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  1. It's subjective like I said, but I would take whatever the original scored and two points. It's really that much better and more fun imho. Abd that's without taking the impressive new looks on PS5 into account.
  2. Yeah, I half expected one of the Destiny characters sitting on a PS5 as the cover. Or 5 of them holding it up. And an 8 page article analysing how Destiny 2 runs on it while discussing Destiny 2 in general some more. Tagline: the new Destiny machine is here
  3. It's all subjective but I found Miles Morales miles better* than the original - less filler, all killer - refined combat and stealth thanks to perfectly suited** new powers - far better story, in part thanks to it not being stretched out this time around and Miles is imho a far more sympathetic character than Peter - no shitty MJ stealth sections. *Yes **Yes
  4. Edge hates fun confirmed! If only you could talk to the astrobots etcetera No matter the score, imho Astro is the most pure fun out of all the launch games on both platforms.
  5. 'Failhalla' But yes, all they need to do is present the facts and findings as they are, and the fanboys of both sides come wading in. They're accused of being biased towards and against every platform depending on what the results were of their most recent video.
  6. Makes sense and was expected, as the crowd density was a setting on the PC version of Witcher 3. Iirc Novigrad was pretty barren in the console versions but impressively busy on a half decent rig. One of the settings that had the most impact on performance in Witcher 3, so it makes sense if the same goes for Cyberpunk.
  7. Pfft, I don't really remember. Okay I guess, it's just the Xbox One original without any work done to it. I've played the entire trilogy back to back, starting with the remake of one. So I can't remember whether I've had hard locks on 2 or 3. I remember liking the intro and outro of 3 a lot, but the sandbox stuff I found really boring. I mainlined it. Glad I did, loved the ending and I really want a part 4 now.
  8. Bought and played all three on the One X, sorry.
  9. Not me, I recently trimmed my wish list down to 10 games. A friend of mine has close to 300 on his though. I'm going to trim it down even further because I just discovered all four Trails of Cold Steel games are available on PlayStation.
  10. I HAVE ZERO PATIENCE I CANNOT WAIT So I'm just hoping the Xbox version isn't too bad and includes dynamic res and a 60FPS option. That would be enough. I have waited 10 years, my health isn't great, I REFUSE TO WAIT ...and I'm more than willing to start over on next gen shiny shiny if I've finished it by then
  11. Birthday present seems like a good option! One of the biggest drawbacks of this work from home business is the increased difficulty of sneaking omnibuses past the wife!
  12. A beautiful parody of a scene from McFarlane era Spiderman with the Peter Parker dialogue exactly the same
  13. Peter David vol 3 or Immortal Hulk hc vol 3? The first is out in May and the latter in April afaik - that would make it one hell of a delay! Just so you know Of course I also have both of those on pre-order, along with Hulk Epic Collection: Going Gray (the lead up to the PAD run) in December, Hulk Epic Collection: Who Will Judge the Hulk (classic 70s Trimpe Hulk) and Immortal Hulk softcover vol 8 both in January, and the Maestro tpb (of the current Peter David series) in February. Since I bought both nextgen consoles this month and we just got a new telly this week, I'm hoping a f
  14. Been playing with ray tracing on quality mode at 30FPS. Just felt I needed to see the next gen shiznit. I switched to 60FPS performance without rt just now and HOLY SHIT! It really looks sooo much better. Imho of course but the image quality is vastly improved and I have to admit it looks way more "next-gen" in performance mode. Go figure, probably says something about whether rt is worth it. (And an argument could be made to call performance mode, quality mode instead). In other news the game itself is awesome!
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