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  1. The latest issue of Immortal Hulk is excellent as always, but as a father my heart breaks when I see this in the letters page:
  2. Not just beloved franchises, they also killed off Rage!
  3. Fuck off, I distinctly remember it even being called Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition on the fucking title screen
  4. It's most likely this. Not 'Episode 3' or something along those lines. As someone who doesn't dig VR, I'm really disappointed that it's a VR game.
  5. Oh my LOL. Paying full price to stream the worst version of RDR2... how enticing, someone please hold my wallet because this offer is too good I won't be able to control myself. And 30FPS for 'artistic reasons', really? Even if the PC version of RDR2 didn't just come out which runs just fine in 60FPS, that's such obvious bullshit.
  6. So it isn't a 4k/60 ultra settings high end pc experience at all? Just a console like experience with added compression and lag.
  7. Thread title change request: "Valve - Not Shipping Other Companies' Games Anytime Soon"
  8. @Rsdio yeah, you're right. If Capcom can reveal a SF6 which looks absolutely brilliant abd everything we wanted V to be, it'll create its own hype. Question is, can Capcom? Can Capcapom?? To be fair, since around the second half of the current generation they've been on fire. RE7, MHW, RE2 Remake, all big quality hitters. Can they carry over this hot streak to the bumbling SF team? You know how Arc Systems makes these gorgeous fighters that look like beautiful 2D but are really extremely well done 3D? My dream SF6 game would look like that. Like a beautiful halfway point between 3rd Strike and SSF2X, evoking that 2D gorgeousness while being a wonderfully smooth and responsive 3D. Gameplay wise I would love for 6 to play like 2, because that's where this cranky 40 year old will forever be stuck at I appreciate that will never happen
  9. Is it really? I mean, yeah a good Street Fighter is the best thing ever. But everyone was mad hype for 4 because it had been ages since the last new main Street Fighter. And everyone was subsequently mad hype for V because 4 was so good. But with 6 it will have been very recently that the last version of V came out, and there may be less hype because V could have tarnished SF's reputation. I don't know, maybe I'm completely wrong and simply projecting my own disappointment in every single decision they made with V. But maybe they'd be better off skipping a generation with SF and instead bring, for example, Darkstalkers or something back on next-gen.
  10. Definitely wait until Black Friday, afaik consoles are always discounted somewhere. See how much an Xbox One X goes for then if performance and prettied up BC games are a factor for you (I have an X hooked up to a 1080p telly as well and imo it's totally worth it), but we're also a year away from Scarlett (the next-gen Xbox) so it might also be wiser to go for the cheapest option (likely the S during Black Friday) and then upgrade at the end of the year. Your Game Pass Ultimate carries over to Scarlett of course, and it will be fully backwards compatible with the Xbox One - at that point you can ditch the S or X.
  11. Did SFV do well? I mean, SF4 seemed like the biggest thing since 2 and yet Capcom needed Sony to help fund V. And V had, uhm, a somewhat rocky start and to this day suffers from an, uhm, unfortunate reputation. Is SF6 even a viable prospect after V? Or did V do extremely well thanks to all the microtransactions without anyone realizing?
  12. It's the same thing as always; younger or relatively immature fans mistaking grimdark juvenile emo stuff for mature and intellectual. While in reality it's incredibly childish and superficial. See also: the 90s grimdark era in superhero comics which I lived through while being a stupid teen.
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