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  1. Quality entertainment as always. The game that keeps on giving.
  2. Ok, I have a room open if anyone’s interested. All welcome. Patented McSpeed settings. Send me a friend request (Beezerley) if you’re not already my friend.
  3. I was planning to join last night but ..... I had a horrible migraine and had to go to bed. I put it down to the weather.
  4. I do, for almost all cars. If the car has an exceptionally small viewing area I will switch. I don't think it's quicker though. I want the immersion. For me that's kind of the point. I've been playing a lot of Project Cars 2 recently, with a proper accurate FOV and I find that is awesome. I wish GTS and Dirt Rally had that feature.
  5. Beezer

    Nintendo Switch

    +1 for Skyforce. Fits the bill perfectly.
  6. If you haven’t learned to ignore me by now then I have no sympathy. i really like autopolis! I’m standing by that pick!
  7. But dungeons and dragons card battling. Come on now. It’s reasonable to be sceptical. ”Bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk, free energy.” If I was to pinpoint it, it was that line that put me off! Don’t worry! Wasn’t intended to be anything other than a light hearted jibe!
  8. To an outsider, it made the game sound well spoddy and arcane. At all. i bought it anyway. A few hours in and I’m enjoying it so far.
  9. I just gone right off the idea of getting this game. I mean is it actually any good?
  10. Apparently, I have driven 18,528 miles in this game now. Loved the car / track selections tonight. Lago Mago in GR4 is perfection for me. @McSpeed is doing a fine job of mixing it up so it’s not the same every week.
  11. @grindmouse The focus is online and I say embrace this because it is the heart and soul of the game. Sport Mode is great, whilst the campaign is kind of tedious. Sport Mode focuses on 3 races for a whole week, so you can properly learn the tracks and then race at a decent standard. The penalty system, though much criticised, does work well and creates good racing. I would recommend picking a race (maybe race B, based on the current set), and practice until you can lap it consistently. Then jump in. Focus on racing clean and your Sportsmanship Racing (SR). And join us on Mondays of course!
  12. I’ve set you all a starter target time on the ring with the Porsche. Really fun to drive once it clicks.
  13. 4. Sport Mode  - 'Time Trial' has been added to 'Sport' mode. Various events will be hosted within the Time Trial section. 6. Lobby  - Added "Practice/Qualifier/Race" and "Practice/Qualifier/Endurance Race" in the Room Mode of Basic Settings. When these room modes are selected, a Qualifying Time Trial will be held before races. "Qualifier Settings" will also appear within the Event Settings. (After completing the Qualifier, the game will automatically transition to the race screen.)
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