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  1. FozZ

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Just had a look to see how much Index controllers are (already got a Vive) and you get the game free with any of the hardware / bundles (apart from base stations only). Also looks like they've ramped production for this announcement as most stuff has been out of stock for months and its currently all available to purchase. So tempted to buy those controllers - stupid xmas costs coming up!
  2. FozZ

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Woohoo! Playable on the Vive and other setups, not just Index! Looks fantastic! They've messed up on their website though, the video opens one for Artifact.... Edit: And now it's fixed, lol.
  3. Picked Quantum Break up last week for £7.50 on the humble store and finished it today, so Control will be next up. Was really happy with all the Alan Wake/Control references. Don't know if I found them all, but spotted/heard the following:
  4. Wondering if the Paul Docherty mentioned in the first post is the same 'Doc' I had as a tutor at Teesside university in 2003 (and later years), back when there was one real games course called Games Design (and you had to tailor your module selection to a code, design or art route). Makes me want to try and find a song a friend recorded about him at the time called 'Lord Vertex'. Edit: just found the Kickstarter page with a pic of him. Unless he solved baldness, it's not. Shame.
  5. Likewise. Someone on twitter said the same and PlayStation replied to say they'd look into if the files can be made available
  6. Just came to post about these. Own almost all of them so hopefully some kind soul scans them all to print.
  7. This turned up today (technically yesterday but was in the work postbox and no one was in with a key... True story). Thats my weekend sorted Fingers crossed its as enjoyable as Until Dawn and does become an Anthology, as I feel like they'll just drop the idea if it bombs. Kinda surprised at the lack of coverage compared to UD (or I've just not looked at much gaming news lately).
  8. Bought both of these on release and finished them, so not a good month for me in that sense, but a fantastic month for those who've not played. Enjoy!
  9. To follow on from my recent posts about my fairly newly started collection, I just got an email to say Dragonheart is finally being dispatched, and I picked up Tail Feathers new on ebay for 15 quid. Yet to play it but the models are beautiful, really looking forward to getting a mate round so we can work it out. Managed to get hold of the PDF to print my own game mat for it. Seems getting it done on neoprene would be crazy expensive, so currently looking into options to get a sign printer to make it up on vinyl/pvc.
  10. FozZ

    Let's talk Prog Rock

    Ooh, is this new Soen? (Can't listen atm). Their first album has been a favourite and regular play for me for years now. For some reason their later albums didn't click the same, but glad to see they're still putting stuff out, I need something new to latch onto. Last prog album that really sunk its teeth into me in a big bad way was Riverside's Wasteland.
  11. Junk Art turned up today so me and a mate had a crack at it. Can't say I was blown away, mainly the theme / premise feeling pretty bolted on, however, stacking stuff is satisfying and I think with more people and after a few drinks it'll be more fun. I pretty much lost every round, but nailed it on this one
  12. nah, all the press out piece cards were shrink wrapped and dice, minis, etc. in their own sealed bags. The box did feel like it might be a fake, but again, I don't know what the real deal is like. If I come to play it and find the manual is gibberish or something is amiss ill report it and inform people here to avoid.
  13. Hmm, I went through loads of the feedback for sales of Betrayal and didn't see anything suggesting fakes. If it is, no massive loss, and as far as I can tell it has all the pieces needed to play. The manuals in particular felt as high quality as I'd ever expect in a game.
  14. Someone else mentioned this to me, but without having seen a copy of Betrayal in person apart from mine, I'm not sure how I'd be able to tell.
  15. Just recently started a board game collection after many sessions enjoying games at friends places but having none of my own. Seem to have been lucky with offers and discounts so far: - Just ordered 'Junk Art' (plastic version) for £13.14 on Amazon - cheaper than it went on Prime Day - (Prime Day) Picked up 'Jaipur' for £8.66 - Got 'Planet' for £18.66 when they did an Amazon Assistant offer for a tenner off items sold by Amazon - Got 'Photosynthesis' from Zatu on ebay with a fiver off voucher for £28.87 - Also on eBay, picked up 'Betrayal at House on the Hill' for £17.25 (sold by voit95 - seems they have hundreds available - the box was a little dogeared on the corners, but contents were fine) - 'Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time' from ChaosCards for £9.95 - (If it ever arrives) - 'Dragonheart' from the BoardGameGeek marketplace for about £25 delivered (Italien version but that doesn't game components have no text and I've found the manual in English). Think I'd best take it easy now - these things seem to be a little addictive and wallet destroying. Photosynthesis and Jaipur are definitely my favourites that I've played so far, and Planet is a really nice relaxed game, but I've yet to try Betrayal or Citadel of Time.
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