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  1. Playing Pandemic, during a pandemic, because we can’t meet up to play Pandemic due to pandemic.
  2. Ha! Those were the days. New idea: Win 3 matches using a team made up of 11 Diaby’s.
  3. On the way! On Sunday my friend and I have qualified for the Pandemic Survival Nationals. Chance to represent the U.K. at the world event if we win!
  4. I’ll be there for the three days. It will be good to bump into @moosegrinder and Donk again, it’s been a few years!
  5. Played Pandemic Survival competition at a local event yesterday. For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s normal Pandemic but in teams of two. All played simultaneously. Every team has the same roles, cities that get infected and epidemics, only difference being how you deal with them. You only have 90 seconds per turn. First team to find all the cures first wins or last team standing wins. It was so much fun! Really tense watching others around find cures and making quick decisions as time ran out. To cap it all off. My friend and I won! We managed to fin
  6. Excellent work! Nicely done mate. I’ll take England. Also fit.
  7. This would have never happened under my reign. #bringbackpompey
  8. Looks great Jamin. IN! Also a thank you in advance to your other half for offering to do the draw in a bikini. It’s the main reason I handed over the reigns.
  9. Thanks dude! Just managed to bring it home by 4 points, hard luck Taki. I got in in the top 500 at one point and then the last 10 gameweeks has been a slow decline, so I’m happy the season has ended here before I got caught! See you all again next season.
  10. Agreed! I do seem to remember you were going to be after me this season, up your game! I’m not very good at this shitposting, I’m too nice. I’ve got incredibly lucky with my captain picks in the last three weeks. Which just goes to show how important they are. Getting the last three correct has rocketed me up to 15k OR, I’m sure that will change though. I’ve gone for a big minus 8 this week!
  11. Haha good times! I can’t remember the course at all but that game was great. If any of you have Xbox One but I’d be up for it again.
  12. Sorry for the slow reply, it was almost a great comeback! Not having Kane effectively ruined my last two game weeks and I dropped from a 400 ranking to 2K. I was 150 points clear of my work mini league so had a bit of fun on the last week with Sturridge and others which never worked out either. It it was a good battle all season, unlucky! I'll be back next season to try and win it by two points this time.
  13. I'm really surprised I've managed to sustain my lead at the top, this doesn't normally happen! Currently ranked 680 overall and I'm hoping to squeeze in the top 500... Greedy of me I know. I've got 3 Saints players tonight (I know, I know). What's everyone's thoughts on captain for the last game week?
  14. I'm in second place at the moment, Hart Dandruff Flakes. I took a big risk benching Lukaku this week too but it seems to have paid off! Should be an interesting end to the season as not much in it.
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