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  1. To be fair, on rllmuk that's still pretty old probably
  2. Yeah this an early alpha guys please understand. They're delivering a dream game after all. Are you seriously demanding that they optimize a dream??
  3. They have to. They bet on it, went with it, and now you have to try and make a success. It's still early days so for now they're going to stick with it. I think it's complete shit and agree with your Venn diagram theory - but you never know, maybe it's a hugely popular feature among the American GB audience or something.
  4. The character development of Majima Goro in the course of the Yakuza series, starting out as a crazy-for-crazy's-sake side villain in the first game on PS2, is one of the greatest storytelling triumphs in the history of videogames.
  5. I really really really love the art style of Into The Pit
  6. They need to deliver a quality product on day one because they don't care about pre-orders as much as having a killer app that brings in game pass subscriptions. They want something that gets great word of mouth and makes people want to spend £1 on a game pass trial to get dat game. They don't want people complaining en masse about bugs on day one.
  7. I hope it gets boosted at some point. Blacklist on Series X at 4k/60 would be :chefskiss: and absolutely demand another playthrough
  8. Blacklist is the most underrated and underappreciated entry in the series. If you have a Series X it runs in enhanced mode, making it look like a PS4/Bone era game instead of 360. Holds up extremely well and has the most gameplay versatility of the series with some truly great levels. Highly recommended while you wait for a new one.
  9. In all seriousness, if they announce that they're resuming the BC programme alongside a bunch of new BC additions, enhanced titles, and frame rate boosted titles - I'd be incredibly happy.
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