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  1. Currently 55 - like Bastion, Maldraxxus is ok, I'm liking the setting of it more than I thought though the questing has been meh at best. Its also got a pretty boring (as a hunter) covenant power. I suspect whoever said they were capped by Ardenweald had war mode on - I havent and from what I've heard doing a reasonable amount of additional stuff to the campaign caps you just before the end of Revendreth, which seems to be what I'm on track for.
  2. At one of the stores by me (not the one I worked at though) they sacked someone because they would swipe their own reward card for every other person that didnt have one. The big brainiac didnt think they'd notice because he "was careful not to do every transaction that didnt have one". Another guy would just randomly search a bunch of people so he had a list where he'd add points to a random persons. Another person used to just do them "free" and knock the money off under the student discount reason and hoped no one noticed. Them were the days....
  3. Those Lucasarts games take me back to the days of going round my mates after school to play stuff like those and the Monkey Island games and getting utterly stuck and being shafted because there wasnt the internet to bail you out then (shakes walking stick and shouts at youngsters to get off his lawn). We'd spend hours without making any/much real progress and resort to just using as many items as we could on things to see if something happened. It says something about the charm of the games that we didnt stop playing, we'd just carry on. I just need someone to remaster It Came F
  4. Yeah new expansion - Madness of the Darkmoon Faire - features the old gods heavily, which isnt actually inconsistent with in game lore, as there have been a load of theories that the Darkmoon Faire has the old gods presence behind it. All 4 old gods return. C'thun now has a start of game effect which shuffles 4 spells into your deck, when you draw and cast all 4 you get C'thun, who is a 6/6, battlecry of deal 30 damage spread amongst enemy characters. Yog Saron has the same stats and mana, but if you've cast 10 spells before playing you "spin the wheel of yogg" which has
  5. Deciding what to main in Shadowlands. Finally pushed and got all the classes to 120 before the squish. Oddly, the last class I did (Priest) was the one that I held off on because i hated shadow (voidform for levelling just felt rubbish and outside of voidform wasnt any fun), but it may be one of the ones I pick now because I'm really enjoying it. All the little changes to the rotation, coupled with it just feeling like you're not gimped when you're not in voidform makes it much smoother and more enjoyable. Traditionally I level my hunter first. Its the character I first maxed,
  6. flyings at 30, it unlocks for all the expansions except BFA currently, believe that changes on the release of shadowlands. each profession for each expansion is like it’s own seperarate sub section now and you can make items that you use when crafting to determine the level of the item. So you can go through Wrath and make level appropriate gear just in wrath content without needing to go and learn stuff from a separate one. You then learn the current levels at around level 45 onwards which work as normal, ish.
  7. If you go to Stormwind you'll find Chromie (or Org for the Horde) and she'll give you the quest. You'll see her marked on the Map as an hourglass. I like the changes to levelling mostly. I leveled a Dark Iron Dwarf recently and while it wasnt super slow, it still felt a bit weird that I'd have to go to zones where the story had moved way past, so themeatically the idea that Chromie is presenting it to you as experiencing the past makes sense, and being able to just play through 1 period is great for alts. And agree about the last 2 zones in Mists. I think its because
  8. To be honest, the fact that its more structured now does mean you lose a little of that sense of wonder and that feeling of exploration. But at the same time, there are still some zones that have a real sense of scale and adventure in them. I think Mists may be the best expansion for this. Jade Forest is a wonderfully pretty starting zone, and pretty vast with lots to see. Then you move into the Valley of the 4 winds which is one of my favourite zones. Its hard to explain how, but its just a nice place to spend time in. Then you move up to Kun Lai Summit, which has a massive mountain ran
  9. Theres a portal to all the main expansion areas in Stormwind/Org so its generally pretty easy to get there, then for Cata areas you have a portal to each seperate zone in its own bit. If you're doing classic, its a bit easier than you probably remember as there are tonnes more flight zones in areas than there used to be, but some areas still take a bit of travel to get to for the first time. I think when they re-did the zones in cata they had an idea of a flow people would take so a few bits follow on by giving you a ride over long distances - like if you do the Eastern Plaguelands story, it
  10. If you use Chromie time and havent played any of them, honestly I think they're all good for a first playthrough. I've you're going to play through the classic areas, then I'd recommend the below (as alliance); - Redridge has one of the funnest homage stories with you recruiting WoWs version of Rambo to defend Lakeshire from nearby orcs. And its full of Rambo references, even the area you meet him for the first time is basically replicates the fighting rings he gets involved in from the film. - The Badlands has an actually quite touching main storyline that ties into the mai
  11. Weirdly with you saying that, I went to see Jurassic Park at the Trafford Centre cinema yesterday. I was nearby anyway, and I saw it in high school at the cinema and it was one of those cinema trips that stick with you. I still remember the entire screen reacting to leg landing in the car roof, or the arm reveal. I went on a Saturday to one of the first screenings and people were lining up so much outside that when the doors opened there was a little rush of people (albeit quite a civilised rush) to get to the box office booths. It’s still amazing and seeing it on the big screen again was
  12. Xbox 1 - dead rising 3. Pretty sure I had Forza as well but wasn’t too interested in that. last game - Yakuza Kiwami 2. Still gotta fair bit to go and can’t see me finishing before I pick up a series x. Ps4 - dc universe online. Weird choice perhaps but the only physical copy game I had was killzone as it was the bundle, and I wasn’t interested - think I sold it on for cheap. I was always kinda interested in it and saw it listed as “free” on the store when I first booted up to browse so thought I’d give it a shot. Ended up really enjoying it and even subbing for a bit.
  13. Cinemas have been in a spiral for a while now. There are a bunch of reasons, dumpster mentioning some, another being a similar thing that destroyed arcades - the at home experience becoming better. I started properly going the cinema in the mid 90s, and back then, if you didn’t see something at the cinema, you would have to wait roughly 6 months for it to go on rental, where you’d hope your local didn’t have all the copies it had gone, and you’d then have to wait another 3 months at least for it to come out on sale. On video. So you’d generally be watching it on a small screen in shitty qu
  14. So I completed Balance of Power to get the artifact appearance on my druid. Which is nice, as I like the kitty form a lot, and the bear one is pretty nice too. Go to transmog it aaaaand its not showing. Had this when I got the Thunderfury appearance on my rogue, so reset my ui and relogged, thinking that would sort it. Nope. Was well annoyed..... Turns out for some reason, unlike pretty much every other class/spec in the game, and even though it shows several forms, on the transmog screen you have to right click the artifact weapon and select which appearance/color you want, a
  15. I decided to do the Balance Of Power questline from Legion to unlock the artifact appearances for my Druid as it gives me some sweet new animal forms, but holy fuck is it tedious. I imagine at the time the conten was relevant it wasnt too bad, but I never got that far with it because part of it requires normal mode raiding and my guild was pretty much starting to fall apart at that point so I never bothered. You can solo it all now, as the hardest bit is doing Nighthold on normal a few times, and thats easy enough with gear from dailies now. But my god, it just goes on forever, a
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