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  1. Pillars of Eternity 2 on the other hand has been a bit disappointing. The game itself is brilliant, I know that because I got a good way into the PC version before I decided to start over on Xbox since that is where I finished Pillars 1. First disappointment was that the Xbox version doesn't support save importing! Wtf, it's 2021 come now. The PC version does, but consoles do not. Ended up downloading the first game to load up my last save and take note of my character's name and background, and quickly scroll through the journal. Made the same character as best I could. Second dis
  2. Oh man this is going to be brilliant
  3. They announced it as PS4, XB1, and Windows. Because that was all that was known at that point in time many years ago. I'm hoping they'll also announce a native PS5 / XSX version now in the upcoming Bamcovaganza. Or at the very least a 60fps option to make current gen players happy as can be.
  4. No icons,no nothing. The map gets filled in as you explore and find things. Like Morrowind back in the day.
  5. An open world game being a Souls-like instead of an Ubisoft style collect-like, would make for a very refreshing and welcome change of pace.
  6. Don't recall how it was on ye olde consoles but the loading times in Sniper Elite 4 on a Series X are literally zero. Reloading a save puts you back in the world instantly. Which is good for such a tactical and tense game. Really getting into it now, exploring the second level. Instead of being almost scared to fire my rifle because it will be heard, I use that to lure and attract enemies - like a heroic cat toying with nazi mice. Loads of opportunities for emergent fun, like sniping the driver of a gunboat and the boat stalling right next to the beach. The engine kept making a rac
  7. Pac-Man Zero, gritty reboot. With guns.
  8. Yes, of course, but Bamco is one of those publishers that you feel like they'd be better off joining the Direct stream of one of the big platform holders instead of doing a Konami. But who knows, maybe they have a lot of impressive stuff to show off besides Elden Ring.
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