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  1. Mine nearly crashed in friends list. No sign of gamerscore next to peoples names either Mr Spew. Something fishy here - if there's no features or functions, and just "prepares for future updates" then why not just do the update in the future anyway? I reckon it'll be some security thing, or major bug fix for a massive game thats about to come out maybe.

  2. An excellent choice there. May I reccomend sir indulges in...

    Action Fighter

    The Ninja

    Dr. Robotnicks Mean Bean Machine

    Alien 3

    Wonderboy series

    Sonic series

    Mickey Mouse series

    Donald Duck series

    Cool Spot

    Ghouls and Ghosts


    James Bond 007: The Duel

    The Lion King


    Outrun Europa

    Power Strike I and II (good luck finding II)

    Rambo III

    Robocop vs. Terminator

  3. it's VERY unlikely you can do this work at home unless you can convert nvidia GPU calls into ATI calls and make the game run  without indeph xbox1 and 360 knowledge

    Christ, I could do it with my eyes tied round my back

    I really should stop mixing metaphores by accident.

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