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  1. Makes sense with clarification. BC is the least of my concerns, I rarely, if ever replay games!
  2. So did he mean that most of the top 100 PS4 games currently run in a boosted mode maybe?
  3. Some might be interested in this. Always liked his videos, though he does get very technical at times!
  4. Not that important to the hardcore, but the majority of console buyers aren't hardcore gamers. We're still the few that talk about it on internet forums! I mean I'm getting a PS5 day one regardless of the price/ spec. But I realise I'm not the typical buyer.
  5. Think the big difference was the PS4 was also cheaper than the less powerful Xbox. Still think the price is the biggest factor for the majority of console buyers.
  6. Precisely. Still need someone else to come up with the names obviously.
  7. Best looking console they’ve made.
  8. Tried a bolt action rifle with express rounds to the head or a poison arrow to the head?
  9. Glad it works at least to some degree! I’ll get that sorted next time I play for sure
  10. I think you can customise your load out at a gun shop. I’ve yet to try this but this is doing my box in too!
  11. No confirmation that its even coming to PC yet, its finally the game that made me get a pro and I'll probably still pick up the PC version if and when it does come
  12. PS4 Pro Red Dead bundle preordered and all ready. I'm so on the hype train and I didn't even get on with the first one!
  13. I've only played an hour or so but I'll echo what others have said. Fantastic start and it feels like it might be a special game already. Can't wait to get proper stuck into this weekend.
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