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  1. Someone should sue for... Rainbow Six Letdown Farcry 360 online disgrace
  2. Thought this weeks show was great - I like all the behind the scenes shit in the office, even if it is semi scripted. GRAW looks pretty sweet too. P.S Love ya Jane!
  3. Yeah, tool aided or whater, still pretty amazing.
  4. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Unlucky. It's not easy keeping up is it!
  5. Cool, just means 3 X teh pron!!!
  6. Ah yes, when in an argument, and you're losing, always play the race card, it's a winner!
  7. Mine nearly crashed in friends list. No sign of gamerscore next to peoples names either Mr Spew. Something fishy here - if there's no features or functions, and just "prepares for future updates" then why not just do the update in the future anyway? I reckon it'll be some security thing, or major bug fix for a massive game thats about to come out maybe.
  8. My 360 just demanded an update - does anyone know what this was for? *Prays for more backward compatability and BUG FIXES FOR THE CURRENT LOT*
  9. TWO FINGERS? Getting a little too complicated for me now.
  10. Is that Joy from My Name Is Earl? (the one on the left)
  11. Shame on you, whatever happened to selling your body/wife/parents before starting on the retro collection?
  12. Seriously amusing they got the wrong Dave Perry, thats so old school.
  13. An excellent choice there. May I reccomend sir indulges in... Action Fighter The Ninja Dr. Robotnicks Mean Bean Machine Alien 3 Wonderboy series Sonic series Mickey Mouse series Donald Duck series Cool Spot Ghouls and Ghosts Terminator James Bond 007: The Duel The Lion King Aladdin Outrun Europa Power Strike I and II (good luck finding II) Rambo III Robocop vs. Terminator
  14. RetroBob

    Halo 2. Pc

    This seems a pretty pointless move. A big sense of... meh.
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