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  1. Easy one, the terrible start at least eliminated a bunch of common letters. Wordle 216 3/6
  2. Oh man. There's rewriting history, and then there's this. This is more like a multiverse of madness. Madness from a parallel universe where people didn't hate Kinect way before the One was announced and unveiling of the Xbone wasn't a complete car crash. I'm sorry if people already corrected you, but this thread moves fast and this is just a level of absurdity that I couldn't pass up
  3. Then I was thinking of someone else and maybe even a different game! I recalled something about the game on 360 being so dark in interiors, even with gamma maxed out,, that it was quite a challenge to complete dark dungeons and such. Yes, the controls are a result of an inexperienced developer mapping mouse look to an analogue stick without any optimization. Takes some getting used to. I ended up playing on PC using mouse and keyboard and had a blast
  4. Be aware that Risen was considered very janky even back then! And the 360 version more so than the pc version. I think it had a bug with its gamma settings. @Cosmic_Guruknows more about that, having encountered it back in the day. (Yes, I remember )
  5. Agreed with @Cosmic_Guru. Risen 1 gives dat Morrowind feeling, scratches the same kind of itch. 2 is less RPG, more an attempt to imitate a big budget action title.
  6. That's weird. On Xbox all the EA games are just there. And all the Mass Effect games have been there since day one when EA arrived on the service. The ME trilogy remaster has also been added recently, so that's also on option.
  7. Wordle 214 5/6 Easy one today yet it took me awhile to get there
  8. Yeah, you're right. Was the first name that came to mind but I hadn't thought that one through. They're all about exactly those kinds of revival at a lower budget
  9. Why is the thread title "Microsoft has acquired Activision Blizzard. Woah." instead of: "Microsoft has acquired Activision Blizzard. Wow."?
  10. Also the game pass library would be pretty shite with only AAA blockbusters, they want and need diversity
  11. It's because it's different with Microsoft. If Embracer or Sony had bought them, of course they'd stick to existing crowd-pleasing hits. But Xbox has a different business model, their main goal is making Game Pass attractive and bring in more subscribers. So alongside the crowd pleasing hits, there's a good chance they'll put smaller teams to work on fan favourite older ip, the kind of titles that get the specialized press and hobbyists like us talking.
  12. I'm trying to explain that it's a temporary deal. Microsoft could make the same deal with Disney. They don't have to buy Squeenix for that.
  13. Microsoft could simply license those from Disney just like Squeenix have done if they wanted. No need to buy an entire company for that! Squeenix don't "have the license", they made a deal with Disney to make an X amount of games on certain Marvel ip.
  14. I just got home to this news. Ok ok NOW can we fucking get TENCHU ON FUCKING BC plz Phil plz
  15. Fuck me, this one nearly got me. With my last guess I was completely stumped for a long time because all the words I could think of used letters I'd already eliminated previously. Wordle 213 5/6
  16. Happens to the best of us.
  17. Fucking hell, that's 3 hours of my fucking life I'll never get back. It's just incredibly boring and empty. It astounds me that Eternals Defenders on social are recommending watching it two or three times "to understand it". Homie, the story is simplistic as shit. There's more depth in an average episode of Teletubbies than in the Eternals. Everyone understands the story - but the story is too shallow to fill three hours. If they'd cut the runtime in half, it would have at least improved the pacing because so many scenes are utterly useless and add nothing. The characters are the biggest problem. They're not even two-dimensional, there's literally nothing to them. One-dimensional is pushing it. They might as well be random Skyrim NPC 435, "a deviant bit me in the knee". They're there only for two functions in the entire movie: to spout exposition or to stand there and smell the deviant farts while the camera spins around them to show the - admittedly pretty - surroundings. I can't blame the actors because the script gave them absolutely nothing. Nothing. It's not even a flawed movie where you can see what they tried but alas they failed. There's no substance whatsoever in the script. Cardboard cutout characters standing there smelling farts until the basic plot turns up in the last quarter when the majority of the audience is fast asleep. Maybe that's why they're worried people didn't catch the story - it's a tad harder to see the painfully obvious twist coming with your eyes closed. But not impossible, it must be noted. The worst MCU movie by far.
  18. Wordle 212 4/6 After a fantastic start it took me two more goes to figure out where that vowel was supposed to go.
  19. I just bought this game based solely on this post. It better not disappoint!
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