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  1. None of us know what their marketing plans are. Or whether it all gets delayed for that matter. At a guess, I'd think their most likely original plan was to reveal it before E3 - before everything changed/got cancelled.
  2. No, but ever since the lockdown stuff spread across Europe (which may be a complete coincidence rather than Live acting up because too many are isolating simultaneously) I noticed achievements don't unlock for me until I quit the game (instead of just putting the console in sleep mode) and launch it again. Not really a problem because who cares about achievements, but weird nonetheless. Launching the game I'm currently playing from scratch often results in a bunch of achievements popping one after another.
  3. Thanks for the reply though! I'm still kind of intrigued but I'm probably better off waiting until it's really really really cheap. Bought Xenoblade Chronicles 2 full price which was a bummer
  4. I don't like MMOs at all, it's not just the presence of other players and elements in the world constantly resetting that breaks my immersion completely, but there's also something about the basic structure that I find extremely tedious to play despite loving 'normal' RPGs. I absolutely hated Kingdoms of Amalur last gen because it felt exactly like playing an offline MMO. I don't know what my problem with it is exactly, but I find it no fun at all. Xeno Chronicles 2 on the Switch felt exactly like that to me, an offline MMO, and I really tried pushing forward with it until it hopefully clicked but I just didn't find it fun. So if the first is also more like an offline MMO instead of a normal RPG with big sandbox areas, then it's probably not for me. The reason I ask is that I really love RPGs and I love the idea of these games, so I'm willing to give it another shot.
  5. I've always been intrigued by this game but never got around to it. I did play part 2 on the Switch but that wasn't my thing at all, didn't get on with it, and abandoned it after giving it more than 10 hours to grab me. My question is: is there a chance that someone who didn't like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 at all, would like part 1? Or is it basically the same kind of thing?
  6. There's another even more significant reason why buying games on Stadia doesn't make much sense.
  7. I'm hoping that the substantial boost in CPU power will indeed result in exciting new things beyond pretty graphics - but as has been said before, those kinds of innovations will probably come after one or two years while the games in the first year will be more or less doable on current gen but hella pretty. But either way I definitely have high hopes for exciting new stuff thanks to the consoles not using a potato CPU anymore, moreso than for the fancy PS5 SSD tbh - but I'm not a developer
  8. I get what you're trying to say or do, but think about this for a second. All the PS4 exclusives, God of War, Uncharted 4, Horizon even - could all be done on a PS3. They would look and perform significantly worse, but it could theoretically be done. Just look at Witcher 3 on Switch to see how far everything can be turned down while the basic game remains more or less intact. The main thing is that all of them look fucking amazing on PS4, you never ever would want to play the PS3 version. The same will probably be true of PS5 games just as much as XsX games, which people saying "I'm sticking with my One X!" are bound to find out pretty soon after launch, so if that's the line in the sand you're drawing then we probably can't post any next-gen game from either platform in this thread. Just sayin'.
  9. Sure, whatever you say, but it will inevitably become a standard minimum requirement like so many other minimum requirements now that consoles use them is all I'm saying.
  10. Don't know what to tell you. I even posted on this very forum that I couldn't read the text on the Skyrim loading screens because I was running it off an SSD. It popped up for a fraction of a second and then you were in the game.
  11. But it is standard practice among "serious" pc gamers, ie those who want to play the latest games on their rig. And it will become standard practice among a wider PC audience when an SSD becomes part of the minimum specs of every game. That's no different than requiring a certain graphics card, a minimum amount of RAM, and a certain CPU. Everyone I know who plays PC games has been running their OS and Steam drive of an SSD since well before the PS4 and Xbox launched. Grandpa HDD's are used for storage only. It's nice that SSD's in PC's will finally be used for something more than non-existent loading times.
  12. Thanks for the compliment, but compared to the REAL nerds on comicboards and comic book Reddit, I barely know anything Probably a lot of references that I'm missing too! But the series works just as well without catching those references. I will post about the obvious references here when I have the time later today.
  13. Fwiw, it's also available on Android. Haven't played it myself but it's more or less the same price so I assume it's the same version.
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