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  1. It’s a roguelike. I think there’s a pretty strong possibility you’re going to be playing variations of the same levels over and over again.
  2. same here. I’ve tried every combination of settings and it doesn’t work. I recommend turning it all off and saving your sanity.
  3. I’d recommend giving it a go. The contact cleaner thing never really worked for me. Once you’ve done it you’ll wonder why you lived with drift for so long. I hear the PS5 pad is susceptible too. What is going on? Is it planned obsolescence?
  4. - Amazon - Not that I noticed, and I’m picky. - Have a look at the iFixit guide. It’s not too bad. The hardest bit is sliding the tiny connectors into the ports. The parts are pretty small so it needs a bit of dexterity.
  5. How long before it’s on PS Plus? Could they even launch it on there?
  6. Game of the Year A1. Spelunky 2 A2. The Last of Us part 2 A3. Animal Crossing A4. Streets of Rage 4 A5. Lonely Mountains Downhill Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. PS5 Design Z2. Mario 3D Collection Z3. Hades
  7. You whip pots? Madman! I always throw them for this reason (and cos they’re a useful weapon)
  8. today I got to the drill with an astonishing 12 lives, accidentally drilled right through a shop but managed to stomp the shopkeeper on the way down. Got the vampire cape, then a viscous shopkeeper took 9 lives to kill me on the 4-1 exit.
  9. Yep, still playing 3 or 4 runs a day but haven’t beaten it. I didn’t play the first game much and I refuse to look up any hints so it’s been a tough but hugely rewarding experience. I’m just over 900 deaths, all shortcuts open and I can get the sword! I’d agree it’s game of the year. So refined, wonderful gameplay. Never gets old for me. I can’t fault it.
  10. Is there any confirmation of a Switch release at all?
  11. Disagree! The controls on it are superb. The game has some flaws but controls are not one of them. The weight of the bike and the inertia are felt so well through the turning and braking. You have a really simple control scheme, with no analogue acceleration or braking but this suits the game perfectly and the level of control you have over the bike is great. I had a huge amount of fun doing the ‘free rider’ time trials, which remove the checkpoints and force you to reach the bottom without crashing.
  12. you’re not the only one who finds this weird.
  13. Yeah time to get the band back together soon
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