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  1. Shocker! My first ever with 6 attempts. Wordle 229 6/6
  2. BUGGER! I typed the actual answer in first before changing it to test an extra vowel Wordle 228 2/6
  3. Wordle 222 4/6 Was apparently completely blind to that yellow, derp!...
  4. This one was rough. After my third guess I'd already excluded all other vowels and was just staring at what was left blankly for about 30mins. I got to a point where I didn't believe any real words were even possible to try. Wordle 219 4/6
  5. 2nd day trying Wordle and really lucked out with my first word guess Wordle 215 2/6
  6. FozZ

    It Takes Two

    Finished playing through this with the missus last night. Utterly fantastic! Crazily polished, constantly throwing new ideas and mechanics at you. Hands down the best coop game I've played, and honestly, right up there with my fav games ever. Was gutted when it ended - games like this are a once in a blue moon sort of thing, and sadly I feel like most people will overlook it. Hats off to Hazelight and all involved in bringing this gem into existence.
  7. Urgh, I really wanna be able to play this and get engrossed in Oddworld all over again, but it needs patching and quick. There are countless bugs I've encountered in the first couple of levels. Lots of instances of Sligs never returning to patrols once they've stopped hunting for you (or just never moving when they spawn in the escape sections so you can just stand there and watch your survivor counter rack up). Abe just randomly goes into a roll quite a bit. Hang on a ledge when an explosion goes off and rather than drop, you'll get blasted up and onto the platform and inevitably get shot. Just had a Slig who was meant to be launched into the play are get stuck mid air. Possessed him and could just walk in the air as though he was on the ground. Most aren't game breaking, but they're frequent, distracting and have led to a couple of checkpoint restarts.
  8. The end cutscene of the DLC you mentioned might as well have just been a block of text that said "IT'S HAPPENING!". It was not subtle
  9. Just finished. Wowzers, what a journey. Much like the first game I'm at a bit of a loss as to what it's all about, but to be honest, even if all they're going for is the unease and disorientation that nightmares can leave you with, then they nailed it. I've not looked to see people's interpretations yet, but one theory that springs to mind (and I maybe be completely off the mark) is... [TOTAL SPOILER TERRITORY!!!!] I shall now await someone who points out how utterly wrong my spoilered thoughts are, and provides a far more satisfying explanation of the game
  10. Absolutely loving this so far. Sure it has some slightly janky mechanics in places, but the atmosphere and twisted horror far surpasses the first game (to be honest Id rate this way higher than Limbo or Inside as well, which if you enjoyed, you should definitely be playing this). It looks fantastic too. Like actually being in control of a stop motion movie in places. I got the TV Edition with the little statue/diorama of Mono and Six, but it's making me want to get the Sculpy out and make some large scale versions of them.
  11. The press review copy of The Red Star on the original xbox was amazing. Me and a uni mate spent some good times trying to beat it in coop. The game was finished but not released, then Acclaim went under. It did eventually get a PS2 release some years later.
  12. What a thread resurrection. Thanks for making me feel terrible all over again for my 'contribution' on page 14
  13. Good shout. I'll take the side off and see if I can work out where it's coming from. At least we can do that now without voiding warranty. I never game with headphones, but guess I should see what the fuss is about with 3D audio at some point.
  14. People talking about theirs being silent makes me sad. I'm constantly aware of the nolse mine makes. It doesn't ever get louder (apart from when spinning a disc), but it has a constant hum very similar to my OG PS4, and a constant ticking sound. Probably should have tried to do something about it back in November, but given the shortages, I was happy to just have one.
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