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  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    I bumped into an old friend walking home from work this week. Hadn’t seem him for ages, we always used to talk about films a lot so he asked me if I’d seen this. Said I was a bit mixed about it, liked some parts, didn’t like others. What followed was literally a 30ish minute rant from him that initially started with pretty reasonable issues with the plot, but descended more and more into bile filled insanity. Some quotes; “Rey is a Mary Sue, she doesn’t need training, she can do everything already. She only goes to Luke so they can show she’s already better than him” ”Luke Skywalker is a total cuck in this film” ”Every male character is just there to have a female character degrade them. Every one.” ”They’re literally pissing on the Star Wars fans, like how they show you Luke’s X Wing as if it’ll be a call back to Empire Strikes Back, then don’t do anything with it, because they want the old fans to fuck off. This isn’t a film for them and they want them to know.” ”The whole film has a feminist agenda. You know Kathleen Kennedy? She fucking hates men.” ”It’s totally liberal propaganda, the film is very political. The whole film is totally anti Trump” It ended up with him saying they were “breaking all the rules of the canon” with the part about Reys parents, arguing that she can’t be that strong with the force unless she is either the chosen one, or comes from a strong force user bloodline because she “wouldn’t have the midochlorians” any other way. This (and I pointed this out to him) was the same person who called midochlorians “bullshit” in the prequels. I said I didn’t agree, and that I didn’t think any such rules had been established to the point where someone strong in the force was Rey by some other means broke canon. This came close to resulting in an argument with him insisting that he was right, that I “prove” what I’m saying and ending with him going on about how he’d spent a lot of time watching videos about this and everything he said is “reasoned and researched” while getting angrier and angrier, to the point I ended up actually asking him if he realised how he sounded and why he was getting so angry about it. At this point he just burst out with “it’s just a fucking SJW film! They’ve fucking ruined Star Wars. They have, SJWs have fucking ruined Star Wars!” After this we both agreed we shouldn’t talk about Star Wars with each other again.
  2. Food Prepping

    I've been meaning to do something like this myself. I used to while I lived by myself, and found a great and pretty easy curry recipe that keeps for ages and is quite thick sauce wise, which I prefer (though you can add things to thin the sauce out if you like). I even used to have a tub of the spices mixed in the proportions I used as I made it fairly often. I'd basically cook the sauce seperate, and add meat to it once it was cooked I case anyone is interested; Ingredients: For the sauce - 2 large onions 4 cloves of garlic 1 large knob of ginger 2 tbs tomato puree 2 tbs chilli powder 2 tbs garam masala 1 tbs cumin 1 tbs tumeric powder 3 chillis 2 tins tomatoes. (dont bother with chopped ones, though if thats what you have, thats fine). Slice the onions and cook them over a medium-high heat. You're looking to get some colour on the onions themselves, so wait until they start going a nice brown, turn the heat to medium and whack in the garlic, ginger and chillis. Cook that for a couple of mins, then whack in the spices and the tomato puree and cook that for 2-3 minutes as well. Then add your tinned tomatoes. I use whole tomatoes as I know people who swear they're a better quality than the chopped, and its getting blended anyway. Mix it in well, let the tomatoes get up to temp, then whack in a hand blender and give it a good whizz up till its nice and smooth. Have a taste and see if you think it needs any seasoning, or if you want it hotter you can add more chilli powder. Depending on when I'm eating, I'll usually leave that bubbling while I cook whatever I'm putting in it, for a good 20 mins. If I have time to prepare ahead and marinate overnight, I'll cook off some chicken in a griddle pan thats been left overnight in a mix of yoghurt, garlic, ginger, chilli, the same spices as the sauce, lime juice and ground corriander. You can do this in the oven too, but I like the char makes you get from the griddle pan. I've also done it with roasted sweet potato, cauliflower and carrot, and even just had the sauce over chips before.
  3. The Random WoW Thread

    BfA Alpha is out, seems like the first zones for each faction and a few dungeons available so far. Early word is good, zones are apparently interesting and while there are less zones for levelling than in any previous expansions (3 per faction, at level cap you gain access to world quests that take you into the opposing faction zones, if I recall correctly), the zones are apparently full of stuff, and larger than the zones we got in Legion. There is a decent amount of variety in the zones seen so far as well from what people are reporting. Also, if you're thinking of levelling a new character, now's a great time with the scaling changes. I've started a rogue on horde side and it just feels so much better now. Sure, you can still potentially burn through enemies pretty quickly if you have procs going off and stuff crits, but usually they last a lot longer than they used to, and you dont have it where you have to keep thinking of when you should move to a new zone and dump all the quests you're doing in the current one, because you've outlevelled eveything too much, kill things in one hit, and are getting poor exp and gear rewarded for your level. It's even made it so that when you do find a group quest, you may actually need to find a group, as you cant outlevel them now. I'm 30 at the moment, and one quest is in Hillsbrad to kill a yeti, but its an elite thats 2 levels above me and creams me if I try solo. I've just been able to play and take in the story going on in the zones now, and while its hardly challenging it at least feels a load more engaging when you dont get to the point of one shotting everything.
  4. Hearthstone

    Surprised no ones mentioned the upcoming nerfs yet as they target some pretty big cards, including everyone’s favourite pirate. Raza is being changed to make your hero power cost 1 rather than be free. Bonemare is going to cost 1 more mana. Corridor creeper is being made a 2/5. And Patches is the same, but without charge. Surprised nothing touches Warlock, given how strong that class is now. Unless you count Zoolock, which is pretty low down on the list of its best decks. Raza decks and most if not all aggro/tempo decks take a huge hit. With Raza priest being one of the best decks currently, it’ll probably push even more Warlocks to the top of the ladder.
  5. Football Thread 2017/18

    Hopefully well give Lambert a chance - most fans wrote Hughes off when he joined and we’ve had out best league finishes under him. I think we’ve got a team that can be turned around, well just have to see if he’s the guy to do it.
  6. Football Thread 2017/18

    As a Stoke fan, I'm not really sure how I feel about Hughes going. Most Stoke fans hated the news of him coming in, as they didnt think he'd be able to turn things around from the team Pulis left him (which as much as I defend Stoke, Pulis set the team up to play the safest, most un-imaginative and boring football possible and played to grind out results). I remember the year he joined, most people in the predictions thread here thought that he'd lead the team to relegation. Instead, he somehow managed our best year in the league yet, finishing 9th. He did pretty much the same the season after as well. We were hardly Barcalona, but we started playing better football and bringing some decent players in. 2 years ago, we even managed to finish above the reigning champs! Admittedly, Chelsea had a shocking year by there standards, but even so. Last year didnt go so smooth, but even then we finished reasonably. Somewhere along the way though, 13th became a disappointing season, which perhaps shows how much we've progressed. And this year we have been a bag of shite far too often. Something had to be done I guess, but its surprised me how quickly fans have turned on Hughes and were quick to want him out. Part of me would have liked to have seen him given more of a chance, and I'm certainly sorry to see him go as I think he'd done really well for us. But at the same time, I can understand the fans that what hes doing now isnt going well and dont trust that he can fix it and want change before its too late.
  7. PlayStation VR

    Another “Superhot is a must have” post here. I was put off because the base game didn’t really do much for me but holy fucknuts is the VR version amazing. It’s the closest I think you could feel to actually being in an action scene in a movie, and if any film companies have any sense, theyll licence the engine and reskin it for a “movie experience” tie in game. I could totally see this being used with something like a Matrix, John Wick or Kingsman license really well.
  8. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Got the VR version for Christmas and got round to trying it a bit ago. At first I was a bit unsure as I was struggling to get a hand of the controls with the move controllers, melee combat seemed to be waving around without really being sure what I was doing was right or there was more to it, and it didn’t look quite as good as a lot of vr games, which I put down to having to convert so much of an existing game that wasn’t built around how it looked in vr. Then I got a bow. And holyfuckingshitballs it suddenly clicked. I went from feeling like I was playing a clumsy version of a great game with 3D glasses to feeling like fucking Legolas, albeit his slightly slower at gettin round corners cousin. The bow feels spot on, and incredibly fun. It just happened that at this point I’d started to get the hang of the controls as well so didn’t feel such a fanny normally, but the bow itself is almost worth persevering. I’d also started to get to some of the nicer areas and it started looking more impressive, though as I’d played the new editions it’s obviously not nearly as nice looking as that. I’m also playing on normal PS4, so I don’t know how much of a difference the Pro version is. The only thing I’d really like is a way on the move controllers to move backwards. Other than that, it seems pretty sweet so far.
  9. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    The host of the Star Wars related show on Screen Junkies went to the premier last night and she said “it’s everything I wanted from the film” on Twitter. She pretty much mirrors what I think of the other films like thinking Rogue One was mostly disappointing, so I’m taking that as a good sign.
  10. Hearthstone

    Dungeon runs can be pretty fun! I’ve just had the most bonkers set though. I was Druid, my deck consisted of ramp and Jade sets. I took both the battlecry and deathrattle bonuses that double them. I had five Ayas. Five. Each one was giving me 4 golems. It was basically get ramp, play Aya as early as poss, and wait for the flood of golems. Some of the later games that go longer meant I could build up a board of around 20/20 golems.
  11. Nostalgic play-throughs

    Shenmue is the best game to play again over Christmas. I mean, it’s great anyway but when it’s Christmas time in game to, it just feels extra special.
  12. Hearthstone

    I dunno, it seems like they’re adding in cards to support certain decks which is kind of interesting, but screwing over some other decks potentially. There’s a lot of poorly statted minions as well now, which is going to make evolve shaman worse. 1/1 in the seven mana slot for example, or a 3/3 in the 9 mana slot. These are cards that don’t have anything that evolve shaman will make use of, like a powerful deathrattle. Theres some potentially interesting decks in there though. There’s potential for a hunter deck that is entirely spells, as they’ve got loads of cards now that summon beasts, plus DK rexxar. They even made a card for it, which is essentially call of the wild lite, as it only summons 2 beasts, but you cannot have any minions in your deck. Presumably because they want limit it’s use, but it does make spells only something people may try now. The issue is though, how many will end up like freeze shaman and just not really work. It feels like a lot of cards this time are pretty niche and if the deck they’ve gone for with them doesn’t end up viable, they’re not going to see play. As much as I enjoy opening packs on expansion launch, I can’t really bring myself to think it’s worth it, especially with the price increases. I think I’m better off using the resources I have to get the cards I want need rather than paying nearly £50 to get a tonne of cards I’ll likely never use and some dust.
  13. Hearthstone

    I think I get more excited by the card reveals than the actual release of the expansion. The Druid weapon has some bonkers potential; From what’s been said, it does indeed ramp you straight to 10 mana, and fills them, meaning if you can break it early, If you empty your mana before you do, you’ll get another 10 mana to play with that turn, as well as ramping straight up to max mana for next turn. The attack isnt actually as bad as it sounds, as it adds onto your hero power, making that stronger. The “boring” and not super powerful use is simply swinging it each turn and on turn 8 you get a free 10 mana that turn and have ramped up an extra mana, assuming you didn’t use any ramp cards while it was equipped. I say not super powerful, that still lets you use 18 mana in one turn, more if you’ve ramped. The super powerful combo people have already bought up (and there may be better ones) is play this, then play Medhiv when you can to break it (replacing it will trigger the deathrattle even with it being a weapon), using the 10 mana to play Kun and refreshing your mana again, then playing ultimate infestation. So in one turn you get 2 7/7s, a 5/5, deal 5 damage, gain 5 armour, draw 5 cards, and gain a random 10 mana minion. It’s hardly a consistent combo to by itself make a deck super good, but it’ll make for some fun highlights.
  14. Justice League

    I went to see Watchmen. I enjoyed Watchmen. Does that make me a fool in your eyes? Given the source material I’d even go as far as to say he did a pretty good job, especially as prior to that it was one of those stories people used to say wouldn’t fit the big screen well. Id also say the idea that 300 and Watchmen were “universally loathed” is no where near correct, yes some people hated both, especially the latter, but there were plenty of good reviews for both.
  15. Justice League

    Watchmen made money though - internationally it bought in nearly £200 million. It made less than they’d hoped, but they didn’t lose money on it. Especially considering home release sales on top of that figure.

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