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  1. Oh. Then SonyLOL, I guess? But seriously anyone interested in this game who still doesn't have it should not be waiting at that price point but jump in asap..
  2. Is that Sony? Surely that's CDPR themselves?* And it's fair enough arguably, it's been reduced so many times for ages while we all knew this free upgrade was coming. Even after the trailer reveal it was still on sale for a little bit. *In that case ot should be the same deal on Xbox but I can't check right now
  3. This. 8 years later and this still hasn't happened but it still should.
  4. It certainly doesn't incentivise them to do better next time. Compared to Ninendo's releases the severe lack of polish from what I've seen is embarrassing, amateurish even.
  5. Yeah! I'm sick of all those samey looking Marvel CGI action fests so imma going to see Avatar 2 instead!
  6. It's on game pass day one, so no need to spend money to check it out This looks great so far and I hope it's indeed a 7/10 or higher game like @Timmosaid. We used to get fun story-driven single player FPS games like this all the time - from FEAR to BioShock to Singularity to Bulletstorm to Metro... Fun solid action romps. Nowadays it's mostly either a live gaas game, and/or a token add-on to the multiplayer as the real star of the show, and/or CoD influenced standard military fare. Until the next Metro appears this will hopefully be a solid and inventive fun experience.
  7. Oh, sorry I just assumed that you didn't know because that usually does the trick.
  8. Pro-tip, instead redownloading the entire game you can also "verify the integrity of the game files" in the same menu where you find proton compatibility stuff. That's quicker that redownloading anything that's more than a few gb's
  9. Digital books and comics too, I think you can even buy a Marvel Unlimited sub through the Play Store with credit
  10. Is there any way to use that graph to prove that Nintendo surely TEH DOOMED if they keep putting out weird underpowered hardware and they need to release a proper 4k graphics powerhouse Switch ASAP?
  11. Regular dashboard reminders that it's expiring soon despite still having more than 2 years on it
  12. Irrelevant now because
  13. Is that an American date or a sensible European one?
  14. As someone who studied Japanese and East Asian history, I feel left out. The discussion is fascinating but I have literally nothing to add. I'm going to bump the Like A Dragon Ishin thread I think.
  15. For example, I absolutely love New Vegas - the best polygonal Fallout by far. I love Alpha Protocol despite its flaws, one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. KotOR2 is the best KotOR. And Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire is objectively the best classical style cRPG ever made but people overlooked it because Pillars 1 was mediocre. While everyone keeps asking for the new Elder Scrolls and getting hype about Starfield, all I can think about is Avowed. And while everyone is debating whether GoW Ragnarok or Sonic Frontiers is GotY, I'll be loving Pentiment long time. Obsidian
  16. The game I'm most hyped for this year. I love the concept, it's totally my thing. I love the unique artstyle, it's totally my thing. And I usually love Obsidian RPGs, they are totally my thing.
  17. It's the thread title isn't it? Very compelling.
  18. The thread title still isn't as long as the og Dark Souls thread title used to be. Do better.
  19. Maybe if enough of us buy the game we'll give the curse enough power to break the Sony contract
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