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  1. TLoU 2 Audio Lead on Twitter: https://twitter.com/robkrekel/status/1273041042615480321?s=20
  2. I was afraid this would happen. The Switch version isn’t scaled up enough UI-wise as well. Still getting it tho’.
  3. Panzer Dragoon Saga Needed the cash as a student back then.
  4. Been trying to push past A6 with Ironclad, but just can't do it atm.
  5. Oh, yeah. I used to be on Moogle, but moved before the split.
  6. Statics are just a group of players who agree to tackle (mostly endgame) content at the same pace. In FFXIV statics are formed mainly to tackle the harder content in the game, Savage and Ultimate Raids. They require a substantial amount of coordination and memorisation. If you don't have a static, you can join pick up groups (Pugs) in game using the Party Finder and try stuff with randoms. Can add me to the CWLS - Hanningfield Ward (Odin server). Usually just on Lv80 DRG, but have been wanting to level more range and maybe Heal/Tank also.
  7. Sent a friend request if you’re still open
  8. One of EDGE's best editoral runs under @Nate Dogg III. Best of luck for future endeavours and thanks for all the hard work!
  9. Thanks, left some bells by your home!
  10. Closing up in 5 mins. Thanks to those who dropped by!
  11. DH84C Island back open: Turnips at 533 Bells. Be open for just over hour at the moment.
  12. Was hoping I could set it and forget it. Will post back later once I’m done working.
  13. Thanks! It’s a friend of mine who’s bringing the connection down. Will throw up a dodo code later when I can baby-sit the Switch more.
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