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  1. You don’t need to do that. When you add a new sheet, it’s stock (except the parts that can’t be changed) I think.
  2. I don’t think there is any analogue control. I think you’ll need an 8 button stick though. I had it mapped as jump, attack, dash, magic along the bottom row, then nail, super dash, quick cast and map along the top. To get to the inventory, double tap the map button and zoom out (fine once you get used to it). The controls are very responsive. I thought it felt great and now I’m praying that Silksong doesn’t introduce analogue controls so I can play that the same way.
  3. I finished Hollow Knight with a stick. Highly recommended.
  4. Veterans of Rllmuk racing nights may remember an epic Rally de Positano race on Forza about a decade or so ago. Still my favourite online gaming experience!
  5. Do you boys use the controller mic for chat or some fancy headset? I’ll try the controller mic next week. Not shy, honest
  6. The only thing I’ve noticed on my T300 is that the rumble effect when you drive over curbs is weaker and in some cases not there at all. I suspect it will get patched.
  7. Thanks. Really useful. Didn’t know about that diamond! How much time does not changing your tyres save you? I tried that on The second race last night, but I’m not convinced it was worth it.
  8. Really good racing last night, especially Sardegna. I feel like I’m falling short when it comes to pit strategy, fuel saving etc, possibly because I know nothing about real world motorsport. Any tips? Dumb question - when you enter the pits, does it make any difference how quickly you decide what tyres to use? Or have you got until the time when the car ‘arrives’ to decide? I always feel panicked! Another dumb question - where it shows you the number of laps worth of fuel that you have left, is this based on how much you have been using in the race so far, or the total for the race based on fuel mix 1, or something else? I feel like I can’t entirely trust it.
  9. After collecting my 1m gift yesterday I immediately won another 1m on my daily mileage ticket.
  10. It’s a roguelike. I think there’s a pretty strong possibility you’re going to be playing variations of the same levels over and over again.
  11. same here. I’ve tried every combination of settings and it doesn’t work. I recommend turning it all off and saving your sanity.
  12. I’d recommend giving it a go. The contact cleaner thing never really worked for me. Once you’ve done it you’ll wonder why you lived with drift for so long. I hear the PS5 pad is susceptible too. What is going on? Is it planned obsolescence?
  13. - Amazon - Not that I noticed, and I’m picky. - Have a look at the iFixit guide. It’s not too bad. The hardest bit is sliding the tiny connectors into the ports. The parts are pretty small so it needs a bit of dexterity.
  14. How long before it’s on PS Plus? Could they even launch it on there?
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