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  1. I'm not talking about sellers who put ship worldwide, I'm searching using "located in any country" and it hardly brings up any items. Try it, look for 3D in Sega Master System using eBay UK's advanced search, remember to use items located in any country, and then try it on ebay.de or ebay.fr, you'll see what I mean. It even misses off items where the seller will send worldwide. Stupid!
  2. Standing outside desparately waiting for the wind to change.
  3. The battery in Golf on the Gameboy still works fine, I have quite a few. Hope they don't die anytime soon.
  4. I'm trying to set up a search for 3D games on the Sega Master System. I use advance search, select "Items located in: Any Country". Yet when I actually search it hardly has any results, but if you go to individual countries eBay sites there's loads! Surely because I've selected "Items located in: Worldwide" rather than "Items available to: UK" should mean that every item containing "3D" on the Master System should be included. Any ideas?
  5. I picked up a GX4000 ages ago and eventually got around to getting another game... Robocop 2. I stuck the cart in today for a few mins of Robo style blasting action and... can't seem to jump. FYI - the jump button according to the instructions is button 2. Button 1 - fire, works fine. I have tried both official controllers, and a Master System controller, all with the same problem. The only other game I have is Burnin Rubber, which uses the D-pad to control speed, not the buttons. I've got one idea what it could be, but I don't want to pre-empt what you guys might come up with. Has anyone else got this game, or had any similar problems with the GX4000?
  6. I remember that one as well! Might pick it up at some point. What is it with games and the dreaded "paedo hands"? Treasure games in particular.
  7. Haha, thats the Dave Perry of Shiny Entertainment. Apparantly not the first time thats happened I seem to remember.
  8. Gameboy Original Gameboy Gameboy Pocket (black) Nuby Game Boy carry case Ascii Ware Gameboy carry case Super Mario Land x 2 Super Mario Land 2 Tetris 2 GB Multitap (official) Pinball Dreams Kirby's Pinball Land Road Rash SNES Super Nintendo unboxed Super Pro Fighter back up device + 50 games Donkey Kong Country 2 No Sega stuff today interestingly. Super Pro Fighter info is here, Violet Berlin was ranting about one in an episode of Bad Influence - although it wasn't exactly the same model. edit: Does anyone know what other Gameboy games were compatible with the GameBoy multitip other than F1 Race?
  9. You have to be creative, or have row after row of adapters. A mate of mine back in school used to wire up to three things into one plug. Damn funny! Don't try it at home folks.
  10. Yup... best buy was SNES back up device and 50 games for £2...
  11. The Turtles SNESs have been going for LOADS recently, good work. Heres my stuff. Yep, thats a SNES "back up device" with 50 games... for £2.
  12. If anyone managed to download these, PLEASE seed them, I have 50% of most of them and am prepared to seed them for a couple of weeks. I've been seeding the "computer shows" torrent with a few eps of GM series 2, Bad Influence and Bulletin 1000 for ages now and have uploaded 6GB, so someone ows me! Go on, it's for the community!
  13. Hmm, I don't think the words "Playmad" and "small profit margin" deserve to go in the same sentence!
  14. Ooooh, Benito has Team Buddies, great game. Excuse my ignorance... I don't get it, presumably all is not as it seems??
  15. I'd have thought the NES would be worth more, especially if it's in such good condition. How common is the NES super set? I don't look for NES stuff much. *former Sega fanboy*
  16. Surely there's some clever irony right there in the name PlayMad?
  17. I live near Congleton, Cheshire. Thanks for the advice, and from those who've PM'd me.
  18. Ok for the last couple of weeks I've been along to a large car boot sale not too far away. I get there for about 9am. There's nothing there of much intrest, but from chatting to stall holders I get the feeling that there was stuff but someone got there and swiped it all before I got the chance. To other car booters, what time do you get there? I think it opens at 8am, but I reckon people get there earlier. I don't know much about car booting, so please feel free to educate me.
  19. I'd say it's a conincidence. Out of all the hundreds of junk emails people get, every now and then there's bound to be something they are actually intrested in.
  20. And I just bought it. It's sooooooo nice. How on earth did you keep the box in such amazing condition? Good price as well considering the condition and that my local Gamestation is selling an unboxed on for £154.99.
  21. He used to work for Bullfrog apparantly. Also has a hot girlfriend.
  22. I know two of these have been mentioned before, but I want to add a couple of points. I highly reccomend the following selection of books... The Ultimate History of Videogames is a detailed book, but has few photos. More suited to reading from start to finish over a period of a week or two. High Score! (2nd ed) has plenty of photo's but it's not logically structured making it more suitable for spontaneous short sessions, or for non gaming mates - it needs to sit on your coffee table. This is a good book for UK gamers who are fed up of US-centric publications. The 2nd Edition has an extra 23 pages dedicated to UK games and systems. There's also a single page chronology of Japanese gaming. The Encyclopedia of Game Machines: Consoles, Handhelds and Home Computers 1972-2005 is a fantastic, brand new book - I had a quick flick through and a chat with the (German) author at CGE-UK. It covers a vast number of consoles, I guarentee you will learn loads from this book.
  23. Agreed, I find the ED-209 boss really hard, and once you've lost a decent gun you're screwed.
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