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  1. Just when you thought that maybe we were out of the darkest timeline again, Ben rejoins Giant Bomb and Chris Pratt plays Mario.
  2. Nope, there's also a physical release for these games: link
  3. To be fair, that's one of the best looking Wii games I've ever seen.
  4. @Jamie Johnis not entirely correct. Yes, the Xbox Series is a fantastic emulation machine. But you do NOT need to mod it. It all works without doing strange things to it. Or else get a MistER
  5. @rafaqat is not only the president of the Giant Ben Fan Club, he's also the only member
  6. Well at least one person besides Ben is happy
  7. Case in point (of course this would be my example): Al Ewing and Immortal Hulk. Ewing uses a lot of obscure and lesser known ideas from the last 6 decades to make something new and exciting and cool. Even moreso than any Hulk writer before him. The references are awesome if you spot 'em but the story is standalone and works just as well without them - everything you need to know is laid out and told within this current story.
  8. There's a way of paying superficial lip service to continuity while doing your own thing and not be overtly beholden to it. Then the idea adds something cool but doesn't spoil the book. These big continuity reset events imho achieve the exact opposite of what they're promising to do - by putting a big focus on your reset and how everything now fits together, your stories get shackled by every little detail. It's far better imho to use whatever you want from decades past and simply handwave away/ignore whatever you don't.
  9. Last I heard he did a fusion dance with Molydeux to combine into a super dev 3 able to make pure emotion into gameplay that you feel more than you see
  10. Turn the resolution up a bit, sell it at a high price.
  11. Big Daddy Kena: The Bridge of Spirits is Over
  12. Man, what if they'd gotten Austin instead of Ben to fill in. What could have been And it was only because Jeff spoke up and said that it was a roguelike and FPS. Or else Ben would've happily rambled on for half an hour without anyone who hadn't actually played the game any wiser as to what the fuck kind of game it was.
  13. Maybe Ben has improved! Maybe he's actually able to describe a game this time around and express interesting thoughts in a coherent, non-rambling manner! Oh FFS
  14. Big Jeffrey just had a baby. Maybe it's only temporary until he gets back?
  15. FFS I resubscribed too soon! Time to cancel again And I've been enjoying the Bombcast a lot lately. Sigh.
  16. Just to set expectations - there's not really any Zelda in it. It's literally a PS2 platformer with PS5 graphics. Including the somewhat floaty/woolly controls because it's not made by Nintendo. It would fit in perfectly with the likes of Mark of Kri and Maximo. I'm really enjoying it though. Not many of these around nowadays.
  17. I love superheroes, I can't get enough of them.
  18. 6 was the first outing for that new engine. They pump these games out on a crazy schedule and the quality is always high - but that time around with a brand new engine, something had to give. And that was those closed off areas. Sadly. As such 6 is the one that feels the floatiest in that engine. They tightened it up massively for Kiwami 2 and Judgment feels as tight as Zero ever did imo.
  19. I believe you, but I heavily dislike MMO gaming and playing solo makes no difference. Trust me, I've tried. I've heard a lot of praise for those campaigns so I would be very happy if this translates into a traditional sp game of a similar quality.
  20. Surely, given the series' prior form: P6 on PS5 but only after the PS6 has been out at least a year? Doesn't matter much in any case with BC now being a thing
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