecracker on board with at least 5 health as Druid, where you can then play Beeeeeees, which will hit it 4 times to make it a min 80 attack. Of course getting the minion to stay on board will be harder than it sounds.
  15. Some more cards announced now, most notably all the League of Explorer characters......and we’ve got Highlander decks again. Well, I say that, there hasn’t been anything shown except these 4 to support that in standard, and arguably these aren’t strong enough to warrant it just by themselves I dont think. In a nice touch though, they all have the same stat line, except Finnley who must have been on the protein shakes and gained an extra attack. Finnley is 2 mana and discovers an upgraded hero power when played - again, nice nod to his previous battlecry, but upgraded. Elise is 5 mana and copies your hand. Which is good and again thematic with her previous version giving you cards. This should be better as you’re copying cards you already play and therefore should want, but does mean you need to have no more than 5 cards when you play her, and be able to dump one if that’s the case. Renos battlecry is deal 10 damage split between enemy minions. For 6 mana, that is pretty dang powerful, but again, can mage make a deck worth playing it. Brann is 7 mana and summons King Krush. Again, strong but i think if anything Hunter is the least viable highlander class at the moment. They’ve also just announced a warlock card that sounds.....interesting. 3 mana 3/3, but if you can destroy a friendly lackey, you also summon a 5/5 demon. You need the stars to align, but there will be times you have this on turn 4, maybe even 3 if you get luckier still, and that’s bonkers. It’s also funny because there’s a massive argument going on on hearthpwn about what this “is”. As in, is it a 4 mana 8/8? A 3 mana 7/7 (because you lose the stats of the lackey)? And even more combinations still.
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