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  1. Oh no puddle gate has found a new form
  2. It's depressing, but you're right. Still, subtly back on topic: this will be the first game I'll check out on my PS5 if all goes well. I'm a total Marvel nerd and I loved the first game After I've satisfied my swinging cravings, Demons's Soul's is next - I can't concentrate on a souls game knowing there's Spidey to be had
  3. That's something hopefully the next next gen can fix.
  4. Why not also in this thread, the game pass thread? Maybe a friendly mod could copy pasta that post there to the first post here and something along the lines of "cheap deal Game Pass sub instructions in first post" in the thread title. Just a thought since it's a question that comes up rather often
  5. If the only comic you ever read in your life was Youngblood by Rob Liefeld, then yeah - kinda.
  6. It's definitely a game that deserves a remake. Arguably it's one of the most deserving games. In gameplay design and structure terms it hasn't aged a bit, it's just the party like it's 1999 visuals and presentation that lets it down for modern audiences. I'm thinking something along the lines of the Shadow of the Colossus remake by Bluepoint - the same game but better visuals. And add some proper controller support. I'd be all over it
  7. Maybe it would have been different for you if you'd played it slightly earlier. I played it around 2009 iirc with fan patches and it's one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. Even with the weaker last third, it's one of those extremely rare games I keep coming back to regularly and find myself as engrossed as ever. It helps that each playstyle is a vastly different experience. Playing as a crazy vampire means you can have a conversation with a lamppost for example. Playing as a Nosferatu means you have to stick to the sewers and can't be seen by humans.
  8. One of my favorite games of all time - when all fan patched up of course. I dunno, I always think of Bloodlines as an RPG and Deus Ex as an immersive sim. I never would've thought of bringing it up in this thread, but I absolutely adore that game. Was really looking forward to the sequel too, made by a bunch of the same core staff as the original, until publisher Paradox fired all those original members. If it ever appears, it will probably have been transformed into Tomb Raider with vampires to appeal to a wider audience. This thread is making me want to play Deus Ex, Thief 2, and
  9. Written version of the RPS list for old people who have no patience for sitting through a video.
  10. There are reports out there about one or two journos having been crushed to death when their boxed PS5s fell on top of them while trying to take a picture. Something we should be concerned about you think?
  11. My English teacher always said that whenever you learn a new word, immediately start using it as much as possible to permanently add it to your vocabulary
  12. Goes well with your Captain Haddock avatar
  13. Luckily I was able to find a suitable replacement.
  14. Yes. I think I've had this same avatar ever since joining in 2005
  15. Oh shit! It didn't even occur to me even though I had read the news. Aw shit, I've had since forever
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