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  1. Joker looks a bit Halloween office do - the rest more than make up for it though.
  2. I think it's very possible; I mean you may be addicted to the core gameplay loop or something that taps in specificily to your tastes but would you recommend it to other people? There's a lot of other reasons to, as mentioned the "games as a service" thing but also some games get complete Free to Play conversions in their first year without a whiff of reward for those who paid for it. Over monitisation, gameplay changes, server changes, unkept promises, slow development... There's loads of things that can affect the current state of the game; which could make people not recommend it.
  3. Retroid


    Well that was one of the best Shonen episodes I've ever watched - up there with top One Piece and HxH! Demon Slayer being anime of the year!
  4. So far that trailer just shows pixel art cutscenes really, looks alright.
  5. I didn't really know how you felt on a scale that was easy for me to digest, maybe a rating system could be good something, like fingers out of 8 or something. Have you set up a Discord for female fans yet?
  6. Just a friendly word of advice, keep testing your levels from the beginning and don't be a plonker and forget that red/blue switches stay consistent between areas.
  7. https://store.steampowered.com/app/352700/Subspace_Continuum/ Old, ugly, tough to get into... But once you do it'll be there forever! Subspace Continuum is a 22 year old Massively Multiplayer top down RTS set in space and it still has an active community! You will most likely get destroyed, over and over again brutally and find yourself in servers with strange and confusing rulesets but every kill you get will feel like a real achievement! And as you start to get the hang of all the hot keys and special moves you'll start to feel like a master criminal, landing sneaky, sneaky traps
  8. Retroid


    So I think everyone has to experience Sarazanmai... I'm not even going to try and explain what it's about - it's just a bit... Different?
  9. ... Another demo of this:
  10. Morrowind is definitely the most atmospheric Bethesda game (Imo). I remember being so encapsulated in this world at a time where that rarely happened. Also: Abe's Oddysee Perfectly dark and funny and completely the way things are going. Brilliant game.
  11. Retroid


    Fire Force, interesting idea but the structure was so terrible... You can see the potential in what they've got but they're so scared of losing your attention that they just throw everything on the table episode 1 which really just disregards character development. I mean you have a nun in the group, why not have her be the last person join and have an interesting moral debate leading up to that? Why is there 2 badly animated flashbacks? They could have opened with either one and just properly animated them as the present - then skipping forward in time. Doesn't help that the main
  12. Retroid

    Saw 9

    As a whole series Saw is suprisingly enjoyable, I came into it fairly late and got convinced by the Mrs to watch 1-6 over one weekend. It's no masterpiece but if you treat it like you do American Horror Story it's fairly compelling.
  13. @Jamie John Yeah, odd despawning goomba issue if you leave him to go off screen a sec. (From the Rollmop comment)
  14. Cheers! I'm starting to understand why my MM1 levels were deleted. I think the pro-streamers have poisoned my mind with their skills, I'll try and keep that in mind for next time.
  15. Thank god for that! A lot of my levels got deleted on SM1 so it's nice to see someone finish a level and enjoy it. Apologies, I really tried to not make it too execution demanding (reigned it in a hell of a lot) but I still wanted a bit of discovery so it's not too well signposted.
  16. Speant the day with this, made my first level course! Think it's about expert level, have a little think about what to do before you do it lol. Rollmop K9C-V7N-BGG Lots of fun anyway, looking forward to trying out everyone's level!
  17. So hyped, hopefully it'll get here before 1 Friday otherwise I'll have to go on holiday without it! Ordered it direct from Nintendo months ago so hopefully I'm top of the list.
  18. I love the angled dive-kick, seems so out of place with it's speed but it's very satisfying, pairing it up with some nice kicks to repeatedly goomba stomp enemies is ace as well.
  19. I would love to see how they could evolve the concept onto modern tech. There's so much they could do with it - I hope it's true! Only a Hogs of War sequel could get me this excited!
  20. There's some real rough edges to this and yet I'm still having a lot of fun with it. One thing that I hope gets fixed is this odd delay when transferring off/on slopes and attacking, very frustrating.
  21. Oof, crashed on me, lost about 20 minutes - not something I expect on PS4.
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