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  1. Pre-production on this started in 2012. The original release date they aimed for was 2017 iirc. It's been in development a long time, they have the experience of The Witcher 3 in terms of developing an open world, and they delayed it a few times towards the end. It could very well be less buggy than some are fearing.
  2. I would need to reread the entire run in deluxe omnibus form first in thst case Thanks for the compliment though
  3. Well that's disappointing.
  4. No problem, I had fun writing that. I have no interest (or the talent for that matter!) in making videos or podcasts - I'll just stick to the occasional post on here. That's a nice bonus of Hulk being the best superhero comic right now; it gives me the opportunity to talk about the series more than ever before I'm afraid I have no idea about the Leader though, his history is such a confusing and contradictory mess. I knew beforehand that Al Ewing was going to try and pull everything together in Immortal Hulk 34. Tell us the history of the Leader while tying everything together. T
  5. I'm really feeling this one. Dude is completely new to me:
  6. No matter, I'm happy to answer any Hulk related questions if you'd rather not trawl through a wiki. Maybe you're overthinking Immortal Hulk 0 because all it does, is collect the two of the most essential back issues for understanding Bruce's childhood trauma. The fancy (and pretty imo!) paintery style art is new, and forms a new story frame around issues 312 and minus 1 of The Incredible Hulk. 312 is from halfway through the eighties and -1 from halfway through the nineties if I recall correctly. Not spoiled because this is old canon: Up until 312, Hulk was the classic
  7. That's all in Immortal Hulk 0 which came out alongside Immortal Hulk 37 last Wednesday It also features a new framing story for those essential classics, so recommended even if you're someone already familiar with the backstory!
  8. I thought it was brilliant. Read Immortal Hulk 2 again if you don't remember father and son Frye.
  9. If it's legal weed you're looking for, but don't mind missing out on the mountains, our lovely Dutch land of the Netherlands is just a stone's throw away. Easier move, and more convenient if you want to keep visiting relatives in the UK. And probably more people here speak English than in Canada
  10. Surely it has to be. Surely. I really hope someone somewhere can confirm this soon. I'm fairly confident about the XsX in this regard but having recently played TLOU2 Sony has yet to earn my trust - it sounded like sitting in a room filled with dozens of Dreamcasts all playing Soulcalibur simultaneously! Edit: also I'm excited! What better way to end this awful, awful year than bringing some festive cheer into your house with a shiny new next gen console? FUCK 2020, NEXT GEN ESCAPISM HERE I COME BABY YEAH
  11. Yeah for as much as I'm the token moaning Lisa in this thread and despite not being a fan of XV and VIIR, I'll probably be all over this once we're closer to release with more info. It's FF. I hated XIII and yet I bought its two sequels because it's FF.
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