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  1. Some longer thoughts now I've had time to think about it and arent trying to type them out on my phone after the cinema. Spoilered obvs where necessary, but I dont think there's any big plot points that Im going to mention that would particularly lessen viewing it, but if you wanna go in fresh, then you've been warned. First, the issues with Harley herself....well kinda. Basically, if you were hoping that (like in a number of her comic book stories, usually the most interesting ones about her) that it would go into much about her and the Joker and how their relationship has affected her, you'll probably be a bit disappointed, like I was. Harley is interesting because she's genuinely a character that has good and bad in her, and she has a great potential for both - something that the Joker takes advantage of. This film kind of skims that side more than I was hoping for it to. I also compared it to Deadpool, and I stand by that. It shares a lot in common with it - 4th wall breaking, the humour is similar, there's some gross out stuff, and it even Is it as funny as Deadpool? I didnt think so, though it was funny. Nothing had me laughing as much as bits of the highway scene in the first Deadpool (the Trex bit specifically) and definitely not as much as the parachute bit in the second. Is the action as well done? The fight choreography is at least as good, better in some bits possibly (theres a scene mid way where Harley is up against a lot of guys which has some well done stuff in) but nothing works as well overall as a sequence as the convoy attack in DP2. The bit in this that I found the most interesting action wise was a really short scene with Huntress There's also stuff that didnt work so well; Oh one bit that made me laugh that I'm surprised that people arent getting more pissed about online. Because there are a bunch of people after her, they do a thing where each one gets introduced with a name card and their grevance against Harley. When Sionis/Black Mask gets introduced, they flash up a whole bunch of reasons including Speaking of Black Mask, I thought McGregor was great as him. I've heard people say they dont like this version, but I thought it was really good and fit the tone of the movie. He's basically the spoilt brat who's had everything and flips when he cant have his own way. He literally thinks he owns Gotham, including everything and everyone in it, and there are a few scenes which are really effective at showing how unhinged he is. Out of the rest of the cast, I didnt like Perez as Montoya, Black Canary gets the best development out of the rest and is good, Zsasz is suitibly creepy and menacing, and actually quite a good foil for McGregors Mask, and while Winstead probably gets the least screen time of the women, she has some good bits in there So yeah, I stand by what I said originally, its a fun movie, nothing too serious and doesnt touch the Harley/Joker relationship in the way I'd like to, but it quite obviously doesnt even try so I cant really dislike it for making a different movie to the one I was hoping for. And the one they've made is one of the better DC films. Dont go in expecting greatness and I dont think you'll be disappointed. I've seen some people on twitter giving it masses of praise and I think those are people who have connections to certain aspects of it who are glad it was decent at all and overhyping it. Like people who are super happy to see the Birds of Prey on screen and are glad they've done them even remotely well. I'd give it a solid 7 out of 10. Maybe closer to 8.
  2. Just watched it, it was decent if not amazing. Tone is very first Deadpool movie, though I wouldn’t say it was as good as that. While it’s very much a Harley film, the other characters get fleshed out as well as you could expect from a film of this length with 4 “main” characters. I’d actually say in some respects they don’t go into Harleys character as much as I was hoping and they skim over a few things I’d like them to have done more with. Margo is great as Harley though, Black Canary is better than I expected but the real surprise for me is Mcgregor who I really liked as Sionis/Black Mask. He’s great and manages to switch between light hearted and charming and menacing when needed. Didnt like Montoya for some reason that I can’t put my finger on, she didn’t really click for me. Huntress probably gets the funniest stuff that isn’t Harley despite being played pretty straight. Id probably rank it around the same as Shazam to be honest, which puts it on the upper end of DC movies in recent years. If you’re a Harley fan you’ll probably enjoy it as long as you don’t go in expecting too much in terms of how they develop her character
  3. Finally got round to seeing this today, and whoever compared it to GoT series 8 was spot on. It’s like the basic plot line itself isn’t particularly an issue and could actually have been good, but by this point they’re just at the point where thy need to get to the ending they’ve decided and are doing so by just throwing what they can at the screen without really spending the time to allow it to connect. At last for me. There’s still some stuff I enjoyed in there, and I do like (mostly) the characters. Ridley is great as Rey, ditto Driver and Kylo, and both arch’s could have been so much better. I like Poe too, but in this Finn is relegated a bit too much for just pining after Rey. But for everything I liked there was at least something that ranged from kinda dumb to utter bullshit. Such as; There are probably some I’m forgetting but I think that covers most of them. Like I said, the basic story line is sound, and could have worked, but this version didn’t for me.
  4. Saw this just and really enjoyed it. The one shot thing worked for me more as a way of telling the story on a personal level, rather than as something technically impressive (though it was that too). Because you were with them all the way of the journey, and you only saw their journey, no cut away to some officers miles away pondering if they were going to make it or anything like that, it helped really invest me in what was going on. That and there was a really pervasive feeling of dread throughout the entire thing. Even a simple throwaway line got me concerned for what was to come Because if all that it manages to be super tense for a big chunk of it, non more so than the opening section after they have the orders, where really not much happens at all, but I was still leaning forward in my seat slightly because I was so pulled into it. A few comments to some of the nitpicks;
  5. No you colossal twatwaffle, you got banned twice for using someone’s suicide TWICE as a stick to beat other members with because you’re a ghoul with no empathy who thinks anime tiddies are more important than people. You don’t care about what happened, you care more that he made a game you liked. Hell, you probably celebrated when you heard about Alex because now you could come on here and win that internet argument, at least in your head. Im sure you even celebrated with a bucket of kfc like last time you “won”. Your attempts at spin are pathetic - you literally attack him by telling him that he’s part of the “cancel culture” which you then blame for his death and citing that he just believed a bunch of stuff with no reason to. Even still, you’re doing that thing where you attach the intent you want to see in people to fit your argument and put words in their mouth because you’re disingenuous as shit. It’s scummy as fuck. To the mods, if you think this is too far I’ll happily take a ban - but NEG is genuinely one of the most pitiful people I’ve ever encountered, but I don’t for one second believe he doesn’t know what he’s doing. But I also don’t think he cares. It’s a joke to him. He’s proven that enough times now.
  6. In what I’m sure is a surprise to no one, gamergate supporting site proves not only to be ethically dodgy but also that a lot of its readers only care about “ethics in games journalism” when it’s a website that they think is “too sjw” https://nichegamer.com/2019/12/18/an-update-and-apology-from-niche-gamer/ the link is an apology from the founder of niche gamer who unsurprisingly was also a shitbag during gamergate and quite quick to complain about those darn unethical journalists that.....didn’t score Bayonetta 2 10/10 because they thought it was a bit cringy or supported anitas Kickstarter and didnt “disclose” it every time they spoke about games. Turns out he’s been pulling content from another website Gematsu and posting it without credit. Gemastu basically translates Japanese press releases, but it’s literally the guy running the site who does the translations so he’s actually doing some work for it. Not only has he got pretty damning evidence that the stuffs been lifted from his site, like typos and edit change logs, one even links back to his site that niche gamer didn’t remove. Not bad enough? The niche gamer guy, Brandon Orselli, on being confronted blames a “ghostwriter” he’d hired recently as help, saying he’d then released him. Many people pointed out it made no sense to do this, like why not just credit him, and that the articles went back to 2016, and there were loads. So he fessed up, admitted he’d lied about that but at the same time doesn’t seem to have said “yes, I copied these articles”, while at the same time admits that the articles are suspect and has removed some. He’s apologised to the guy who ran the site that was copied from, but in the vaguest way possible. He’s saying he’s stepping down but to be honest it just sounds like he’s letting others be more visible and he’s still the site owner and will not really lose out. So, that should be it for him, right!? Nah, there are literally people in the replies and comments saying “I came here because of gamergate, because you stood for ethics and now this....but I’m still going to come here because you stand against the sjws”. The guy literally did something more concrete and obviously unethical than anything gamergate “uncovered”, lied about it until he couldn’t, and they give him a pass. Just shows, it was never about ethics in games journalism....it was always about being against “sjws”
  7. Balance changes coming already, mostly for shaman apparently as Galakrond Shaman in various forms are dominating at the moment. Unsurprising really, the Shaman version is strong on its own, but it also probably has the best invoke cards, as they allow you to maintain board control much easier than the others, while being useful themselves. One is basically glacial shard with rush, the other invokes twice, meaning its also the easiest to get to its final form. Couple that with the shaman quest, which if you do before gives you 4 8/8 rush minions for 9, and then you can shudderwock after to get them all back. But basically you can play a bunch of Shaman decks that are all doing really well at the moment - overload aggro galakrond, highlander galakrond, quest galakrond, dragon galakrond.....basically put the galakrond package in any other theme for shaman and you're good.
  8. Myth on the Spectrum blew me away when I saw it - it looked so smooth and the animation was so much better than anything else I'd seen at the time. It doesnt seem that impressive now, but all the little touches like the bending of the knees when he jumps or the little head turns from the skeleteons - it was way more detail than we were used to. Slightly off topic and not that retro (is the 360 retro now?) but it interests me seeing games from the same series that get released on the same console. Stuff like the difference between Oblivion (which was considered an achievement at the time with its vast open world and views) looks positively archaic next to Skyrim on the same console. Similarly, theres a decent difference between stuff like GTA 4 to 5 and the 3 Mass Effect games. Going even more off topic (or is it?), while I was thinking of Amiga games, there was one that popped into my head not for what it looked like, but for what it did, which in some ways was (for me) the pinnacle of what a game could be at the time. I'm talking about It Came From The Desert, which ranks as one of my all time favourite gaming experiences. I say that, as in some ways the game isnt good....for those who havent played it, you play a scientist who's at a small desert town after a meteor crash, which has ended up mutating the local ant population to giant monsters. It's one of the first games I've played that plays out in real time, with time passing when you move between locations or do certain actions. You have to convince the authorities that the threat is real, but there are soooo many ways the game can play out, and so many things that can happen depending on where you are or what you do. Certain actions will completely skip you meeting certain characters, and there are a load of story lines that can happen depending on what you do. There's a choice at the start which if you mess up puts you in hospital, meaning you miss a bunch of stuff because you're not around when someone happens to knock at your door or something. It means playthroughs can vary massively, I had some really bizzare and varied games. But like I said, in some ways its not a "good" game. Certain things happen that put you in mini games that vary a lot, and can be annoying. But then you'll find a plot thread you've not come across before like the weird religion in town doing shady shit and its all worth it. Just the sheer scope of the game at the time amazed me, it really did feel like a different game each time.
  9. So they've released the cards for fireside taverns or whatever so people are making decks and playing with them so we have an idea of what could be good. First of, in the "we were glad it went away and no one asked for it back" category, so far Pirate Warrior is looking pretty strong. As in, welcome to the new standard cancer for a few months. Fuelled by a few new cards, one being the warrior legendary weapon that draws you pirates, making it so you can reload decently, a 1 mana pirate that adds a pirate to your hand, and the neutral pirate that re-equips a weapon you lost, meaning you can potentially get loads of charges of that one to draw you more pirates. Add in a pirate that plays itself for free if you play another pirate and the pirate equivalent of flamewaker, and pirates are pushing out crazy damage, crazy fast. This may calm down when decks become a bit more refined, and other classes seem to be getting some decks shaping up nicely too. Mage in particular looks strong, with highlander dragon looking good as well as elemental decks fuelled by mana cyclone, which plays nicely into mana giant. Highlander decks with new Maly, Zephyrs, Reno and new Alex look really strong. Galakrond shaman also looks strong, with it getting what looks like one of the stronger invoke packages, and some solid cards in general which could fit into decks. I suspect we'll see a lot of revisions of versions of their deck. Sudderwock has some crazy value in here. People have been playing a few versions of druid ramp decks, and new Ysera has been surprisingly good in them. Especially as you can Ysera > floop and get a tonne of portals which then flood the board with stuff late on. Not seen much hunter stuff, but people are saying its strong still. Same with priest though its very much going to control with value from Galakronds hero power. Sounds like they're running some of the combo stuff and healing and grinding the games out. Paladin I havent seen much good stuff for. I've heard mech paly is not back thanks to that new mech buffer, but the paly only archetype hasnt hit a decent deck yet. Similarly rogue and warlock have decks people are playing, but nothing nuts yet. Still early days, be interesting see how it develops.
  10. Just watched this based off a recommendation on red letter media’s end of year round up where Jay said it was his fave film of the year till he saw The Lighthouse. I was intrigued enough to buy the blu ray outright - they pretty much say as little as possible, and echo what people at here that you should go in knowing as little as possible, with the exception of a couple of details that are actually on the back of the Blu Ray box, but I’ve not seen explicitly mentioned here so I won’t without spoiler tag. One of them should be obvious from the title, but I’ll still leave behind a spoiler tag. I nearly turned it off to be honest, the start is....not good. And it takes a while to pick up, to be honest. But....it’s totally worth it. I’ve never seen a film turn itself around so much, but not only that, do so in a way that makes everything that happens mean something. Spoilers for the stuff spoiled by the Blu Ray box and RLM Full on spoilers now. It’s a weird film for me to really rate. I adored it by the end, but I can’t say I wasn’t kind of bored by nearly half of it, but at the same time, that stuff is essential for the film to work. I think I need to watch it again to see how it holds up, but I’d say it’s definitely recommended with the caveat that you may not enjoy the first half, and need to keep that in mind and power through to the amazing ending.
  11. Just watched this and enjoyed it a lot. It went in a different way to what I expected from a typical whodunnit, which I thought was kind of refreshing(spoiler below is more about the general structure rather than plot points, but still read at your own risk obvs) Aside from that the acting was good, the plot cracked along at a decent pace. I liked the opening portion where they laid out quite clearly everything you needed to know, which of course all turned out important later. And overall I thought it was a well thought out story (now comes the plot point spoilers) In short, I thought it was snappy, smartly written and had a satisfying ending. Go see it if you get chance.
  12. Theyve also just revealed a neutral legendary that’s a 6 mana 6/6 which either draws your Galakrond card, or if you are Galakrond, does one of 4 discoverable things - summon an 8/8 with taunt, deal 5 damage to your opponent and heal you for 5, deal 5 damage to all other minions, or give all your minions +2/+2....I wonder how managed Galakrond decks were gonna see at launch now then?!?
  13. Just out of seeing this, thought it was enjoyable enough, bolstered by a strong performance from Mackenzie Davis. It certainly could have been better in a few places though. Even some of the stuff it did right had a few issues. The biggest one being that Miller doesn’t appear to be able to direct things to really keep track of where everything is. The opening action scene I really liked - it’s exciting, well paced, and structured in a way that flows sensibly and people react to things in ways you’d expect, or they try to get the upper hand by doing things that make sense. That said, there’s a number of times in the cars where it’s real easy to lose track of where everyone is and where the vehicles are in relation to each other. It’s not the end of the world, but it makes them harder to follow at times. Its also fair to say it outstays it’s welcome a bit and does that thing where the end action sequence is probably the least interesting but gets stretched out into several sections rather than shortening it. I’d probably give it 6 thumbs up while being lowered into molten metal out of 10.
  14. So they've started revealing more cards now for the next expansion, one being the new warrior Galakrond hero card.....and honestly, it looks utterly bonkers, especially considering everyone is getting it free. Like the others, its 7 mana, and has 3 forms, which you upgrade by playing minions with the Invoke keyword (note that Invoke also acts like a battlecry for the minion when you play it, doing whatever the version of Galakronds hero power becomes for the class you're playing). Like all the others, each form has a thing it does once, twice or 4 times depending what level he is, with the final level also equiping you with a 5/2 weapon. So whats the bonkers stuff - well, the hero power becomes "add +3 attack to your hero this turn", which we've already seen is powerful, more so in a class that can also equip weapons (like, you know, that nice 5/2 weapon you get with the last form). The other bit, draws you 1, 2 or 4 minions and gives them +4/+4. Not draw a card, give any minions +4/+4, it always draws minions. Say hello to highlight reels with someone swinging for 8 damage on the weapon the turn after, followed by a 10/6 leeroy and 2 5/5 stonetusk boars to nearly one shot someone. Warrior had some ridiculous face decks in the past back in the dark days of pre-nerf patches and even aside from that, considering it still has Korkron Elites as well, and that +3 damage on top of weapon damage, unless they make invoking enough times hard to pull off, post turn 7 is gonna be crazy for warriors.
  15. So after a couple of times where i lagged out and had to close the client, I had my first proper game of battlegrounds this morning. And amazingly, I won! The thing is though, while it was fun, and felt pretty satisfying....it also didnt feel like I really had much of a hand in it. I mean, I obviously did, my choices won me the game. But after the post-win buzz, looking at what I was doing....at the time of doing it there was always a kind of "im not sure if this is the best plan". There's definitely some skill and strategy behind what you do, but if felt like my choices won more through luck than some informed decision I was making. I was playing as Nef, who gets the handy ability to spend a coin to deal 1 damage to all enemy minions next turn. The real value of this is getting rid of divine shields, especially useful if your opponent puts one on a minion with poisonous. Later on in the game, you get loads of value if your opponent has a bunch of divine shield minions. Or early on, that 1 damage can matter. Outside of that, not so much. But the decision to use it isnt really much of a decision, because you dont know what you're up against. I ended up with a mech themed deck, but only because I got lucky early on with a discover card that netted me a decent mech followed up quickly by getting 3 of those mechs that increase their damage by 1 each turn to get a golden one of them. Like I said, I'm sure there are high level players who can win consistently and employ actual strategy, but i get the impression that for most people its a case of making a few obvious powerful plays and then hoping for the best.
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