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  1. Either you're sensitive to that unavoidable lag or not. I suspect that the bigger audience won't be, similar to my in-laws either not seeing any difference between VHS and blu-ray back in the day, or even arguing that VHS looks better. I think this Google Box could theoretically be a success. But every form of game streaming I've tried so far felt bad to me and I could clearly see that it was a stream. I'm buying normal consoles in the upcoming gen and will continue to do so while that is an option, but if it ever transpires that streaming is the only available option, I still have a backlog that will literally last me three lifetimes. I'm still very very interested in how this will do though, could be a massive success or a hilarious, Ouya-like failure. Fascinating times.
  2. This is fucking boring, I'm out. I'll read the takeaways later. On my Google phone which is registered to my Google account.
  3. Our new console overlords, Google.
  4. Doom and input/stream lag sounds like an ideal combination.
  5. Does 10.7 terraflops mean that even Unity games will now run at a decent framerate?
  6. Something like this, a metal hand picking up the remains of the gauntlet: I would flip out of my flippin' mind!
  7. Phase 4 -6 Operation Doomsday. :fingers crossed:
  8. Yes! And anything by Arkane. Basically I want Doom by id, something by MachineGames, and anything by Arkane plz. Zero interest in whatever Bethesda themselves are making
  9. Mr. Gerbik

    System Shock 3

    So did Underworld. It was like a Looking Glass reunion and iirc they also brought Specter in. I really really really hope SS3 turns out well. But, at least we recently had Prey to scratch that System Shock itch in a rather brilliant way.
  10. "Sony?! What the hell does Sony know about games? Lolstation" was the general sentiment back when. Followed a generation or so later by "Microsoft?! What the hell does Microsoft know about consoles? Lolbox" - gamers are not good at predicting these things. Although I'm not convinced I'll ever get on with streaming games, I wouldn't be surprised if Google swoops in and becomes a major player. It could go either way.
  11. I want to see DOOM Eternal, everything else is a bonus Edit: and whatever MachineGames does next. Basically, the announcements from Bethesda themselves are what interests me the least in their press conference
  12. Mr. Gerbik

    System Shock 3

    After the massive disappointment of that new Underworld game, my expectations for this game have hit rock bottom

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