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  1. Seems an appropriate form of celebration now that Danny is an official part of the Bombcast!
  2. I like Danny and I like @Pockets and I like House of Pain, so yay Ireland!
  3. @Lorfarius: copy pasta from the first post: GUIDE TO THE BEST WAY TO PURCHASE GAMEPASS BEFORE YOU START. If you are already subscribed to Game Pass, let it lapse before following these steps. They will work for new or lapsed accounts, but not for active ones. 1. Buy 3x 12-month Live Gold codes (£40 each) from CDKeys or equivalent. It might take an hour or so for the codes to come through, but they will eventually. 2. If you don't have one, create an Xbox account on the Microsoft site. 3. Redeem your Live Gold codes on the MS Site - clic
  4. @Lorfariusdo this. 3 years game pass including Outer Worlds and a cornucopia of other games for 1 quid. Come on man, you can't buy an X and tehn say no to GP for 1 quid! Screw trial
  5. I love Danny, and as others have said Jeff and Jeff could be the best combo since Jeff and Ryan. Excited!
  6. Did you at least like Fury Road @Wiper, so that we can agree on *something*?
  7. It's the most generic sandbox game imaginable, literally Sandbox Game: The Sandbox Game - but it does a tremendous job of recreating and immersing you into the Gibson Mad Max world. If that appeals, you'll love it. And get Fury Road watched you heathen, it's bloody fantastic!!!
  8. Jeffcast! To be honest, I think they're both very funny and the few times they appeared together were fun. BIG JEFFREYS
  9. We live in a reality where you need to get an Xbox if you want a current gen console with backwards compatibility with GameCube and PS2
  10. I have zero interest in woodworking or in doing woodworking myself, but would watch/listen to every episode of Vinny doing woodworking.
  11. Can't emphasize enough how much I'm loving this hip-hop shit right now
  12. Now I'm hoping it never comes out just to piss those so-called fans off. I'm fine sticking with the GameCube version running on my Xbox or PC.
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