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  1. It's called advertising space. Plain an simple.
  2. Strange - I'm using Halo 2 on the 360, I have the latest version and maps - I just tried to get into a matchmaking game (just me in the party) and it said... "We failed to find a match for your party. Sorry about that. Please wait a few moments and try again." Whats all that about. Anyone else had this? Seemed fine when I was playing last night, although I did join someone elses party - but was party leader for a while.
  3. "We're cut off"... ... "Nintendo... what the hell are you doing?"
  4. I've just fired up Halo on my 360, been so long since I've played it. When in 60Hz mode there's this weird skip that you notice when walking in a straight line for a period of time. I seem to remember it doing that on my original XBox as well - but if you play it in 50Hz then it works fine. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it meant to be played only in 50Hz? Everything else seems fine in 60Hz.
  5. Indeed, the difference is amazing, and I have the unnoficial one, Joytech I think.
  6. With Highbury in trouble it seems they're getting desparate doing another multiple cover issue so soon after the good or evil one. The main reason to do multiple covers is that some people will go out and buy all four right?
  7. Wow, £600 to one guy? What did they buy????
  8. I have an original version X-Box, it's damn noisy, really annoying. The 360 is lovely and quiet in comparision. Maybe yours has a problem? My Master System makes no noise at all.
  9. How many people were there? I would have gone, but I'm moving house soon... say no more.
  10. I picked up Psycho Pinball the other day. It comes in a normal Mega Drive box, but there's also a cardboard sleeve that goes around the box - in a similar way to the Mario Kart: DD Gamecube boxes. Did anyone buy this game back in the day? Were they all like this?
  11. Clearly an attempt by Live's administrators to recoup some of their losses by making the most of their current assets.
  12. I was playing Poker (real life, not money) and Goldeneye until 4am this morning. No boot sale for me. Although I tried to get up, it didn't work.
  13. Anyone been out today? Was nice to have more light in the morning. Shame it'll get dark earlier. Winter... meh. I paid a bit over the odds for this lot, £20. Still probably cheaper than separately on eBay.
  14. I know this is the original GB, but has anyone played Donkey Kong Land? I cannot believe I'm playing a GameBoy!
  15. Damn GameBoy still wont work. Ahh well, I still have a two more to sell and two for me. Feels a bit strange putting it in the bin. I feel guilty for some reason. Just like the last time I got a SNES that didn't work. Compressed air, now thats a good idea. My Dad has an air compressor in the garage.
  16. Thanks for your help mate... SNES - The RF cable works with my other SNES (and MD, SMS etc.). Have tried a different power supply as well. GB - The games work ok in my other GameBoy, not sure how to clean the GB other than giving it a DAMN good blow.
  17. £10 (down from £15) Gameboy Carry Case Link Cable 3rd party light magnifier Nuby sound booster - this is SO LOUD. Return of the Jedi Dr Mario Jurrasic Park Wario Land (Super Mario Land 3) Donkey Kong Land £5 (down from £10) SNES 2 Joypads Zombies Ate My Neighbours Super Mario All Stars Aladdin Mickey Mania Mario Paint Super Troll Islands Super Mario World Mario Is Missing BUT... the SNES has no picture, and the Gameboy has about 3 rows of dead pixels on the right hand side.
  18. What exactly does everyone do with stuff they buy? I mean, some people seem to just buy it because it's there! Your thoughts please...
  19. No just F22 interceptor (have tidied up my English so it makes more sense). Mainly from buying from people at work for pennies, oh the joys of an electronic noticeboard. On the left... the EU instructions from my very tatty version of F22 Interceptor (turn the over and the other way up for Spanish and German). I wanted to ditch the tatty box that someone gave me. On the right... the US instructions that came with and EU version of F22 Interceptor.
  20. Yeah thats what my local charity shops have been saying. I've not been in one for a while, they dried up years ago (before I was intrested in collecting). This is a great find though, well done!
  21. For some reason, F22 is an EU release, but has Genesis instructions - it has a full colour cover. Has anyone else found this? I'd have thought it'd have come with the normal black and white instructions.
  22. Haha, look at the dude in the background, I love ruining peoples photos! (This one wasn't me btw).
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