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  1. Almost certain there’s an auto loot option in the accessibly options.
  2. I finished with on the clock.
  3. All finished. I’m drained but what a game. Stunning.
  4. A lot of people actually do and enjoy it.
  5. Put about 15 hours in now and still loving everything about it. I'm still not sure why people don't like the combat, its just like the last one - stealth until the shit hits the fan and you go super aggressive, but with the added benefit of having areas large enough to establish being hidden again.
  6. My Pro is near silent on digital version.
  7. I'm 5 hours in and its fucking amazing so far. That is all I've got to say at the moment.
  8. I’ve not played part 2 yet but you will be much better off having played the original. Just for context of the character if nothing else. Plus it’s an amazing game and still holds up 7 years later!
  9. Some people just don’t see it though or don’t care enough to see it. I mean, I’ve seen takes on the internet that stated nothing shown by Sony looked any better than PS4.
  10. Same here, had mine for just over 2 years or so I think and I use it for my gaming on the PS4 - no problems whatsoever.
  11. Started it this weekend and only 5 episodes in but it’s very compelling viewing. Every character is seemingly both likeable in some way but also a massive bastard. Would recommend based on what I’ve watched so far.
  12. I'd still be very surprised if its goes above $499.
  13. This is a huge blind spot for me, I've never played any of them! I always said I'd try Bloodborne but I never have for some reason. Maybe it'll start with the Demon Souls remake, but I doubt it.
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