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  1. Thanks for the invite last night, sorry I had to ignore it but 2 mates dropped by and saw the wheel setup and wanted to try it themselves, then we stuck it in VR and then I had to give them the VR guided tour which takes a while. They loved it but I didn't get a chance to play last night and I was quite gutted. How do I get involved in the TT being discussed, @Junker do I just add you?
  2. Righto chaps, cleared it with the missus, have my wheel set up and have been playing this a lot the last 2 days (although I'm nothing special). @PeteBrant, @mexos, feel free to add me (PDogg) and should be good to play tonight
  3. Might be able to join at 9.30, will you still be on?
  4. "You're not in my plans" most probably.
  5. Labyrinth definitely stands the test of time, my 5 year old loves it (and so do I).
  6. I'd be up for a TT although I'll have to look into it needing PS+, which I don't have..
  7. Want to say thanks to Rushy for giving us DC, easily my most played and loved game ever. Made loads of friends playing it, a genuinely wonderful community and a game so beautifully crafted it's still a sight to behold. Sadly it was never able to shake the early issues. Such a shame. DC forever.
  8. PDogg

    Trials Rising

    Really enjoying the riding in this but holy cow the grind is awful - playing it with my 5 year old daughter who loves it but rather than grind for the harder tracks as I would we're actually just looking for all the squirrels which she thinks is fantastic. More au faix with the world map now but just having to grind to level 48 hoping it'll open the harder tracks is putting me off.
  9. Was having trouble but kept hitting A on the tile in my apps and eventually it just loaded. I've done the tutorial and it seems cool enough, the grainy style might not be to everyone's taste but a welcome addition to GamePass
  10. I've had this, it slows down then goes in fast forward for a sec, usually after pausing. Annoying but rare thankfully.
  11. Finding it hard to chose between Performance or Quality.. I thought 60fps would be the winner, and while it is wonderful to play FH in 60fps, the 4k resolution is so stunningly awesome that the 30fps is actually bearable just to have the graphical fidelity the 4k mode brings (HOLY MOLY those car models!) I keep switching and both sides have pros but for the first time ever the 4k resolution is so insanely good that I find myself preferring that over 1080 60. Thoughts? EDIT - Brand new Xbox One X has crashed 4 times playing this game which is really annoying, hope it's not a sign of things to come Aside from that, amazing game and incredible console. My PS4 Pro is so horrendous to have on (noise) that the X is like a breath of fresh air.
  12. Still falling short on numbers for these challenges, come on peeps give them a go
  13. Watch my drift video and keep trying dude Sometimes just turning the car starts the drift, no handbrake required, then you have to balance it and retain speed coming out of the drift.
  14. Will do buddy, sorry about the car I thought these would be fine!
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