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  1. ONRUSH - New Arcade Racer from Codies!

    I've always described the game and the handling as something that lets you feel like the Stig without too much fuss but is bastard hard to master. The handling is a perfect combination of simulation and arcade for me. I love Driveclub and its probably the most fun I've had on a racer. Can't wait for more details on ONRUSH to arrive either, could be a very interesting game!
  2. The Man Utd Thread

    While it wasn't magic it was mighty impressive for a young player making is u23 debut after being out injured for the best part of a year with a serious knee injury.
  3. Arsenal

    United fan here. Mkhitaryan is a gifted footballer but he came with questions about self belief, something he had problems with in his early career at Dortmund people said. I certainly think it played a part because while we did see flashes of brilliance from him, it was never with any consistency annoyingly. I don't think Jose could get the best out of him for whatever reason but Mkhitaryan wasn't dropped because of him questioning Jose and his criticism, he was dropped because Jesse Lingard fulfilled the role that Mkhitaryan couldn't. I wish him all the best though.
  4. The Man Utd Thread

    Well, conversation about his position has started on RedCafe and it seems he's done alright on the right. He played much more on the right for Barcelona too... Almost certain he'll take Mata's or Lingard's role within the starting 11. Martial, Lukaku and Sanchez as the front 3 in a 4-3-3 is what I'd like to see.
  5. The Man Utd Thread

    I doubt he'll play as a striker. He might take Lingard's central role behind the striker. My best bet is still to play in the right though, a positions he's played throughout his career. Wenger himself has said its his best position in the past, although played him centrally and wide left. But then Wenger got to Wenger I guess.
  6. The Man Utd Thread

    Sky Sports though isn't it. Take anything they say with a pinch of salt.
  7. The Man Utd Thread

    He's not played much on the right in recent times, but I agree the right side is where the team can improve for sure.
  8. The Man Utd Thread

    ! I hope you are because that's a ridiculous thing to say. He's gets about the pitch just fine but withe the added bonus of being a magician with the ball at his feet. Can't find any average distance but I bet he averages 10km a match easily.
  9. The Man Utd Thread

    No way Martial goes, Jose isn't that daft. Surely... I too am a fan of Mkhitaryan and I've come to the conclusion that Jose can't get the best out of him so maybe it makes sense to use him as part of a potential deal for Sanchez. If Sanchez does arrive, lets hope he can make that right side his own because I'm not sure we need someone through the middle or on the left...
  10. The Man Utd Thread

    Pogba would be missed by any team. He's that good. I like Herrera and Matic but they're very underwhelming as a midfield pair. I think end of the season would be a good time to take stock of the midfield area and strengthen then. I can't see anyone of note being available in January really (if there is then by all means go and get them!) and come the summer it looks like we'll be without Carrick and Fellaini so that might be a better time to plan transfers. As for Lukaku, I think he's doing just fine. His confidence is a bit down at the moment and thats something he'll have to sort out but he's not an issue for me. I think the way we've played in the big games has a huge impact on his performances and his ability to influence games. Far too often he's isolated and lacks support, not to mention some of the service in those games have been piss poor.
  11. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak & Year3 details!

    Thank you! I've never been one for cosmetics but I realise its needed to keep the game fresh with the new content we get. I will be getting season 3 DLC though just to support the game going forward. I've only spent £25 and got 350 hours out of it. Not bad at all
  12. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak & Year3 details!

    Yeah, although I do like Ying even though her gadget is unreliable and her gun feels a little underpowered. When a breach works you feel like a fucking boss. Equally you feel a tit when you breach and jump and die instantly because they hid behind a bed and didn't get blinded! The original operators are still the best and have the most powerful/useful gadgets for me. My most played are all original operators I think*. Hibana and Jackel might be up near the top but the others will be the vanilla ones I'm sure. *Edit Doc, Thermite, Thatcher, Smoke, Sledge and Rook are my most played which is then followed by Jackel and Lesion.
  13. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak & Year3 details!

    Not watched the video as I'm at work but I'd be interested to know why you think it has terrible unlock mechanics and shady monetization schemes? I've got all the operators apart from Vigil and I've not spent any extra money since I originally bought the game about a year ago. I mean I've got over 300 hours played now so that might explain that but there is no reason to spend money at all unless you're impatient to get new operators. I think Ubi have the monetization spot on here. Because without it, the game would be dead and we'd have no new content. I've got friends that spend a fortune on cosmetic skins and I'm glad others do too because I personally don't! Without those people, Siege wouldn't be where it is today.
  14. The Man Utd Thread

    I really don't like how we've been matching up teams who play 3 at the back. We did get a result against Spurs with it but they looked lost in defence yesterday and going forward wasn't much better either. I'd have much rather and a midfield 3 and try to control the game from there. I suspect the lack of Pogba might have played a part in that though. Missing Pogba far too much at the moment. Hopefully he's not far away from returning.
  15. ONRUSH - New Arcade Racer from Codies!

    It is fantastic. Straddling that balance of sim and arcade. Enough there for the best drivers to get the most out of the cars on time trials etc but forgiving enough so that anyone can throw supercars round corners while drifting. Still feels and looks brilliant now.

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